Can Shock With The Clock!

So the cat was off doing this and that the other day when he ran into an argument at another bay. He took it in as it was sure going to get a blog spin. Plus it was soooo dumb. That I had to use it and then some.

What is that?
That's not a thing.
You fell flat.
Go have a fling.

Counter clockwise is a thing.
It is backwards around the clock.
No all have an alarm ring,
Or an iphone charging dock.

Digital clocks are all that is used,
Unless you have some antique clock.
So while I'm amused,
Clockwise is not a lock.

It is to a thing.
The clock goes around.
Don't be a dingaling.
Clocks everywhere are found.

Point to one ancient clock.
I dare you do to so.
Easier to find a holey sock.
Now let your fake thing go.

Clockwise is true.
Counterclockwise is too.
You have a loose screw.
With a brain in a loo.

Nope, not real.
You made it up.
What a sad ordeal.
I'd like what's in your cup.

You are stupid, you know that?
All that weed you smoke.
Stop being a dingbat.
Maybe hold back on a toke.

You are in the digital age.
Stop using fake words.
Turn the century page.
Otherwise, tell it to the birds.

Clockwise is true.
Counterclockwise is too.
Idiots can't learn nothing new,
As proven by you.

Yep, sadly the nut really acted like he believed there was no such thing. He must have had one too many joints at his wing. The idiot denied until he was blue in the face. I guess digital is truly his embrace. Seen an "ancient" clock come to pass? Humans are so stupid to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Where's the party at?
    It's Tuesday
    Not a fun day
    Gotta work at my bay
    Suza... how are you?
    Did you beat Mister Blue?
    Can you say... 'Scooby Doo!'

  2. There was no such thing?
    Did it sting
    When you said the was wrong?
    Did he sing a song?
    Or was it a she
    In the place to be?

  3. He really didn't know what counterclockwise meant? Wow, I have these awesome plug in fragrances that actually screw in counterclockwise, opposite of what you would think. My husband couldn't figure out how to replace one the other day because it was not clockwise. I said you have to do it counterclockwise. He said, "damn, that's messed up". That other poor dude would never have figured it out!

    1. Nope, not a clue
      That it came due
      Because "clocks" were all digital now
      The dumb people out there, wow
      lol yeah never would have got it
      And had a fit

  4. Do clockwise and counter too
    Which way will it have to screw?
    Like righty tighty, lefty loosy
    Leaves one feeling slightly goosey

  5. "Can Shock With The Clock!"
    Way to do it right not to mock
    Go clockwise
    Take a slice
    Not to be engulfed with smoke


  6. Counter clock wise is different for sure. Hard to figure out since it is so unusual. The biggest problem is that you have to think to do something counter clock wise.

    1. Yeah, you have to take your time
      Unless used to it's chime

  7. You can really mess with him by talking about how water goes down the drain in different hemispheres!

  8. It is another sign of the times. Digital everything so counterclockwise isn't a thing. He probably thought it was called backwards or something.

    1. Probably does go by another name
      Still no less lame

  9. I do not watch the clock today, I'm so busy and I do not have time for this... :))

    ઇઉ Ell@

  10. I wish I could stop the clock
    restrain the tick and tock
    or move hands counter- clockwise
    go back in time before my eyes!

  11. Maybe you should have cleaned his clock after that. ha.

  12. I'm going to ask son if he knows what counterclockwise means
    I'm not sure if would be something that he would know
    such a different age we live in compared to a few years back
    we keep time so many different ways now as we go to and fro


    1. Many sure don't know
      With new technology on the go

  13. It may take me a while to read an analogue clock, but at least I know what counterclockwise is. But, you did teach me something. I always thought counterclockwise was two separate words!!! Lol

    1. haha the cat can teach
      And geez, takes you a while when in reach
      Cat is shaking his head
      Oh the dread

  14. That is someone without a clue. And funny how the person who is wrong always argues the hardest for his case.

    1. haha yeah that is almost always true
      The more wrong they are the more they argue with you

  15. MOL! Everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinion!

    1. That they surely are
      And will stick to it by far

  16. My house is filled with clocks, only use digital as an alarm. Don't know why I have so many, just like them. For example from where I'm sitting I can see five- without turning my head. When setting the time, never do so counter clockwise, it will stop time! :)
    But an argument over clocks is too humorous not to use in a blog.

    1. haha yeah it had to be done
      And wow, you have clocks by the ton

  17. I just... what? Someone didn't realize counterclockwise was a thing?? Have they never seen an analog clock??

  18. Forget the clocks lol
    I made apple pie
    But Im not sure if you can eat that
    But your visit is always welcome :)

    1. lol nope, can't eat that
      Will screw the back where I'm at

  19. LOL! Unbelievable!
    He should have been in my third grade class!
    He'd know counterclockwise inside and out;
    we did spinning games and used the "ancient" clock for lots of things!
    too funny!

    1. lol that ancient clock doesn't get around much anymore
      Like it is something of lore

  20. Does his face appear in the dictionary under the word "Idiot"? Please people teach these basics in school!

    1. lol that it just might
      Or beside it at the same height

  21. Wow, I still use one of those 'ancient' clocks and it sits on my shelf.

    1. I have none here
      But I know the difference without fear

  22. So the argument was about clockwise/counterclockwise? *face palm*

  23. orlin N cassie

    may bee thiz dood just kneads a lesson on de Coriolis Force..... { we due } !!!!
    who new all toy letz flushed de same !!! ♥♥♥

  24. I wish my alarm would ring counter clockwise, ha ~

    Not good to be up so early so I am wishing that the clocks be set 1 hour behind now ~ Have a good week Pat ~

  25. so the cat picked a fight
    the other dude must have been a fright

  26. Man, how does that person ever get through life? Sounds like a complete twit.

  27. Hey, Cat, going counterclockwise now???
    Summer has taken a bow
    According to my paper calendar
    They exist too at my bar
    Along with my analog clock
    I love to hear tick tock

    1. They exist indeed
      In the know at your feed
      Summer not officially over yet
      Still a few days to be met

    2. Geez, I take a few days off
      And get lost in paper calendar cough
      Definitely not wishful thinking on my part
      Just caught in a rush hour... um, tart
      You got me; I almost typed it
      Makes me want to spit

    3. haha I win I win
      Here at my bin

  28. Sounds like he needs
    A lesson or two
    Although he probably enjoys
    Talking until he's blue


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