And Now Four Has Taken The Tour!

What's today? Is it something at my bay? Hmm, it could be. Can it be guessed by thee? If you are wrong the cat may rub it in. But you are used the that at my looney bin.

Could it be the birthday of the cat?
He would like that.
Chicken by the hunk.
Or steak could go kerplunk.

Maybe Cassie's birthday.
She doesn't care anyway.
Allergies keep her from getting chicken.
Don't want her allergy stricken.

Pat's you know it is not.
Or 24 posts a day would be the plot.
Maybe that you did not know.
If so, wait until March for the show.

A blogger that is out there,
Getting made fun of at my lair?
Do you see a name?
Not even a Gawker claim.

The anniversary of the blog,
When the cat cleared the fog,
And made it crystal clear,
That he had a rhyming rear?

Maybe Pat got a mutt,
Here at our hut.
The cat would tell you that,
And pelt it with scat.

Pat brought home a female?
That would be a fail.
The cat would run her out.
Can't have my trout.

We have to go to that other sea?
That would bring no glee.
Cats and dogs reside everywhere.
We hate that other lair.

Maybe I'm screwing with you?
Have you figured it out at your zoo?
It's been the same time every year.
This is the 4th time for my rhyming rear.

What could it be?
Should I tell thee?
It's four years in a row,
Without missing a post at my show.

Did you guess that? You can admit it to the cat. It is okay to guess the cat is moving to Timbuktu. Although that will never come due. One year to go and then met my goal at my show. Will I stick to everyday after that? We shall see at my blog mat. I will still have tons of sass, so you can count on my everyday little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Plain to see
      Luck makes an entry
      Deja vu
      But still feeling new!


    2. In the place to be!
      As Blue is on the road
      Like a friggin' toad
      But I'll be back
      Leading the #1 pack
      What there's no female in the house?
      Not even a mouse?

    3. Nope,not a one
      Hank got all the fun

  2. "Will I stick to everyday after that?"
    My,what can be the mystery format?
    The end of the run?
    No vying for No.#1?
    Am just beginning to enjoy the 'scrap'


    1. haha still another year to go
      So plenty of time at your show

  3. Four years without missing a post. I am in awe.
    And bummer for you the cat runs off all of your dates.

    1. haha he has really run off a few
      Pretty funny thinking about it at my zoo

  4. The anniversary for the blog must be on january 30.....
    Four years without missing a post? Oh, la la...
    Could it be the birthday of one of the cat's or the birthday of the Pat?!!! :))

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. 4 years without a post
      No birthdays or you'd get 24 posts in one day at my coast

  5. 4 years without missing a day is very impressive. You probably have 5 years done and waiting already.

    1. Nah, I'm only done until May
      But nice to impress at my bay

  6. That is amazing! Congratulations! For some reason I have never paid attention to when my anniversary for my blog comes up or how many posts I have done. I just keep at it oblivious. HA HA

    1. The cat notices all
      Here at his hall
      Ocd keeps track
      As it doesn't lack

  7. That is amazing! Congratulations! For some reason I have never paid attention to when my anniversary for my blog comes up or how many posts I have done. I just keep at it oblivious. HA HA

  8. One more year
    How about a beer
    Not in the shower
    Naked takes away the power
    Five'll get you ten
    Keep writing at your den
    Can this be number four
    It comes knocking at your door
    A goal is number five
    Holy smoke and man alive

    1. haha naked takes away the power?
      Guess beer makes one cower?
      Five for ten
      May happen at my den
      We shall see
      But 5 will at least be gotten by me

  9. Four years running strong
    Doesn't feel like it's been that long
    Time flies when you're having a blast
    Posts pile up here so dang fast
    Congrats on reaching year four
    Looking forward to one year more

    1. Yeah, doesn't seem that long
      As the posts keep on coming strong

  10. Congrats on an achievement you have done
    to have so many years of posts daily under your sun!


  11. Wow! That's pretty impressive, cat!

  12. That's pretty good, some people struggle to make one post a week

  13. That is unbelievably amazing. You have to be in the Guinness Book of World Records!

    1. haha that would be fun to see
      Not sure they'd include me

  14. Replies
    1. Technically 1923 at my sea
      Just plenty scheduled waiting to come to be

  15. Amazing! Congratulations!
    I envy your dedication, truly, as goals are set and met!
    And the cat dictates all at your flat!
    Me, I stumble and fumble
    Yet gladly salute your superior tribute!

    1. The cat keeps me on task
      And I don't even have to ask

  16. 4 years without missing a post? That is insane!

    1. Not a day has been missed
      If so, my ocd would get pissed lol

  17. Have you really posted daily for four years??? I mean, I'm not surprised as every morning when I visit you there is a new post which is so unfathomable!!! I don't know how you do that but it's completely awesome that you do. I love reading your musings! And for the record, I'd be excited to date a guy who had a lot of cats I could play with!

    1. Yep, 4 years with every single day
      And every day will come at least until next May
      Done up until then
      haha not many get excited by Orlin and his dog like quality at my den

  18. I do not know how you do it. How many posts do you generally write at a time?

    1. I usually write one a day for sure at my sea
      Unless something come to be
      Others days I have written 6-10
      As they just pop out at my den
      Wrote the a to z for next year in the span of 3 days
      So all done that maze

  19. Bloggers come, and bloggers go;
    Some disappear, and we never know...
    Sick, dead, or just plain bored?
    Or in Pamplona getting gored?
    For you, daily posts never cease to flow,
    Like the energizer bunny, you're go, go, go!

    Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment.

    1. haha and many have come and many have gone
      Some maybe even get up at the crack of dawn
      Work got in the way or some other thing
      Maybe they caught a disease from a fling
      But the cat keeps going
      With his daily showing

  20. Four years? Makes me think...I started blogging in 2010, and didn't think about it until just now.

    Happy Blogday, Pat!

    1. A year before me
      Or some months anyway at your sea

  21. Way to go Pat, you are rhyme n' rockin' fur sure!

  22. Congratulations! 4 years is awesome.

  23. Four years. I hadn't a clue.
    That's a lot of blogging.
    Good for you.

  24. I bow down to you're awesome consistency! A quality I seriously lack!
    Well done, Pat!
    Congratulations where you're at!

    1. My OCD keeps my in check
      With plenty a post on deck

  25. congrats to the Pat
    with the help of the cat
    rhyming everyday at his mat
    he really does like to chat
    about this and that...

    1. Anything and everything
      The cat shall give a ring

  26. 4 years in a row is quite the feat! I can't even go 4 days in a row!

    1. haha well you never know
      Could get 4 days with a halloween show

  27. Four years without a ticket to Bora Beach?
    Still a bit out of reach
    Four years without deleting your blog
    Like a blue guy did at his log
    Feeling like a hog
    Four years and still no Bora hut
    No Bora mutt
    No Bora sl... um cut
    But a post every day
    At the Kitty Rhyming Bay
    Cat, we're getting old
    And still no riches untold
    I'm gonna take a nap
    Will need a map

    1. Need a treasure map
      Maybe some pleasure asap
      You deleted the old one
      As you had two on the run
      No more english class
      For my little rhyming ass

  28. You need to stop and take a breath
    and take a little rest! haha.....
    That's a lot of days in a row
    and on and on you go!

    1. haha 5 years was the goal
      So have to see it to a whole
      Plus I do rest here and there
      As I have posts scheduled to spare

  29. Happy birthday Rhyme Time!!! It's a job well done, cat!

  30. I am so busy that I missed this..this past Friday
    I commend you for finding things to say
    and I mean every day!
    Some people are at a loss for words
    but you are not, you sing them out, even, like little birds
    which would suit your cat just fine
    I hope you, in celebration, you had a glass (or 2) of wine:)

    1. haha the feline wold like the birds
      No wine though, it gives Pat umm runny turds

  31. Wow, that’s a feat
    Not easily beat
    Takes dedication
    For four years duration
    A ton of type-strokes
    Way more than most folks
    But you make it look easy
    And not very… sleazy!


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