Here I Type With Some Hype!

The cat has fallen for it a time or two, so it's not just a human view. Or maybe it is and the cat was just listening to Pat while I took a whiz. That is neither here nor there. Let's get all hyped up at our lair.

Hyper is not the word.
That can be absurd.
Kids running to and fro.
The cat just wants them to go.

Hype it is today.
About what may.
Like that movie or book,
Or some other thing at your nook.

Humans make everything grand.
Like it will be the best across the land.
They hype it up every day.
Whether it comes out tomorrow or next May.

To them, hype fits the bill.
Hype beats nil.
If they could make it a pill,
Glee in all they could fill.

And then the day comes.
They stop flapping their gums.
The hype train has come into the station.
Hype takes a little vacation.

They watch, they read, they do whatever.
They expect it to be a miracle endeavor.
Whoopsy, it sucks.
Go feed the ducks.

It was only okay.
Damn, what they say.
This wasn't that good.
Sue them we should.

It was pretty good.
But improve they could.
What was with the hype,
From Twitter to Skype?

It was great.
A hype worthy trait.
Err umm, maybe not.
But I liked it a lot.

The hype killed it.
Made it seem more like umm shit.
Because you made it into the best ever.
Ruined your own enjoyment with such an endeavor.

Ever hype something so much that you kind of lost touch? That it turned out to be crap because you fell for the hype trap? Oh what hyping things can do. But we know it's nothing new. Tomorrow there will be something new to hype up. Like the hype of a butt to a pup. Now I will go roll in the grass and not hype my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. HELLO!
    I'm once again being concise at your show
    Hmmmm maybe not as I'm about to say a bit more
    Guess who's a-knockin' on your door?
    Say, where's the party at?
    Any idea, Mr. Cat?
    It's Friday....
    Sandra's fun day
    Now, who is numero uno at your sea?
    In the place to be!
    Did I win a ticket to Bora Beach
    Or is it still out of reach?
    Lots of questions from The Goo
    And his Blue suede shoe

    1. Let's reboot a hype or two
      Scooby Doo!

    2. Good Morning Blue

      Tell me do you think Bora is all hype

      Hey Cat

      you sure like to type
      do you like to skype
      do you wear stripes
      if I don't like the hype
      is it ok if I gripe...haha

    3. You may be stuck
      No Bora luck
      Screwed out of that
      Where you're at
      No bora babes for you
      Work has to come due
      But you got #1
      Isn't that fun?

      The cat can type away
      One handed at his bay
      And if there is a gripe
      It can be said over the hype

    4. Wait... Bora is all hype and stuff?
      Will one Bora week be just about enough?
      Say it ain't so
      At the True Blue show

      Yep, at least I'm number one
      Such fun when there's no Bora bun
      I might as well snore
      And pretend I live some more

    5. Bora could be hyped up
      As there are many a stray pup
      They follow you there
      Giving you dog hair

      Snore away
      At you bay

  2. Replies
    1. Morning to you
      Mr. Scooby Blue

    2. Scooby Blue... I like the sound of that!
      Now, where's that Cat?

    3. The cat was resting away
      But no snoring at least at my bay haha

    4. Is that a fact, Mr. Kitty Cat?
      There's no snoring on your mat?
      How can this even be
      In the place to be?

    5. The fan keeps it away
      air circulating at our bay

    6. No kidding... is that true
      Or are you sniffing a shoe?

    7. True indeed
      More gas at my feed lol

  3. Hype, quite often
    Falls very flat
    All that talk, gossip, push
    Most likely goes splat

  4. Ray killed it a long time ago,
    dressed it up in a bow,
    and it died real slow.

  5. That's why I always scale back my expectations.
    And I prefer hyperdrive to hype!

    1. Could go far with that
      Meet aliens short and fat

  6. "Here I Type With Some Hype!"
    But don't be hasty care for a tip
    Stop pushing the luck
    Nothing of a fast buck
    Hold steadfast with a firm grip


  7. Everything gets hyped up these days. But tomorrow something new comes along.

  8. Here's some hype
    It's all about tripe
    Put it in a stew
    Ain't nothing new
    Eat it with chop sticks
    Jump over candle wicks
    Fly a big kite
    The day will be alright

    1. Will the kite take me away
      To some far off bay?

  9. This makes me think of our (US) upcoming presidential race - all hype. I'm sick of it already.

    1. haha all hype and nothing will get done
      Same shit different day under your sun

  10. Most things that get hyped up are lame. Yet hype is a thing we just can't tame. It's a lot of guys jobs to do it. And the rest of us are stuck wading through it. I like things more chill. Like walking up a big hill.

    1. A big hill you say
      Under a sun ray
      Does it hurt the feet
      Leaving you beat

  11. The smallest feline is a masterpiece. Is that a hype? :))

    ઇઉ Ell@

  12. I am hyped if I see a product with the word new
    displayed somewhere on its place
    it could be the same thing just reincarnated
    but it will make me want to buy it to keep up the pace


  13. It happens a lot with new restaurants around here.

  14. Yup I agree with the comment about hype equals the political campaigns. Bunch of junk. I am really tired of that too already.

    1. And it barely started yet
      As they hum ha and fret

  15. I find a lot a movies have a lot of hype. It's always disappointing when the hype doesn't match the reality.

    1. Yep, many are a let down
      Leaving one with a frown

  16. Haha, if there's anyone qualified to bash humans for being hyped up it's the stoic nature of a cat! Dogs love all the hype :)

    1. Dogs buy into it with ease
      Cats would rather deal with fleas

  17. I try not to hype things, because it's way overdone;
    especially by weathermen: oh the tales they've spun!
    All in the name of sucking in viewers;
    I'd like to stick them with a bunch of skewers!

    1. haha watch out for that
      May need a good lawyer where you're at

  18. I hear the hype, and am always disappointed, but if I'm doing the hyping, it's always a guaranteed truth! ;)
    Hey, I've got a plot on the moon I can sell you too!

  19. Ab-so-doggone-lutely! What I want to know is how so many upcoming TV shows and movies can be hyped as the "the best of the year" or the "number one hit" before anyone has even seen them????

    1. lol that is a good question indeed
      Only the best of the year if one has watched every other tv show out there at their feed

  20. When you type? Does the cat type with one hand too?? Lol The hype always lead to disappointment. A great example is the movie Lucy, which I only made it halfway through last night.

    1. That looked meh to me
      Yep, all one handed typers at our sea

  21. A quick burst of publicity followed by nothing then another burst is the ideal in my opinion. Too much and people cover their ears. But I have bought books by seeing them on repetitive occasions.

    1. Yeah, some shows and movies don't do that though
      They blow and blow and blow

  22. Hype is definitely over-hyped in my book!!

  23. There is so much hype these days I lost track!

  24. I hate hype.
    It's never clever, like "My husband/kid is the world's greatest" whatever.

    1. yep, that is about it
      And most are full of shit

  25. I hate hype.
    It's never clever, like "My husband/kid is the world's greatest" whatever.

  26. Not me, never too much hype
    I get super excited about everything I type
    My enthusiasm is always high octane
    Usually creates an adrenalin drain

    1. Well of things you type
      But movies and such lack in creative what they make up for in hype

  27. orlin N kewl iz de food serviss gurls
    sneekin round blogville frum werk, like her doez EVEREE DAY
    and power goes ta 900 bazillion placez
    and at 6 oh 30 it still be out....but we could still sneek round
    blogville thanx ta eye fone.....but now we iz goin home sted oh
    waitin for de powerz that bee ta tern de powerz back on.....heerz
    two a owens pupfish kinda week oh end ❤️❤️❤️

    1. haha power going out at work
      Can sure be a perk
      Homeward bound
      No work to be found

  28. Hype is like drama in a way
    both of them can go away!

  29. Nothing beats the hype and let down of "As seen on TV" stuff. Seems like a great idea until five seconds after you open the box and you think "wow this was a mistake".

    1. lol yep, they make it look great
      When really it is worse than what a dog can leave in their crate

  30. Trying to think of the last time I was sucked into the hype- can't think of one, but it has obviously happened. I am guessing the last time I fell for the hype and was disappointed was with a movie- but it has been such a long week I can't think of a specific example!

    1. Yeah, movies, games and books
      All have hype to get many looks

  31. Hype is usually nothing more than glorified crap. I hate it when something gets so much hype, I fall for it, then get sorely disappointed. Happens all the time.

    1. haha yep, can fool us all
      At every single hall

  32. So much is hype
    especially in politics
    Donald Trump is
    not my type!

  33. I have fallen for the hype of a movie to find out it is basically crap. I hate hype - too much is fed into this

    1. Yep, fed in every day
      So some fool can get pay


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