Caption That From The Cat!

Al, repost of a repost of a repost, Penwasser likes to caption at his bay. The cat feels a rip off of a rip off of a rip off needing it's say. Did you follow all of that? Bah, just caption along with the cat.

A captioning we go.
What caption will grow?
Do you see what I see?
Let the captions fly free.

No life?
In need of a wife?
Money to burn?
Crushed and end up in an urn?

OCD piled high?
Neat and tidy guy?
Where's the wall?
Is that all?

Hoarders are us?
Trying to build a bus?
Failed architect school?
The definition of not cool?

I've got an itch?
Aren't fleas a bitch?
Can you do this?
Hope I don't miss?

I'm still watching you?
This is a hind leg F U?
Flexibility of a cat?
Balance that?

Pucker up and die?
I believe I can fly?
Super back feet?
I'll give you treat?

Hole in one?
Detention from fun?
A tight fit?
Go away twit?

Hit the spot?
Impressed, I'm not?
Going green?
Spotted at the scene?

Cat's eye view?
I still see you?
Claw at the ready?
Keeping the tower steady?

The cat could go on all day. But then he'd take most of the captions away. Any pop on in for the win at your looney bin? I kept them short with this spin. Al gets mouthy sometimes at his sea. Hmm, that can also be done by me. I am through with my caption sass. Don't think you can caption my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Where's the party at
    And who is number one today
    At the kitty cat bay?
    Is Hank number one?
    Such fun as I scratch my bun
    Not a fox
    In a box
    Just stopping by to say hi as I snore
    Scooby Dooooooo, I'll be back for more
    (Did I call you Scooby Doo
    At your furry shoe?)
    Now, be gentle on August 17
    At your rhyming scene

    How do you do?
    The name is Blue

    1. Gentle, pffft to that
      Says the cat
      And look at you
      Can snore, hi and scratch you ass at the same time at your zoo
      That is a talent indeed
      Take that on the road at your feed

    2. A talented goo
      Blue at your ungentle zoo
      I suppose I'd better brace myself
      And go to Bora with a elf
      Pfffffft you say at your bay
      But who was number one today?
      Blue is hard to beat
      Such a feat!

      From coast to coast
      Don't mean to boast
      Well, maybe I do
      Where's my blue suede shoe?

    3. Got in for the win
      Pfffft with a grin?
      That a better way
      With a pffffting at my bay

      Enjoy the bora bay
      As you boast away
      Here I stand, not sit,
      Enjoying it bit by bit

    4. When Blue's joining in on the fun
      You know he's always number one
      Never 2 or three in the place to be
      Except when the Ghost is in town
      Making me feel like a clown
      Hello Cat!
      How's the mat?

    5. lol the cahoots ghost?
      A fluke at my coast
      Mat is furry
      And not blurry

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning, Hank!
      Sorry about my prank
      Just had to be one
      Such fun!

    2. Good morning
      You're singing!


    3. I'm singing and swinging
      Sure beats stinging
      It's a wonderful day
      Much less work at my bay
      So sing along
      As the Cat is wearing a thong! :p

    4. The cat in a thong
      Ca do no umm wrong?

    5. haha - the cat in a thong
      that I might want to see

    6. I bet he would
      Maybe he should :p

    7. Probably a better bet
      Boney may get mad at the pet

  3. A rip off of a rip off of a rip off
    Like a reboot is not enough?
    Say it ain't so
    At your show
    When you still had DVDs on a pile
    It's been a while
    Making me feel old
    Where are those riches untold?
    Where's my blue suede shoe?
    The name is Grumpy Goo

    1. Yeah been a while
      Sense I had such a pile
      Older we are
      At every sand bar
      Riches no where to be found
      But plenty of dirt in the ground

    2. The cat stole your blue suede shoe..remember..
      might want to be sure it has no poo

    3. Bah, kangaroo has it
      In october he'll learn that bit

    4. I can't wait that long
      Want me to sing a song?

    5. Yes, Blue do sing a song and we can all sing-a-long..

    6. The cat will hide under the bed
      So your voice doesn't cause him dread

    7. You mean my voice will make you smile
      It will last a while
      As I sing my Bora song
      And you wear that thong hahaaaaaa

    8. Haha as long as the thong gets play
      From Bora babes through the day

  4. "Caption That From The Cat!"
    Quite some lot and not that bad
    Sustained the whole day
    Plenty of them to play
    Confidently and not being scared


  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Dear Kitty Cat,
      I hereby wish to express my gratitude for enlightening me. The knowledge that you transmit from your brain to mine is so informative I wouldn't be able to inform you how informative it really is, but it is a lot.


    2. Spammer
      Got the hammer

      But good to know
      I'm informative times two at my show

    3. The spammer
      Is in the slammer
      Got the hammer
      Way to go
      At your show

    4. Hit in the head
      I don't care if he's dead

    5. Like a fox
      In a box
      Not an ox
      Wearing socks

  6. Perk up, perk up like coffee
    Is that akin to toffee
    They both give me the jitters
    Same with a dose of bitters
    Work up of a work up of a work up
    Like the daily frenzy mendzi of a perk up
    If any of this makes sense to you
    You must be hiding Mr. Blue's suede shoe

    1. He dug a hole
      Just ike a mole
      And made it disappear
      Oh dear!

    2. I guess I have the shoe
      Or maybe I gave it to a kangaroo

    3. But not Scooby Doo!
      Or a fox
      In a box
      Or a dove
      Up above
      Or a sheep
      Like a creep

  7. A cleverly used caption
    Puts him in the imagination nation!
    Nothing wrong with that.
    His words won't fall flat. ha.

  8. Nice pictures of the cat ~ I wish I have more vacation days, ha ~

    Hey, I am smiling at comments by Blue and Hank ~

    Happy Sunday ~


    1. We made you smile
      Did it last a while?

    2. Vacation days are nice
      But they come at a price
      As in you have no more
      Stuck a the work shore

    3. What did I do right
      Get it off the flight
      Blue is singing
      Some listening
      It extends the might


    4. Listen many do
      To you two haha

    5. As you hide under your bed
      Not listening to the things we said
      Pretending you're on Bora without us
      While we go and take the bus

    6. Bus won't get you there
      At my bora lair

  9. "Hole in one." Haaaa!! Great caption rip offs. All will be proud of you.

  10. I usually have about no movies/tv shows of my own with a very exceptions. I can't watch DVDs anymore after watching bluray.

    1. yeah mostly have bluray now at my sea
      Very few a dvd

  11. You must have pressed the right button for the closed captioning!

    1. haha that was a good one
      As it sure did come undone

  12. Cassie can sure scratch her movie itch

  13. ocd piled high
    that's a lot of movies
    I couldn't have that

    1. haha fine by me
      But no longer at my sea

    2. Hey, just had a look at some of those titles. There are many there that I like. I don't own a large collection as I usually rent. Speaking of which do not watch that Will Smith movie Focus. I rented it last night and let's just say I wasn't impressed.

    3. Never watched that one
      Anything Will Smith these days is usually crappy to give a run

  14. Isn't the cat a little uncomfortable
    all squished up in that hole
    I surely wouldn't want to trade places with it
    to get out of it I might have to roll


    1. Not sure how he gets in and out
      But he does as slippery as a trout

  15. I watched an OCD. It should have been a DVD!! Hehe!!

    1. haha can do both at once too
      With Monk at your zoo

  16. What a film collection...oops I might be a bit hoarder/OCD with movies and books. Oh well. Now if I could just curl up like your cat, that would be great

    1. haha hoarder I might have been back in the day
      Have to do tons of yoga to do that at your bay

  17. I'm impressed. Your DVD collection is bigger than mine.
    Ah, but how many CD's do you own?

    1. lol bet me there
      Only like maybe a dozen or two at my lair

  18. Love that pic of Orlin in his hut:)
    Off topic: They are talking about banning Savannah's in this county. One got picked up as a stray and took a chunk out of the control officer. Could be interesting because, as you know, some Savannahs are really diluted down. Also talking about banning wolf and coyote dog mixes.

    1. It must have been an F1 or something like that
      As most are diluted down to be no more deadly than a normal cat
      I know there are a few states where they are banned out right
      Or until the f4 generation takes flight

  19. Aww those sweet cats, misunderstood by Pat? I love the captions for today. Gotta be on my way.

  20. Wow, that pile is amazing. I wish I had that many!

  21. I was sure I had commented on this!
    Sigh, I must not have.

  22. I can't tell what's in those piles -
    The owner has an interesting style
    Every movie with Streep?
    That'd make anyone weep
    Imagine finding one in which she has a smile.
    That might take quite a while.

  23. Lots of DVDs
    Stacks to please
    Orlin tucked snug
    Like a bug in a rug
    Captions galore
    At your shore
    And Cassie flicks
    The fleas doing tricks

  24. Are those movies or books up in that pile? And more importantly, who has the time to watch/read all that shit?

    1. haha movies they are
      Have plenty of time at my sand bar

  25. Look at all the DVDs! Reminds me of all the movies I still haven't seen yet.

  26. Are the DVDs alphabetized and by genre. I always did both to mine, lol

  27. Are the DVDs alphabetized and by genre. I always did both to mine, lol


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