The Could Is Misunderstood!

So the cat heard another saying for the thousandth time the other day. Humans really like to use them with what they say. It is another reverse of what is true. Such lies you humans say at your zoo.

What was that?
Say it clear.
Come on, dingbat.
Perk up my ear.

Oh, that was it?
Why bother telling me?
Who needs that shit.
Now I set you free.

Why is that?
Because I'm through.
We chewed the fat,
Time for something new.

Simply put though,
In case I wasn't clear,
Listen to my flow,
Stick out your ear.

I couldn't care less.
No caring at all.
Who needs that mess?
Read the writing on the wall.

I couldn't care less,
About what you said.
I won't confess,
Even on my death bed.

I couldn't care less,
If you think I cared.
The off switch I press,
You have been spared.

I couldn't care less,
I'll say it one more time.
Just in case you didn't guess,
That I care more about a mime.

Couldn't = could?
Say it isn't so.
It's not misunderstood.
Who cares if I wanted to know.

I couldn't care less,
If couldn't = could.
This isn't some game of chess,
Knock on wood.

The cat even threw in another saying at the end. Superstitious crap may have been fed. But could I care less? Nope, I confess. Does that mean I care? I never asked you at my lair. Could you care less? Is this one big mind mess? It is okay to give sass to my caring, yeah right, little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Morning, Pat! Yes, it’s really freaking early on a Saturday. Don’t ask. My brain hasn’t even engaged yet…

  2. That's why you need to be careful what you ask people, because you might get way more than you wanted.

  3. Good morning Pat, at me all ready afternoon! :)
    Say hello to your cat, and I wish you a nice weekend!

    ઇઉ Ell@

  4. My clock reads 7:06 a.m.
    I've stepped onto a limb
    But you could care less?
    Glad you confessed ~

    1. lol my confession is god for the soul
      Or at least that's how they say one should roll

  5. The Could Is Misunderstood!
    It does not seem to be good
    Couldn't care less
    May just be in jest
    Depends on what's the mood!


    1. True, depends on how it is said
      As it pops out of ones head

  6. We have to read between the lines sometimes

  7. Some around here may have chewed the fat too often!

  8. Cats don't care
    Just beware
    Cats want food
    At their mood
    Say you're busy?
    They'll put you in a tizzy
    Do it right now
    Or I'll have a cow
    Don't say wait
    Suffer your fate
    Cat cares less
    We do confess

    1. Want it now
      No rhyme or meow
      Just give it up
      And ignore the pup

  9. ha- some people def. tend to talk more than they think and don't know when to stop - communication is one of the most difficult things on earth

    1. Yep, that it can surely be
      Some need to communicate less at their sea

  10. That is one big bunch of sayings. And it really does depend on how they come out of one's mouth as to their real meaning. You did find a bunch of them. Love Brian's comment about 'chew the fat'.

    1. Yep, depends how they come
      Can be worse with rum

  11. I couldn't care less to leave a comment today
    but decided to anyway to have some fun and play
    don't have really much more to say


  12. I remember Weird Al have a song that pointed out the non-sense in that phrase

    but I couldn't care less

    1. Never heard that one
      Guess I couldn't care less with his run

  13. I have to admit I have said that but, like a cat, really meant it.

  14. I thought it was, "I couldn't care more".

  15. LOL! What messes me up is when people say, "I could care less." I'm so used to "I couldn't care less," that it hurts my head when people use "could" instead. so set in some ways I am! Have a good one!

    1. haha yeah that can throw one for a loop
      The could in the hoop

  16. Couldn't or could/who gives a hoot/the cat still rules/and the rest are fools! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  17. There is a lot I could care less about
    but some things I care more about
    some days it's hard to know the difference!

  18. I'm afraid I'm guilty of saying that. "I couldn't care less what she thinks." Yep, I say that about my idiot neighbor all the time.

    1. lol neighbors can bring it out
      As they make one shout

  19. I'm so confused
    Yet strangely amused
    Am I being clear
    Like a blue reindeer?
    Not a fox
    In a box

    1. Clear as a reindeer
      That can't steer

    2. No steer
      Have no fear
      Just cheer
      Or say ho ho ho
      At your Kitty Cat show
      Or say, 'Scooby Doo!'
      And give me back my shoe

    3. A ho ho ho
      Could get you in trouble down below low low

  20. Quite a statement you have made here.
    Perhaps when it comes to could and couldn't we should "steer clear."

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I couldn't care less if people chewed the fat. Being a vegetarian though, I refuse to indulge. ;)

    1. haha fat is nasty though
      So a chewing others can go

  23. When people say "I could care less"
    I just smirk and say they are the best. lol...

    1. lol then they get a wtf look
      And you win at your nook

  24. English is such a special lingo
    So many ways to flip and flop
    Glad it's my native tongue
    Though bad editing makes me pop!

    1. haha the cat can make you go pop
      With his use of commas non stop lol

  25. Could care less grates my nerves. Unless they actually do are a little. Then I guess it's okay for them to say it that way.


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