Facts For Score At My Shore!

A little fact for today as we rip off Adam's bay. Fact of the day? Hmm, still work with facts on display? Plural it is with the fact biz. I'll let you judge that. I'm too busy of a cat.

Floors can leave dirt on your feet.
My, isn't that oh so neat.
The litter box can smell.
Shhh, don't tell.

Dating is a pain.
Might pop a vein.
Dogs sniff butts.
Are they in ruts?

Food costs money.
Whether cloudy or sunny.
A drunk had to drink.
Unless they're the missing link.

What you see on TV is fake.
Damn, maybe not an earthquake.
The sun can shine.
Not news to the feline.

Water is wet.
Wow, a safe bet.
A window let's you see.
Not if one way or blocked from thee.

Doors open up.
So watch your cup.
A cup can break.
No need to hit it with a rake.

Raccoons steal stuff.
They do it in the buff.
A cat tree should be high.
No small ones for this guy.

This month has 31 days.
I'll wait while you gaze.
Waiting is a boredom maker.
So I won't be a partaker.

Cars need gas.
At least most of the mass.
A 9-5 job will suck.
Not all the time if you have any luck.

Luck is a made up human word.
As said, it's absurd.
Adam finds better ones.
Mine may give you the runs.

Aren't you in the know now? The cat is so helpful it is just, wow! Hmm, maybe not. Unless you suffer from brain rot. Then they may be news to you. Fact is, I was being a smart ass at my zoo. Did it shine through? Maybe a time or two? Either way, enjoy the fact mass from my fact finding little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A raccoon in the buff
    Stop, enough... enough
    Put your fur and stripes back on
    Before your dignity's gone

    Almost didn't make #1
    Wrong Google account was done

    1. Raccoon may like the buff
      With the heat and stuff
      Wrong one you say
      Got an alter ego at your bay?

  2. You learn something new everyday.....or not!

    1. lol well you learned you didn't learn anything new
      See, still learning at your zoo

  3. I am more knowledgeable after reading this, cat is a genius -not!

  4. Raccoons steal stuff? Rocket Raccoon sure did.

    1. Stole a whole bunch
      Legs and eyes out to lunch

  5. Waiting surely is a boredom maker, especially when you're waiting to see about not having to do 9-5 (which always sucks, whatchu talking about cat?)

    1. Ugg to the 9-5
      Never get out alive
      Sucks a ton
      But $$$ is needed by everyone

  6. Dating is a pain, you say
    until you find true love at your bay
    But stay away from racoons indeed
    They can steal stuff at your feed! :)

    1. They can steal and make a mess
      Dating is a pain and anyone's guess

  7. Step on a crack
    Break your mother's back
    A fact we all know
    So bask in the glow
    Look-ee thar she blows
    It's a whale I suppose
    One bird in your hand
    We know is simply grand
    Beats two birds in the bush
    Tiz a fact says my tush

    1. Your tush can talk
      Does it mock or squawk?
      It must get mad
      When sat on at your pad
      Take the air out
      unless gas comes about
      Watch for the cracks
      And birds in sacks

  8. Really? 31 Days? I never would have guessed. Smart cat

  9. We do have a raccoon who tries to steal our garbage!

  10. I think I only saw 1 raccoon but there's plenty of squirrels running around here ~ Cars also can run in water & electricity (we have smart cars) ~

    Enjoy the summer Pat ~

    1. Yeah cars can be made to run like that
      But few and far between where we are at

  11. I am sorry! We have no raccoon in Netherlands! Wait! Yes we have... a dutch rock band but Racoon....! :) Missing one "c".... :)

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. Sure there is much there too
      That steals garbage at your zoo

    2. Formidable..... :))
      But I need to know which zoo.... ?!!! :))

      ઇઉ Ell@

    3. Zoo here and there
      Can confuse at my lair

  12. This is information that I could never have lived without Cat. Water is wet? Are you sure about that? Could just be an illusion, like this comment :0)

    1. This comment isn't truthful you say?
      Damn, and I was going to host it on a replay

  13. Raccoons are a nuisance and luckily we don't have any at the moment. Now that I said that, one will show up in a few minutes.

    1. haha yeah seems to be the way
      As they show up and join the fray

  14. All interesting facts shared with us today
    I am glad that water is wet and not dry
    If it was the opposite of what it was
    I think taking a shower would make one cry


    1. Showering would sure hurt if dry
      Suck even more if you get it in the eye

  15. Someone better tell Blue that Mr. Fact got promoted to Captain Obvious

  16. "Facts For Score At My Shore!"
    Not to get stuck to ask for more
    What a raccoon
    Struck too soon
    At a pace not entangled before


  17. Racoons stealing and in the nude?
    That is just too rude.
    Water is wet.
    Is that what you said?
    Blow me down! Oh the humanity!!
    This is really quite the calamity. :)

    1. haha I know, it's hard on the head
      How can such things be said

  18. A funny rip-off on Adam's facts!
    I really like the cat's attacks!
    Battle of the Band?
    On #3 I'll make my stand.
    As for worms, no harm to birds
    I have only yucky words!
    Have a good day,
    at your bay!

    1. Yucky they can be
      Nasty as can be at each sea
      #3 was fun
      A fine run

  19. Replies
    1. Common sense isn't so common anymore
      From shore to shore

  20. This one is actually quite deep: "Luck is a made up human word."

  21. Dating today would be a chore
    Glad I don't have to do it anymore
    I think raccoons are super cute
    But they sure make a mess at my chute

    1. They make a mess and can be nasty too
      Dating is a chore at any zoo

  22. Adam does come up with interesting facts for sure.
    Good post, Pat and Orlin.

  23. Ha, food definitely costs money; but what is the alternative? Smiles.

  24. LOL no man is safe (or woman either for that matter!). These are a hoot!!

  25. haha - a rip off of Adam's facts...
    who would've know water was wet
    food costs money
    and the prices aren't funny
    I still believe in a bit of luck
    never know could win a buck

  26. That's why a raccoon wears a mask!
    Did you really have to ask? ha.

  27. Interesting the "facts" you pair in each stanza. Especially in S2, where you put dating with butt sniffing. Makes me wonder about your dates... lol

  28. I feel sooo much smarter after reading your facts here today. Who needs to get the scoop from Adam when you clearly have it all figured out for the rest of us ;)

    1. The cat has all ready
      The facts just come so steady

  29. I don't like dirt on my feet. I make everyone take their shoes off at the door, that way my feet stay clean


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