Only Sure Isn't Lonely!

The cat watches people throw that word around a ton. And guess what? They usually lie to everyone. That is right. The only people are liars day and night. Don't believe me? Just wait and see.

It will only take a few minutes to do.
Pffft, hour later at your zoo,
You are still doing whatever it is.
You fell for the only biz.

It only costs a little more.
Pffft, and you take it out the door.
Meanwhile the salesman just got richer.
Only was thrown out by the pitcher.

I only wanted to tell you...
Here it comes in view.
They want something,
With their only ring.

If only you'd listen to me.
Then my ears wouldn't be free.
I want to get away.
No more only dismay.

I only have eyes for you.
Says the cheater when your in view.
Then, whoopsy, eyes for another.
I only hope it's not your brother.

I only like it that way.
Means tough luck for you at your bay.
I won't take it like that.
I'm only a picky cat.

I only have one left.
Whether or not it has heft,
It means they will not share.
Sorry, not even if they care.

I only wish you well.
Pffft, turn around and they damn you to hell.
All about poor pitiful me.
And they were left by thee.

I only do this at this time.
A familiar chime.
Means they have ocd.
Like Pat and Cassie.

I only have a little time.
Means they'd rather hang with a mime.
They don't want to be there.
If only you were aware.

Do you think only is lonely? If only. Only gets a lot of play. I guess it is the only thing some can say. Am I only being cynical at my sea? Sure beats little old me. If only I could pass this gas, then I'd be a happy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Taking aim at Suza
    And her #1 lollapalooza.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one;
    Aw c'mon, it's only in fun!

    1. Ducking from you
      As I flee Pat's zoo

    2. Only 4 minutes too slow
      If only you were a tad faster at your show

  2. You? Cynical?
    Surely you jest
    Now off I flee
    For much-needed rest

  3. If only I had time to make this comment rhyme

  4. Cynics make the world go round!! ;)

  5. It is a very strange word
    and we use it until it seems absurd!
    I probably use it too much
    now that you point it out and such.

  6. "Only Sure Isn't Lonely!"
    Only not making it easy
    Cheater sees
    Victim flees
    Not really his cup of tea


    1. A good way to flee
      Maybe take a ride across the sea

  7. I'd be HAPPY if only yadda yadda doo
    I had the gold of Midas that is so very true
    It would make me a better person, don't you agree
    If only in my back yard, there grew a money tree

    1. Maybe you need to find the right seed
      Then only money trees will grow at your feed

  8. I would guess that Only is lonely. What a funny word, now that you bring it up. Funny how we don't think of things like that.Have a great day Pat.

    1. The cat has a weird brain
      As things are thought like that at my lane

  9. Going to see how often I use the word only today
    and see if it is an often used word
    I am not sure it could be considered lonely
    that might be a bit absurd


  10. I haven't ever thought about the word only before. Going to pay attention to it today!

    1. haha the cat has all
      Thinking now at their hall

  11. This is good! Harsh but so much of this is true.

  12. Excuses are aggravating. They are sometimes all you can produce.

    1. Sometimes that is true
      Have to be good though at ones zoo

  13. Cynical you
    This be true
    What's the world coming to
    My human's ex wife
    Trouble and strife
    Cheated on her boyfriend
    What a fitting end

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

    1. Ugg to that
      Says the cat
      Better to be single
      Can stay home or mingle

  14. Oh that's really true. I loved it when people will say this will only take a minute. Or the doc will say this will only sting a bit when giving a shot. Ouch..he lied. Hurt like hell.

    1. haha yeah, try to cushion the blow
      When it will hurt whether stabbed in back or toe

  15. Overused it is, that word only.
    Then again, we would hate for it get lonely.


  16. If only people would say what they mean and mean what they say, we'd all be happier at our bay.

  17. I think of using just
    as synonym of only
    they both will pass
    and last too long-ly
    in our memory where past
    gets lost and feeling lonely...

    1. Just I've used a ton
      Sure can make a similiar run

  18. Oh another I have used in my past.
    "I've only 5 minutes"-means I want to leave fast.
    My hubby knows this one well,
    "I'm only going to be 10 minutes." Hell,
    he knows I will be longer, so do I
    as I smile at him waving bye-bye

    1. haha ad always a simple number too
      No 3 or 4 minutes comes due

  19. Only is such a devilish word! It's never as simple as it seems!


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