An Easy Way To Cause Dismay!

The cat sees it everywhere as he sits and gives a glare. From NWO crap to cartoons, books and movies across the map. Some crazy nut job wants to take over the world, they give an evil laugh with their lips curled. But they always go big and in a deep hole they dig.

Let's take over.
Rule human and rover.
I'm so evil I deserve to win.
I will do all others in.

Just look at my big big big thing.
It is so threatening at every wing.
Run from my big big big thing.
Can't you hear the death toll ring?

The bigger I go the more I win.
So just bow down at your bin.
Don't stop and stare.
Succumb to my evil glare.

Apocalypse deserves respect.
Don't give Thanos any neglect.
Bowser wants it too.
So does James Bond Villain 52.

Hans Gruber will get his way.
Loki will come out to play.
Tempestra will hit the trail.
Moriarty sure won't fail.

All shall rule.
They are no fool.
Those good guys will lose,
As they all abuse.

Oh wait!
Losing is their fate.
How can that be?
We had a big big big thingy.

Hmm that sounds wrong,
But just follow along.
Or you could join them in jail,
If you give such a showing a sail.

Anyway, they all lose.
The good guys take a cruise.
They can't take over the world.
Their evil lips are no longer curled.

When all you have to do,
Is really get a clue.
Throw the big big big thingy away,
And just steal all the coffee from bay to bay.

There you have it all. If you want to rule each and every hall. Steal the coffee from all over the Earth. You will now own something of worth. Addicted humans everywhere will bow at your feet. No one will leave you in defeat. You will be ruler whether happy or crass. Well at least of 99% of the population like that Betsy lass, who drinks coffee in mass, unlike my non coffee drinking little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. In the place to be
      I was sleepy and late
      Such was my fate
      But I made it anyway
      To the Kitty Cat Bay today

    2. Got on in indeed
      Even if half awake at your feed

    3. Asleep on my couch
      Like a grumpy grouch
      Not a fox
      In a fox

    4. Grumpy and not humpy?
      No wonder you're grumpy lol

  2. Hans Gruber... I remember that guy.
    Didn't he fly?

    1. He tried to fly
      But became a pancake guy

    2. 'Please don't kill me! You're one of them!' Great scene.

    3. Faked it well
      Then got sent to hell

    4. And beats the hell out of five
      That thing should never survive

  3. Everyone wants to rule over something or someone, its in the human blood I guess.

    1. That it seems to be
      From sea to sea

    2. The need to rule
      Makes us drool
      And feel like we matter
      As much as the mad hatter

    3. Yep, when we don't
      Because we won't

  4. No, no, no, the villains can't have the coffee.

  5. "An Easy Way To Cause Dismay!"
    Coffee drinkers just watch your way
    May not get drunk
    But highly-strung
    May have to reboot and sneak away


    1. They can sure get strung
      Steal it and they'll pop a lung

  6. "All shall rule.
    They are no fool."
    Maybe..... :)

    ઇઉ Ell@

  7. Steal the coffee and run away?/Come 'ere cat, I'll give you something to remember me by everyday! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  8. Steal all the coffee you want! I'm not addicted. Actually, maybe I could rule the Earth that way...

    1. We would both get by
      With no coffee on the fly

  9. Suits me if someone else takes all the coffee. I don't drink coffee so no problem here. And just let those fools rule the world. They are welcome to it.

    1. haha the fools can rule
      Worse than dogs who drool

  10. Go deep? Big, big thing? That's a little X rated for my Sunday morning, Patrick.

    1. Just to perk you up
      No need for coffee in any cup

  11. The fools appear to be already ruling!

  12. I wonder if Machiavelli was a coffee drinker? MOL

    1. Could have been at his sea
      Not sure back then if it was good coffee

  13. People wouldn't know what to do with themselves

  14. Of the coffee I don't drink
    But about it, I often think
    I love coffee with all my soul
    But never more can be my goal
    I smell coffee everywhere
    I lust to drink and never share
    But coffee fumes, my only fate
    Like a fish who fears the bait

    1. haha well if coffee comes with a hook
      You may only want to smell and look
      That could hurt the lip
      And might end in an awful trip

  15. Need that coffee most days to get by
    wouldn't like it if it was taken away or controlled by a fiend
    would make life a bit difficult I do believe
    maybe I should start doing something to wean


    1. haha you never know
      Just in case you may want to give it a go

  16. You silly cat,

    Don't you know Bruce Willis, Arnold Swartzeneggar, Will Smith and a few more have already saved the Earth many times on cable.

    1. Bah, they all make crap movies now though
      So they don't count with their cable show

  17. These guys think they have a big thingy
    but it is limp and a useless little dinghy.
    They bellow and talk up a storm
    but the good guys know how to blow up their form.:)

    1. That they do
      Send them to the loo
      Flush them down
      Save the town

  18. Steal all the coffee and many will go through withdrawal
    Starbucks and Tim Horton's will be broke at their hall
    I drink mostly tea, no caffeine addiction for me...

    1. haha yeah those two chains
      Will feel financial pains

  19. I have had some things lead to my dismay of late. First an unexpected
    (VERY unexpected) divorce request, then watching someone
    I've loved a very big part of my life turn into a mean, almost unrecognizable person. Then a few days ago, a routine Dr visit put me in an emergency operation that left me flat on my back for days, with no desire for coffee! Sooo many big changes, but I never in a million years would have thought I'D not be having my daily java. So far, I don't even miss it (though I'm sure I'll drink it again). And w/all of yhe above, despite the hardships they've brought, I'm happier than I've been in longer than I can remember. Who'da thunk it?! :)

    1. Damn, one thing after another at your sea
      And no need for coffee
      There you go
      Get on without it at your show
      And happy is sure great
      Especially after going through a crummy fate

  20. We won't stand for all that strat.
    Well give them hell and more than that! lol....

    1. lol too bat strat crazy for you
      There at your zoo?

  21. When I hear NWO I always think WCW wrestling

  22. Stealing the coffee just ain't right!!

    1. lol but it would work
      Leaving all without a smirk

  23. You won't rule me by stealing coffee. Chocolate is a whole different story though!

  24. No, not the coffee!
    That would be insane
    I don't drink much
    But I need it for my brain

    And... um... your big, big, big thing is scaring me
    I don't know whether to gawk or flee

    1. lmao knew that would scare some
      So had to be used by my rhyming bum


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