Goal Has Been Foiled, You've Been Spoiled!

So the cat saw a person yapping the other day that they got spoiled at their bay. But it was for a thirty year old movie or so. Umm too bad that they didn't know?

Spoiled is a way of life.
Maybe some pampered wife.
Or spoiled husband I suppose.
Each can smell like a rose.

Spoiled that we have things.
Spoiled with a door bell that rings.
Spoiled that we have a car.
Spoiled having roads with tar.

Spoiled is a way of life.
Yet we still whine about the strife.
Live somewhere else and boom,
You'd realize not doom and gloom.

Spoiled with a light switch.
Spoiled we don't sleep in a ditch.
Well unless you are a rat.
But then they are used to that.

Spoiled near and far.
Spoiled by a corner bar.
Even with prices sky high,
Spoiled is the correct cry.

But that we don't see.
That stuff is free.
Now the good old TV,
Those spoilers are scary.

You know who done it.
You know every good bit.
Heck, just watch a trailer on Youtube,
And you can solve the Rubik's cube.

Something that is new,
I can see a boo hoo.
But who went online looking?
Sorry, only one pilot per booking.

Now to whine about 30 years ago,
Even if the fact/movie/whatever you don't know,
Gets a big whoopdi friggin doo,
Not everyone can bite their tongue around you.

Spoilers prove your spoiled.
For you have easily toiled.
Found the spoilers online.
Internet access is just divine.

Not sure how spoilers became spoiled today, but I went with it anyway. So do you think spoilers have an expiration date? Too bad if some want to give hate. 30 years in the past and you don't know? Well maybe your ducks aren't in a row. New can still be new if it has not be seen, but you can't expect everyone to keep a spoiler free forever scene. So if some spoilers come from my daily sass, tough luck says my spoiled little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Don't tell me this is three
    In the place to be at the Kitty Cat Sea
    Is Dixie Baby slow or just a bit late?
    Is she fast asleep so all this can wait?
    Lots of questions from The Goo
    Who lost his blue suede shoe
    Suza, Hank... how are you?
    Did you beat Mister Blue?

    1. She wasn't even here
      Just Suza on your rear lol

    2. So slow that she wasn't even here
      Dixie Dear where art thou Dixie Dear?
      But Suza never gives up
      She wants to win that number one cup

    3. She wants in
      Dixie must be off taking yesterday on the chin

  2. Replies
    1. It sure is
      Doing some blue bizz
      How are you today
      At the Suza Bay?

    2. Pretty fine
      Toeing the line

    3. Have some wine!
      Sleep tight
      Don't fight
      Don't be spoiled like me
      In the place to be

    4. Thanks, Blue
      Off to snuggle with your shoe

    5. Ewwww
      Snuggling with a shoe
      Foot stink
      Guess we know how you get to sleep in a wink

    6. Ewwww you say
      As you sniff kitty butts at your bay
      My blue suede shoe (the one she's got)
      Is great if you snuggle a lot
      Didn't you know
      At your show?

    7. Pffffft not in that know
      Chuck it out the window

  3. Cat, this post is really deep
    So deep I can't sleep
    A door bell you say?
    Would be hell at my bay
    When all the nuns start ringing
    And all the choirs start singing
    Oh wait it isn't X-mas yet
    But it'll be here soon, you bet!
    I don't have a door bell
    Making me yell
    My car is a piece of junk
    I'm so spoiled I'm in a funk
    Only three Ted Baker suits to wear
    No cash in my wallet making me stare
    So spoiled I sleep on the couch
    Feeling like a grouch
    So spoiled Suza says hi

    1. X-mas will be here
      And you can run in fear
      as the empty wallet will do nothing at all
      At any old hall
      But the cat is with you
      I have a toonie though in view lol

    2. Nah, just a loonie
      With my toonie

  4. I try not to go on the net
    If a spoiler I fear
    But I will bop someone
    If their mouth is in gear

  5. Cat, we're taking over this show!

    P.S. Someone called you a lazy bit of rhyming fur at my show...

    1. Bah, you can try and take over
      The cat will scare you away like rover

    2. Exercise at least
      So you can feast

  6. That's what that person gets for not watching the movie when it came out.
    And at first I thought the title of this post was Goat has Been Foiled... Yeah, it's early. Brain hasn't engaged yet.

    1. lol a goat at my sea
      Now that would be something to come to be
      And yep, if enough time goes by
      The fault of them for not going to spy

  7. Fortunate, i am not a spoiled wife, but sometime i smell like a rose! Means I'm bad? ☺

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. Meh, smelling like a rose
      Can curl some toes lol

    2. It is very important .... which one? :)))

  8. I could be a spoiled wife,
    With a spoiled wife life,
    But if it meant I had a heart of stone
    I'd rather be a silly old crone.

  9. "Goal Has Been Foiled, You've Been Spoiled!"
    Pitting one's talents against others get them roiled
    Tough luck for a witch
    Fallen smack into a ditch
    Anger provoked and the angry heart was set to boil


    1. That may hurt indeed
      Falling in a ditch at ones witchy feed

  10. I'm a pampered wife,

    & yes living a great life.
    Yet, I have chores to do,
    so no different from you ;)

  11. I'd like to be spoiled.
    Instead, I'm doing laundry that's soiled. ha.

    1. haha keeping the mountains down
      So they don't flood your town

  12. A tiller a toiler
    Are you a spoiler
    Do you pick up the tabs
    Are you up for the grabs
    Find a spoiler real quick
    While you still have your pick

    1. That kind of spoiler
      Wouldn't a toiler
      Get the riches
      Unless their umm witches

  13. Spoiling is bad when it results in putrid odors.

  14. If people are stupid enough to look online then they deserve the spoilers

  15. Well, I've been told we're all spoiled here!

  16. Well we are all certainly very spoiled here too. What else are kitties for other than to get spoiled. Have a great day.

  17. Chunky or smooth?
    Blizzard, McFlurry?
    A/C's not cool.
    First World worries.

  18. I must admit I am a bit spoiled
    and I must admit I will look for spoilers on certain things
    Hopefully that doesn't make me too bad
    because of the joy that it brings


    1. Hey, if you enjoy spoilers spoil away
      It's the nuts that find them and then whine about them on display

  19. Spoilers have more information than we do so they totally are spoiled. See, I got your back cat!! We spoil my mush, but I can't help it. Sigh...

    1. lol a good way to look at it
      That is fine to spoil her until she's in the teens and pitches a fit haha

  20. Kitties get spoiled all the time. People like spoilers, or so it seems.

  21. That was an excellent reminder that even when things are tough...we've still got it pretty darn good.

    1. Yep, still have it better than most
      At some far off coast

  22. My way or the highway
    Be the mantra
    The spoiled one say
    All the live long day.

  23. We take for granted how spoiled we are because we forget or don't grasp how challenging life was in the past or in other places now. As for spoilers, I just accidentally found out what happens on the Big Bang Theory season opener. Rats ~ but I'll still love the show! Have a good one, Pat. Great Post! (w/ a nod to R)

    1. haha you said way more than R
      Here at my sand bar
      And yep, have it waaay better than most
      At any old coast

  24. My husband likes to say that we are an instant society now. We want everything right now and we are spoiled because we can get it that way.

  25. orlin N cassie...

    ...de food serviss gurl & her gram walked thru de houz one day N her gram toll her what she did KNOT have aza wee one.....they were gonna rite all de stuff down....sad lee it never happened....

    her gram who wood be 98 thiz yeer, all wayz said... their gnerations saw mor advances in technologee & stuff like that, .....than any generations past, present ore few chure....ever will....

    heerz two an Australian ghostshark kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. Yep, they sure saw a ton more
      Then we probably will at our shore
      But you never know
      Maybe they'll give teleportation a go

  26. Agree with the cat/moan and moan at the drop of a hat/maybe a little pain along the way/would some people appreciate that one day. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah, a little pain along the way
      Can make one, trust me, appreciate it at any bay

  27. I live in a spoiled society. I know how lucky I am in a lot of things, and my kids do too. But, even we whine sometimes about waiting, or things not available. Just how things are now. I don't wish for a "simpler time", nothing is ever that simple when you are experiencing it.

  28. I wish I am spoiled but I am working ~ I do count my blessings as I know life can be difficult at times ~ Still I know what you mean about the whiners....they will always find an excuse to whine ha ~


    1. That they surely do
      And yeah, it can suck, but better than many a zoo

  29. I don't mind spoilers, like to know what I'm in for. I actually go looking for answers to see if the hype is worth it. :) Yeah, I open presents early too! Curious for sure - still here too!

    1. haha not a bad way to be
      Can safe yourself from watching crap at your sea

  30. Spoilers don't bother me
    So few movies I ever see
    But I am spoiled, yes, siree
    Just finished camping not for free
    Now it's a real bed for me
    With no hungry bears I'll catch a Z

    1. A real bed I'd rather take
      Dirt and ground make my ocd shake

  31. I sometimes like spoilers, sometimes not. Jason got made at me for reading through all the Walking Dead synopsis on Netflix. But in all fairness, he did have a sneak look at all the Halloween that's due to be in stores soon.

    1. haha reading through
      Such a cheat at your zoo
      He got ahead of you
      That sure can't do

  32. Hate spoilers unless you ask, it's a kick in the crackers instead!

  33. My dogs are spoiled
    they always get what they want
    a nice place to walk
    and lots of squirrels to taunt!

    Happy Friday, Pat & Cat!
    Spoil yourself rotten
    and leave it at that!


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