A Whoopdi Return To Try And Earn!

Robbie Raisin is back today. I want to have a new show to play. I need that ad revenue you know. Us raisins need money to stay clothed from head to toe. So on with the show. A Whoopdi Friggin Doo how does your dough blow.

Alex, start us off today. What did you blow dough on at your bay?

I once saw a display of large black and white photos of things placed in men's butts

Damn, creepy as can be. Manzi, where is your money tree?

Make a face with a flair
Now pose in your underwear

An underwear model are you? Bijoux, got some good tips at your zoo?

I saw some TV show once where they substituted modern art with toddlers' work and none of the visitors knew the difference.

So you are in favor of child labor at your sea? Betsy, any wise words from thee?

You must explain the header I see
with a crying baby and soap all bubbly.
A choking dog and vacuum cleaner.
Can't tell if the dog is a collie or weiner

Hmm, can't tell a weiner? Betty, can you be a little cleaner?

but sometimes when you look at some things
does it make one want to fart?

I guess looking can kill. Brian the cat, have any ideas at your litter hill?

Hey, I think I saw the Crap On a Stick Infomercial the other night.

So you do watch Whoopdi Friggin Doo. Anne, have a way to make dough come true?

When I was born God asked me "What superpower would you like to have little one?" And I answered "Holy Father, I'd really like to have the power to annoy people."

You annoy people so they pay you to go away? Birgit, have a way to make some pay?

I have seen male genitalia displayed in various ways on a TV screen-the best thing was watching an older couple go look at it and run out.

Scare old people to death and get their life insurance check? Mary Kirkland, would that make you hit the deck?

Just depends on who is doing it and with what.

Hmmm, a perfectionist peeper. Miss Caitlin S, got any advice that is a keeper?

I'm sure there's lots of people who would buy a picture of a book balancing on a head.

It takes a bit of skill at least. Theresa, ready to make enough dough for a feast?

Decided to write all over the room with droppings from her diaper.

I suppose the cleaners will like the bill. Tabbies of trout towne, ready for a thrill?

we haz been tryin ta tell everee one for like yeerz....well. oh kay may bee three postz.... if....that R

What did they try and say? Rosey, got a way to get lots of pay?

And the money people pay??? oy ai yai yai!! I could live off of it for a lifetime in some cases. ;)

Hookers get diseases you know. Snowcatcher, have anything not so umm low?

And keep on sharing lots and lots

I said not so low. Robyn, anything to make a wallet grow? 

But I won't go near there

Good for you to stay away. Suza, ready to make some pay?

Reminds me of "artist" Millie Brown
Famous for vomiting soy-based dyes
She also puked on Lady Gaga in her video

Puking on famous people gets you rich? Dixie, can you scratch that itch?

I'm comment # 600 today.

Umm, so you can count? Stephanie Faris, can you add to the amount?

The cat always wins!

Let felines rule? Jax, what is cool?

I think the zebra thong should come out and play

Umm, sex does sell. Hank, any wise advice from where you dwell?

The Cat ready to gas out
With not even a shout

Gas is pricey. Just Keepin it Real Folks, care to make things dicey?

I want to know who was taking the pics of the cat on your ass?  

You think people would pay to see a hairy ass? Blue Guy, care to end this with class?

Flip that boss the bird
Beat him with your mat

Hmm, that won't get you rich. You may end up in a ditch. Robbie Raisin is now out. Whoopdi Friggin Doo I say to each shout. You weren't very helpful at all. Such strange people on this wall.


Well you all scared him away. I guess he'll have to find another way to get pay. Poor raisins must burn to a crisp in the sun. That can't be any fun. Some of you really have no class. That sure works for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Does it make you bellow?
    It's Thursday....
    Such a fun day!
    And who is number one today
    At the Kitty Cat bay?
    Suza, Hank... how are you?
    Did you beat Mister Blue?

  2. Bird flippin'
    Still beats boss rippin'
    But only if you're the boss
    And you're at a loss
    What you need is a shoe
    And say, 'Scooby Doo!'

    1. Got two shoes
      So no blues
      Being the boss
      Beats being the floss

  3. "A Whoopdi Return To Try And Earn!"
    Sex does sell if one cares to learn
    Anywhere the same
    And it is all that plain
    But one must expect to be very firm


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Did we really say all that? You attract an awful lot of butt comments, cat.

    1. That I seem to do
      Or it was just the post in view

  6. Comments, hmmm, I better do better at my shore!
    No butt cracks here - I mean butt comments! :)

  7. You got to put ads on your blog plus that annoying pop-up asking people to like you before you can post a post like this. You silly cat.

    1. But that is sooo much work for me
      The cat would rather climb a tree

  8. Listen, Mr. Raisin, I stand by my comment. I want the zebra thong to come out to play and I want to hear it say neigh!!!! (Didn't mean to show you up, cat, with that slick rhyme. Lol!)

    1. lol oh it was oh so slick
      You want to see a zebra thong neighing on a umm dick hahahaha

  9. Even after all those clever comments, it's Alex's that sticks in my mind. Why, Alex? Why?

    1. hahaha yeah that one can stick out
      And make anyone shout

    2. Dixie's did it for me
      She's still making me laugh silly
      Try with all you, got, Cat
      No off-color comments from my mat! 😇

    3. lol maybe one day
      You'll slip up at my bay

  10. The zebra thong in the closet doth cry
    Trying to get out, double lock you could try
    How we make our money it's woopti friggin doo
    Make enough to buy a shoe for Mr. Grumpy Blue
    Cat's thinking money grows on trees
    Just hangs there in the gentle breeze
    Rip it off and have some fun
    Tell the others how it's done

    1. Te cat would rip
      And then eat through the lip
      Poop out green
      Might be obscene
      Maybe it would grow a shoe
      For Mr. Grumpy Blue

  11. The blue guy may regret flipping the boss the bird

    1. Yeah, he might want to do it behind his back
      With his bird flipping attack

  12. I certainly didn't pay money for your header.
    You might have, but should have known better. ha.

    1. haha no crying babies for you
      There at your zoo

    2. Nope, not a single one!
      Been there...glad that's all done!

    3. haha cats are easier and less fuss
      Even when you have so many you need a bus

  13. You do have some strange birds come to call at your wall! ;0) (I think a lot of people have the "annoying" superpower. Must be an easy one to get.)

  14. God must have given that superpower to a lot of people. grin.

  15. Just want to know what goes on in your mind
    To come up with the things you write about and find
    Very clever as you put together the words
    even though some may be a bit absurd


    1. haha absurd sure works for me
      Here at my rhyming sea
      My mind is a strange place
      Could give all a wtf face

  16. Lots of ribald comments today,
    as everyone has his or her say!
    I'll be laughing at the Washington Monument
    as I think of each comment!
    Have some fun
    Under your sun!

  17. Well that is an iteresting post. Lots of different opinions. Love the comments.

  18. I mean, I guess if you're going to be a peeper- a perfectionist is the way to go! That's my glowing advice But doing that for a life insurance check would certainly land you on dateline- maybe you could get rich that way! ;)

    1. haha hey, that could be my ticket
      Although if I get rich people may picket

  19. I loved how you interjected a lot of different opinions into this like one big conversation or interview.

  20. I loved how you interjected a lot of different opinions into this like one big conversation or interview.

  21. Who the hell is Robbie Raisin?

    1. The host of Whoopdi Friggin Doo
      He comes and goes at my zoo

  22. Proof that nothing or no one is safe... I'm still all for the theory of a group of us getting together to make a Pat/Cat post. :)

    1. haha the cat can take it all
      Here at his hall

  23. I think I am a sick puppy. I laughed at the old people

  24. some of the funniest comments you've found in awhile

  25. Just curious, Pat: Have you ever changed a diaper?

    1. Nope, not a one
      Picked up dog poop and cleaned a litterbox though under my sun

  26. orlin N cassie...pleez ta ask robbie what de H & be jezuz we meened.... coz we due knot even noe R selves...... N we rited it ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. haha Robbie may be at a lose
      Could be a coin toss

  27. I don't wanna cat on my ass.
    Can't even remember sex - umpteen years ago
    Yep, George Umpteen - that was his name
    Why did I think this was a post about Whoopi Goldberg?

    1. George Umpteen is at least unique
      No Sister Act today at my creek

  28. This sounds fun!!! and ... who is Blue guy ?? lol
    Is the same I knew and I dont see many times???

    1. Blue guy has no shoe
      Can't go far from his zoo

  29. The comments are funny...but if given a choice, I would like to appear and disappear as it would be fun ~

    Enjoy the long weekend Pat ~


    1. That would be fun to do
      Could do much at ones zoo

  30. I sometimes forget what we say here has the possibility to come back and bite us in the ass later on.

  31. Well, the odor from this post is rather intense. ;)

  32. I had a good laugh at this one. I guess something good came out of it. lol

  33. ... you just will not understand that it is not longer summer!!! "))

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. Sorry, still summer officially until later on
      Then fall has its con

  34. Ew and double-ew
    To mine and others
    Would rather eat raisins
    If I had my druthers

  35. Gas no longer is so pricey
    that is really very nicey!

    1. That it is
      Hopefully stays that way with the gas biz

  36. I don't want any of those diseases that hookers get. I'd rather have worms.


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