A Blast From The Last!

The cat had ordered Pat to go get food. We were down to half a bag, that is just rude. He got there and got our stuff, then there was a ranter in front of him who said they didn't carry enough. Oh, that was fun as now a blog post can be done.

Why is there none?
My bag is done.
My dog needs another.
I'll call your mother.

Give me a bag.
I raise my last minute flag.
But still, give it to me.
I know you got one at your sea.

A half sized bag?
That is a drag.
It costs more than a full sized one.
That is a rip off there, son.

Give me a discount.
A really high amount.
Just because I'm a schmuck,
Doesn't mean I should have to spend an extra buck.

What? Only 10% off?
That makes me scoff.
When will the truck be in?
My dog needs food in its tin.

Don't back talk me.
That polite stuff causes no glee.
I know what you are thinking.
Don't give me any blinking.

Just give me a full bag.
You have one with a normal price tag.
I know it is here.
So bring it near.

What about another store?
Can you go and explore?
I need it here now though.
Come on, give it a go.

None there at all?
What is this pet food hall?
A slacker joint.
Me waiting until the last minute isn't the point.

The blame is on you.
All your fault at your zoo.
Now I'll take this half sized bag.
I know you upped the price tag.

Ahh, the idiots who think everything revolves around them. They like to spit their phlegm. Then they shut up in the end and the extra money they have to spend. If last minute you are, you get no sympathy from my sand bar. Thankfully Pat keeps us stocked in mass. Two month slow shipping only happened once to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I know such people, last minute rush for everything. Greetings!

  2. After Millie's breakfast, she is now down to 1/2 a cup of food. So after church, I need to buy food. I hope I don't forget because I can't buy her food in my town, I must buy it 35 miles away. She's written me a post-it reminder.

    1. haha 35 miles away is a pain
      But have to do it to stay sane

  3. Those people don't even care how many they are holding up in the line behind them, either.

    1. Nope, they yap and yap
      When they made their own trap

  4. When pets want to eat
    They give one some heat
    By their dish they do park
    The dog gives a park
    The cat paws my shoe
    Of course it's not blue
    Their food I do make
    When I'm barely awake
    If I run out, clear as a bell
    I get the stink eye from hell

    1. The dog gives a bark
      I already used park
      OMG it's still dark

    2. lol blame the dark
      For the park park
      And the stink eye they can do well
      If their food isn't ready and swell

  5. Shopping......so much fun! LOL

    1. lol with no nuts in the way
      Can get through easy at my bay

  6. There is always one
    Who likes to spoil the fun!!
    Big mouth, should go south!!!
    MOL xx

  7. Oh dear, running out of food isn't an option here!

  8. My dog usually gets dry dog food but she know want canned food is too. When she's in the backyard I tell her "want a can?" and she suddenly runs at me at 35mph

    1. haha guess she really likes that
      Wanting it stat

  9. There is no more tragedy than running out of pet food. I stay stocked. However, my cats like a can of tuna opened occasionally. Actually they like having all the cans opened so they can decide which one they want to eat first. Accessibility is very important to a cat.

    1. haha yeah, and then they snub the ones they don't want
      Until the next day when they want them at ones haunt

  10. There's a mountain of bags in the back of the car, it's not easy being green.

  11. We sure don't dare run out of food around here. I do keep plenty around here. Stooopid man.A little bit is better than none. Pat, have a great day.

    1. That it surely is indeed
      We are always stocked at our feed

  12. Never wait until the last minute because if you do they will be out of the food you need

  13. They should buy stuff online
    So they can whine like a swine
    Not a fox
    In a box

    1. That they should
      Then leave everyone alone they would

    2. No bothering our neighborhood
      If only (what, you're playing that game!) they could

    3. If only now
      Going if only may get a raised eyebrow

  14. Can't have the cats go hungry
    so good you got some food
    sorry you had to listen to the rant of that fellow
    might have put you in a bad mood


    1. Meh, made for blog fodder at my sea
      So works for me

  15. Ah, Pat in the Hatt
    A rhyming cat
    A dog
    Does a blog
    I eat my human's food
    He's a dopey dude
    Never worry about running out
    Cause I lick his snout.

    Pawsitive wishes
    Doggy kisses
    Penny, you see!

  16. Is it fair?
    I have no hair.

    I don't have a dog.
    I do have a blog.

    I call my blog Agent 54.
    I hope that it is not a bore.

    1. No dog with a blog
      Agent 54 is the blog hog?
      Beats a bump on a log
      Or a frog in a dog

  17. Too funny, someone's rant
    works at your plant
    a blog a day
    gotta get the hay
    for everyone at your bay

    1. That I do
      Works for my zoo
      Easy as can be
      I just have to see

  18. I buy all my pet food online and have at least 2 months worth all the time.

  19. Are you sure that wasn't Flappy
    being all yappy? lol....

  20. We buy 2 bags. When the first bag is gone, we put another on our grocery list so we never run out.

  21. I love shopping too.... and I am not a cat :))
    ....but I have a cat! :)))))

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. The cat loves the food
      If not one may get attitude

  22. We're lucky, our turtle eats fruits and veggies, lol
    Little girlie hates her turtle food though, which when looking at it, I guess I don't blame her.

    1. Yeah, probably looks nasty as can be
      Veggies works at ones sea

  23. If the sky is blue
    they will say that's not true.
    They will complain
    and will never refrain
    from hearing their voice
    and expect we all rejoice
    at their bombastic ways.
    I guess, in this case no one has shared
    the boy scout's motto, "Be Prepared."

    1. The motto is the best
      As it can pass most any test
      As the other whine
      Thinking for them the stars should align

  24. Ha, my dogs DO think everything revolves around them!
    First thing in the morning, who eats first??? the dogs!

    1. haha same with the cats
      As the cat runs around like dingbats

  25. People like that
    Give my head an ache
    I want to take their shoulders
    And give them a shake

    But I don't want to be land in jail
    With the thought of no bail!

    1. haha yeah jail would be bad
      No fun time there would be had

    2. "to land" not "to be land"
      head full of sand!

    3. haha well land would be quite the way
      Maybe strange things at play

  26. My Daughter used to cook her cat food from scratch. The cat was old and had digestive problems.


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