Another Bunch That Are Out To Lunch!

The cat has saved up more to use at his shore. You humans sure use them far and wide. You take them in stride. A saying here and there, a saying everywhere. So many have come due and here are a few.

No need to aim.
No need to be tame.
Even if you freeze,
You can shoot the breeze.

Would the air take offense?
What if you hit a fence?
Don't go in an air tight room.
Shooting the breeze might bring doom.

In for a penny, in for a pound.
Do you do that as you spin around?
Are you cheap and a con,
Trying to get all the dough before dawn?

A Jack of all trades.
So not just the Jack of spades?
Diamonds, clubs and hearts too?
The queen must be jealous of you.

But what if you aren't named Jack?
Then the saying kinda does lack.
Unless you are just a jack ass,
Then the saying may pass.

Was that crude?
Bah, I'll be rude.
Beats new and improved though.
As things can't be both at ones show.

But that you know.
So I'll continue the flow.
Love is in the air.
Damn, I hope it doesn't get shot at your lair.

Love and shooting the breeze.
Hmm, that just may not please.
Unless you are that diaper wearing fellow.
But blah, his diaper is probably all yellow.

And with that at my sea,
I leave one for thee.
This one you have done at my hall,
Simply, read the writing on the wall.

Wait! What if there is no wall,
Short, wide or tall?
What can you read then?
Go piss up a rope you tell a pen?

Any more fun ones you use? Did I confuse? Do you want me to pound sand? I've already used that in my land. No need for a repeat at my sea. I'm not a Hollywood cat hanging from a remake tree. I am now done with my sass and off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz I'm sleeptyping, Cat!
    Zzzzzzzzz can you hear me at your mat?
    Is Suza awake, A True still asleep
    Is Manzi in the garden
    Is my neighbor still a creep?
    Many questions from the Goo
    And I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!
    It's Sunday
    Such a fun day
    No work at my bay
    So much time to play
    Where's Hank The Poetry Tank?
    I remember the Ghost's prank
    Who is number one today
    At the Kitty Cat bay?

    1. No work at your bay
      So you hit the hay
      But I beg your pardon
      Yes, I'm in my garden
      Awaiting the blood moon
      Soon, soon, soon soon

    2. Look at you
      With a copy and paste coming due
      Asking about many here
      As they stop and peer
      And then you go to snore
      At your bed bug shore

      Weeding away
      There at her bay

    3. haha - A true was still asleep
      swimming an ocean that was too deep
      climbing a mountain that was too steep
      so just drifted back to sleep
      zzzzzzzzz, now I need a nap
      as this comment is a wrap...

    4. Get the nap in
      For a dreamland spin

    5. In the place to be
      At the Kitty Cat sea!

      True was dreaming of Bora Beach
      Still out of reach
      Zzzzzzzzz sleep tight
      I might visit you tonight

    6. I am not sleeping yet as the red super moon
      is making my head swoon....

      visions of Bora Beach..
      with a drink in reach...

    7. Not a Yoda
      In a Skoda
      Or a fox
      In a box

  2. The cat says a lot
    Whether cold or hot
    Whether broke or rich
    At your shore
    In a ditch
    Sayings aplenty and more
    As you rhyme away at your shore
    But here's a saying just for you:
    Who stole the blue shoe?

    1. No ditch yet
      We'd get wet
      And never rich
      Which is a bitch
      As for the shoe
      It was a kangaroo

    2. A bitch it is
      No money making showbizzzzzz

  3. I read the writing on the wall
    It told me to go back to bed
    If I ignore those hieroglyphics
    I will have a very foggy head

    1. Are they pretty pictures though?
      Or caveman type high and low

  4. Never certain if they are true, but I love reading about the origins of different sayings, like 'saved by the bell.' (People were buried with bell they could ring if they woke up and weren't really dead.....weird, huh?)

    1. Hahaha
      That's a hum-dinger
      If you're alive ding the ringer

    2. lmao well I guess you never know when you'd need a bell
      To save you from going to hell

  5. "Another Bunch That Are Out To Lunch!"
    It's here, there, everywhere take a plunge
    Saying to them
    Not to a friend
    For just a few sayings and they are done


  6. bahhaha on the air tight room. No, you def. cannot shoot the breeze if there is not one available to shoot. :)

    1. haha yep, screwed in the end
      Always a way to buck the trend

  7. So many Jacks
    They step on cracks
    Do they break ther mother's back
    Or give her a heart attack
    Do Jack's have Jills
    Who give them thrills
    Or does Jack hit the road
    Like some far-out Toad?
    Is Jack really nimble
    Can he sew with a thimble
    Does he push the fat off his plate
    When for work he may be late
    Or is he Jack Kuka Toogaruga
    Waiting for Lucy Lace Hanky Blewgatoogaruga

    1. haha jacks sure abound
      As they surround
      John gets a thrill
      Also having his fill
      There are even johns used
      But they may go to jail and get abused
      Lucy Lace Hanky Blewgatoogaruga is quite the name
      Blows away all Jack's fame

    2. as long as it is not a jack in the box
      those things are scary to me
      better to seal it with a lock

    3. They are scary you say
      With their pop out way

  8. I don't think I want to know where sit and spin comes from...

    1. That one is based off the child's toy
      Oh the joy

  9. I'd rather shoot the breeze than shoot a gun
    breeze shooting could be a lot of fun
    harms no one and passes the time
    isn't this a sweet little rhyme?

    1. haha worked out rather swell
      Breeze shooting also won't land one in a cell

  10. Replies
    1. Probably the later
      When you get to the heart of the matter

  11. We do say some silly things
    that I do agree
    its fun to sometimes find where they came from
    then they might be easier to believe


    1. Yeah, the origins can be fun
      And weird by a ton

  12. I think you've confused 'shooting the breeze' with "making wind".
    Shooting the breeze is talking,....nothing comes from the other end! haha

    1. haha hey the breeze still gets made
      It can be a fair trade

  13. Shooting the breeze we can skip,
    wasting the time - no one need;
    love - this what holding the ground,
    what makes you write, us - read it aloud. :)

    1. Keeps me coming back indeed
      On the rhyme attack at my feed

  14. I prefer some of my dad's sayings which I shall share with you at your zoo- "He's as useless as a boar's tits." and "He's as useless as a dog's hind leg." Usually he would begin with "That son of a bitch is...

    1. hahaha those sure work
      Will get a smirk

    2. I like those Birgit. The Hubby has one that goes "He's as useless as tits on a nun"

    3. lol that one is good too
      But are they still useless if their nunning is through

  15. No, don't pound sand while your shooting the breeze, your aim will be off!

    1. haha but me a blessing
      As it could end up lessing

  16. I suppose you could be a jack of all trades and still be a jackass:)

  17. I usually say "in or a penny in for a pound" when I'm about to embark on something mind numbingly stupid. It's like, "well I've gone this far, might as well make a complete mess of it now"

    1. I've said it a time or two as well
      But I usually go with, "what the hell"

  18. "Wait! What if there is no wall,
    Short, wide or tall?"
    And the reader is really small.
    I don't see nothin' at all?

    Well crap!

  19. The writing is always on the wall if you have FB. lol

    1. lol I got away from that
      So not where we are at

  20. Skip the writing on the wall.
    Where only loonies like to scrawl.
    Best to chose the written page
    where words are played as if on a stage.

    VR Barkowski

  21. My breeze was shot the other day!!! I didn't see the writing before I hit the wall!! MOL

  22. Replies
    1. Jack lives in All Trades
      Has many different shades

  23. I never understood that Piss Up A Rope saying. Why would you want to do that? I would all come back down and splatter on you. Might as well save time and just piss on yourself and be done with it.

    1. lol I guess that is what you want to happen to a foe
      Go up high, come back low

  24. Oh no.... I gotta go! (not GO but GO as in hit the road...)


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