Quiltting A Tale Without Fail!

The cat wanted to spin a rip off today. I mean literally spin at my bay. It took some doing though because I really wanted to eat the string at my show. Even though she has nasty snow in her name, the cat will rip off Snowcatcher with this claim.

First I straightened it out.
That took a hour, there about.
Those things are big.
I had to dig and dig.

I flattened a bit more.
Pat watched my chore.
I just stared at him.
He is rather dim.

Now I was ready to work.
Work is so not a perk.
But I got my string,
And began to fling.

See? A new part came due.
A pretty flower for you to view.
The cat can quilt with ease.
It is such a breeze.

Had to make sure it was nice and neat.
Can't go missing a beat.
It was all well done.
So it was time to run.

I jumped to the next spot.
Like the green flower a lot?
I am the one who did that.
I'm just a quilting cat.

I hid my wip though.
But now it is ready to show.
I just wanted it done.
Now you can see it look like the sun.

See? As bright as can be.
Doesn't that give glee?
Impressed with me?
I let the string fly free.

Oops, missed a spot.
I fixed that lot.
And with that I was done.
Quilting is such fun.

The blue was my favorite though.
Can't you tell at my show? 
And then I took a nap.
That was a lot of work for this chap.

Can you sew a quilt like the cat? Don't you believe I did all of that? Pffft, the cat did each one. Can't prove otherwise that it wasn't spun. A cat has no thumbs you say? Bah, likely excuse at your bay. The cat is now down teaching a quilting class. I'll go retire from quilting with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Cat, I need to sign up for your Craftsy class
    My projects would get done much sooner with your sass!
    Cutest post ever, can't go wrong with a quilt
    I love this little blanket you've built!

    1. PS: #2!!! It will be a while before that happens again!

    2. haha the cat and sass
      Gets it done fast while maybe passing a little gas

  2. No thumbs but sure did a pretty good job. Cute cat.

  3. That cat would do well at a quilting bee!

  4. "Quilting A Tale Without Fail!"
    Teaching it a likely better tale
    Cat and its stuff
    Just what a laugh
    But some info may come by mail


  5. What a smart cat!
    quilting at your mat
    how lucky you are
    to have talent like that!

    1. The cat can do all
      Or pretend to at our hall

  6. A-quilting we will go
    Hi-ho Hi-ho Hi-ho
    We'll be all the merrier
    Hi-ho Hi-ho hi-ho

    Sing a little song
    At your workplace all day long
    It's like a singing bass
    And your quilt will have more class

    1. The singing bass
      Brings more class
      Damn, I'll have to throw him in
      For the next spin

  7. Next thing we know, the cats will have college degrees.

  8. He worked really hard to get it just right.

  9. Dang, that was sure a lot of work, but the Cat done good!

  10. I love the quilt and the cat!
    This is my favorite post ever!!! :)

    1. lol favorite ever you say
      No zombie feet love at my bay lol

    2. haha give me flowers, quilts and kitties
      and I'm happy as can be at my sea :)

    3. haha got all three
      There for thee

  11. Hey Cat that is a very nice quilt and I know a lot of work goes into that. Of course you would like the blue flower one, now go and enjoy the sun.

    1. ps - Orlin is beautiful, but that you know

    2. Orlin knows it well
      Where we dwell
      The cat got the work done
      But here the sun did run

    3. Ever seen a blue cat?
      How beautiful is that? :p

      Number one!
      (Not yet?)

  12. The cat did much better than I think I would!

  13. That cat was cute in its feat
    to get the quilt the way it wanted it
    I don't think I would have had that patience
    and would probably have thrown a fit


    1. lol Pat would too
      Throw a fit easy at our zoo

  14. What a feat
    To quilt like that
    I'm truly amazed
    At the crafty cat

    (And he's handsome too
    At your zoo)

    1. haha crafty as can be
      Can even make art with umm pee?

  15. 'But I got my string,
    And began to fling.'
    The cat is well skilled
    Blue sun - on the quilt!

  16. I can't sew a quilt
    I'm amazed at what he built!
    I have thumbs and he has none.
    He showed me how he has fun.
    His work is now done
    and he can now bask in the sun.

    1. haha he got it done
      And sure had fun with his run

  17. What a good kitty to sew that quilt. Good job kitty. We love the pictures and sure do admire your work. Hope that you got a good nap after all that hard work.

    1. Had a nice long nap
      After working for that Pat chap

  18. The blue was your favorite though?
    Makes perfect sense at my show :p

    Number one!
    Such fun

  19. There is just no end to your talents
    I don't know how you make it all balance.
    Writing, rhyming and quilting, too.
    What are we going to do with you? ha.

    1. haha maybe make it an even ten
      What's next at our den

  20. though I would never start, I would quit at quilting

    1. haha wouldn't give it a go
      There at your show

  21. Such a beautiful quilt, hopefully not hand made, oh, I'm sorry, cat made. Well then that's fine! Still warm when the need arises!

  22. The cat has one up on me. Quilting is something I have never tried my hand at. Good job cat ;)

  23. It looks to me like the cat can sew better than I can.


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