Stuck In Hell For A Spell!

Geez, you guys go to the best spots. You must all enjoy leaving the cat behind lots. I can say I'm glad I sat this one out though. It's hot enough at our blog show.

Keepin It Real Folks popped the wrong zit.
That got her in some deep, deep shit.
Jax tried to help her out of it.
But her mouth got them both tossed in a pit.

Brian the cat heard the SOS.
But he ignored that human mess.
Thankfully the Ninja Wannabe heard it too.
But having been stuck in the litter box so long, he never had a clue.

The Blue Guy heard it though.
He packed up to fight the foe.
He took Truedessa along for luck.
The Mary's passed the buck.

Hank wasn't number one,
So he didn't jump in on the fun.
Suza was ready to help out,
But it turns out she has no blog because she's really a trout.

Theresa was too busy with Halloween,
Even if it is over a month away at every scene.
Humbird thought happy thoughts.
I don't think they helped lots.

Snowcatcher tried to bring the snow.
How? Damned if I know.
Stephanie was too busy client writing.
I guess her given topic was really exciting.

Anne was off getting high on paint fumes.
She could really stink up rooms.
Speaking of rooms, Manzi had mushrooms ready to eat.
She tried to feed the foe them as a treat.

Adam knew it was not a fact.
So he was not going to act.
Rosey feared the 666 on the door.
Damn, I'll use that forever more.

Robyn was too busy chowing down.
Chocolate shoes came to her town.
Fundy Blue was off to Hawaii for the 100th time.
Hmph, I'll go pick on a mime.

Betty was stuck at home and at work.
Two in one has to be a perk.
Betsy called upon her kitty cat crew,
Whoops, too busy sleeping at her zoo.

Miss Caitlin S tried to snap pics.
She took her licks.
Bijoux thought that gross.
Good thing it was a low dose.

The beer guys laughed and got drunk.
They didn't want to smell like a skunk.
In the end they succumbed to the shit,
All because the redneck wanted to pop a guy's big zit.

Yep, Jax and the redneck fell into a deep manure hole. Not sure why they were out together for a stroll. They will never tell you the truth though. They will claim there was a foe. Good thing the blue guy is rather slow. He may have fallen in shit also. They had a crowd around at least. The nature of the beast. If only the guy with the zit didn't move when she went for it. This story never would have been the shit. I am done with being crass. Off I go with my non-shitty little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I made number 1,
    Oh how fun!
    Remember folks, keep your hands off the zit
    Unless you want to stir up the..... pit.

    1. How can an awesome zit
      Get me in such deep shit?
      Maybe it was a dimple?
      That I thought was a pimple?
      When I start in on drinkin'.
      Who knows what I'm thinkin'!
      So flattered to be the subject of your blog.
      Now to figure out the comment fog.

    2. Stir up you shall indeed
      At ones feed

      lol all because of a zit
      The one you just had to hit
      Ugg to dumb comment thing
      When you try and give a ring
      Sometimes clearing browser history can work
      So comments won't be a jerk

  2. If I'm going to be stuck in that litter box, please tell Brandon and Bryan to pass along some of that beer.

    1. haha they may not want to share
      But the cat shall make them aware

  3. Now I'm afraid to pop the zit on the tip of my nose.

  4. I have to agree with Betsy, Ewwwwww.

  5. What?! First off, my mouth would get her and I OUT of trouble. It wouldn't sink us in a manure pit. Lol Secondly, all, and I repeat ALL zits deserve to be popped. Lmao

    I really laughed at the snow comment. How? I'll be damped if I know. Hahaha

    1. Damped if you know?
      lol did the damn grow?
      haha you and the redneck
      Should go on a zit popping trek
      Popping zits everywhere
      No zit you will spare

    2. Jax and I could get outta this shit on a dime.
      No other chick I would rather spend time.

    3. I agree. We have the spunk and the class. Psh...people would be begging us to pop their zits!!!

    4. lmao could be a paying gig
      Making all dance a jig

    5. Well, that's what Jax said
      From the top of her head

    6. She said it wrong
      What a ding dong lol

    7. Did u just call me a ding dong?!

    8. lol no, never
      Such an endeavor

  6. The cat really knows how to punish his followers

    1. His followers.... Is that what we are? Followers?
      Say it ain't so
      At the Kitty Cat show!

    2. Following at my sea
      Not leaders in a tree

    3. I thought I was here to show you the way
      To the Bora Bay....

    4. Pffft taking too long
      And we'll end up in Hong Kong

  7. I'll tell you what's new.
    I know I won't spoil it.
    Between me and you.
    My brand new job cleans toilets.

  8. I'm headed over to Robyn's for some of those chocolate shoes. :)
    And on my way I'll swing by Theresa's to see her decorations. If those gals are up for it, we might swing by Manzi's for mushrooms (not those kind of mushrooms) on the way back. P.S. I'm putting up a petition to ban 666.

    1. Stop for mushrooms, who know what kind?
      Maybe we'll go to Bora Bora in our mind
      What a trip
      Pack your grip
      Cat opened another can of worms
      Popping zits can make some squirms

    2. haha your petition won't be heeded by the cat
      He'll double his 666 effort where we are at
      The mushrooms may grow
      And make you perform quite the show
      Manzi has special ones I hear
      But you shouldn'tfear

    3. Did anybody say... Bora Bora?? Hello?

    4. Good luck getting there
      At your lair

    5. haha - Manzanita has the magic mushrooms - let us sink into an altered reality and soon we will be on the shores of Bora Bora...

    6. Yeah, no thank you
      The fake can go away at my zoo

    7. If Bora Bora's involved, Blue's gotta go!! He and the cat have had plans, don't you know!

    8. But they never work
      Never got the Bora perk

  9. Happy Fall, Pat!!! :))
    Hope it's a Fall of sweet surprises for you ... and the cats :))
    I don't like dirty jobs.... hahaha....

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. Be nice to get a surprise or two
      That is good and not bad at our zoo

  10. That was good Pat! Hey, I hear all kind of things...which I usually do ignore!

  11. Zits sparkle, they bubble
    They're gonna get you in a whole lotta trouble

  12. Should have known better than to pop a zit.

    1. Yep, should have known
      Never throw a zit a bone

  13. Only you could put zits, the beer guys, the ninja guy and a whole lot of trouble in one adventure.

  14. Ok, this left me just cackling by the end of it. That was amazing.

    1. haha just popped on it
      And went with it at my bin

  15. That zit turned out to be more trouble than it was worth!

    1. Yep, should have covered it up
      And went to walk the pup

  16. Very cute how you did this
    thanks for the shout out
    now I have to go back to work at home
    but I would rather pout


  17. You are forever and ever,
    by far the most clever,
    how you churn out these rhymes every day,
    while interlacing other bloggers stories of play,
    is something I'll never understand and truly respect,
    Visiting your blog I could never reject.

    Thank you for the funny shout-out and I must say your comment on my blog to day made me laugh out loud.

    1. I like to be clever
      A fine endeavor
      As the rhymes flow
      With a new day's show
      And no rejection
      Is a fine detection

      lol a rhyming cat
      You can't beat that?

  18. I feel like there is a bit of gossip in that story that I need to know. Or maybe that is the nib nose in me.

    1. haha nothing new to know
      Just the cat sinking low

  19. Lots of gross stuff on the internets!

  20. Well that was sure eye opening and I bet it was messy as well.

  21. Replies
    1. In the place to be
      And I'll raie you a Scooby Dooweee!
      The Cat is on the road
      Like a toad
      Not a fox
      In a box
      So here I am
      Ma'am! (Now, slap me!)

    2. Cat was working out
      No road about

  22. Poor ninja is never out of the kitty litter. I would rather be in Hawaii or drinking beer:) This was funny except the popping a zit-ick

    1. haha ick it would be
      kitty litter has him stuck at our sea

  23. Ha! Sounds like a lot of people in a lot of bad situations. :)

  24. orlin N cassie

    a paws a paws a paws... !!!
    grate rhyme with all yur pals inn clooded
    de sparkly fart wood even like thiz one ♥♥♥

    1. haha a sparkly fart on display
      Would sure work at ones bay

  25. I love it when you throw bloggers into your rhyming fun. :D

  26. I love it when you throw bloggers into your rhyming fun. :D

  27. Good thing the blue guy is rather slow?
    When you gotta go you gotta go?
    I'm quick when I'm awake
    When number one is at stake
    But I've been on the road for a while
    Driving mile after mile
    Great story though
    At the Kitty Cat show
    Even when you lied through your teeth and butt
    Like Jabba the Hutt, that desert nut :p

    1. A little lie
      From upon high
      Is fine by me
      Here at my sea
      As you drive away
      Keeping the gas companies happy at your bay

  28. I'm confused, too much going on.
    Maybe I'll just relax and sing a song.

  29. Chocolate shoes and berry booze
    This girl didn't notice a thing
    Did you go to hell for a heatwave spell? cream works, one of life's great perks.
    Cool joy it quickly brings.

    1. It sure works when cold
      But right here the heat takes hold

  30. What, the cat fell into a pool of s...?/and didn't notice what he had just hit? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  31. The snow I bring
    Will fix everything
    Freeze it up, just like that
    Fling it like a Frisbee, Clever Cat!

    1. Toss it away
      Come what may
      Ugg to the cold
      But it can beat super heat and mold

  32. Tired at the end of the day, so I am confused about what you are trying to say. ;) Think I sort of get it. :)

  33. Yes darling, I am very busy with Halloween preparations! I'll be pulling out all the decorations so I can get a jump start on hanging them this weekend!

    1. You'll have a haunted mansion when done
      As your webs are spun

  34. haha - cat said Blue was taking True
    as he needed to bring a bit of luck
    is he on the road in a big truck
    tell me tell me tell me true...

    1. ps - Happy fall at your hall...

    2. Luck is fake
      But he did partake
      Maybe it worked
      Or the cat just smirked

  35. The secret's out
    I'm really a trout
    Hard to type with a fin
    But I'll make your head spin

  36. That was fun and all yours "fans" would be happy indeed :)
    So tell me the blue guy live here now ???

  37. That was fun and all yours "fans" would be happy indeed :)
    So tell me the blue guy live here now ???

  38. Ha ha, I never am number one
    but eventually I visit just for fun
    some days I'm quick and some I'm slow
    but number one never at your show!

    1. haha you got last
      With this post coming to past

  39. Theresa is getting really busy with the Halloween stuff. Wonder what will be on her blog next

    1. haha we shall see
      What comes from the halloween nazi

  40. I'm catching up, again, Pat. I was going to comment on your latest post, but I couldn't pass this by! I don't enjoy leaving anyone behind, and I'm sorry that you're Stuck in Hell for a Spell! Hang up a map, blindfold yourself, throw a dart, and go where it lands! Easy Peasy, although Orlin and Cassie might object. It would be interesting to see what you would write about some of those odd travel places you've featured! Although I recommend Hawaii!

    1. haha it was made up at my sea
      We are as fine as can be


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