The Thirst For Worst?

The cat will spoil things for you today. I am going to go all worst at my bay. Nope, not zombie feet. We will skip that eye treat. So the cat will spill on the worst kept secrets for a thrill.

The world isn't flat.
Still morons that believe that.
Was that a secret too?
Whoops, spilled it at my zoo.

That new, wonderful pill,
Will cost many a bill,
But it won't make you thin.
Sorry, enjoy the double chin.

You cat really rules you.
It is very true.
You think you are in control,
But domination is a feline's goal.

Music has meaning.
Go ahead and do some screening.
The words mean something.
Like, it's spring so have a fling.

Writing takes actual writing to do.
What? You thought magic did it for you?
Does this look like Harry Potter?
Pssst, he too was a written plotter.

Clothes will come back around.
Yep, same styles can be found.
Not sure that is good,
But then what do I know in my hood.

Every movie that makes a buck,
Will get remade, sequelized, redone or prequelized by a duck.
Quack, quack, quack is what they do.
I'm sure that one will get remade too.

Not everyone can win.
Isn't that a sin?
But get a medal anyway,
Even if you watched others play.

Can't work when you're dead.
But can't stay in bed.
Would they call that a balancing act?
That is a secret fact.

On the blog I rhyme.
At least 99.99% of the time,
Because there is Pat's novel stuff.
No rhyming can be rough.

Did you learn the worst kept secrets today? Aren't you glad I had my say? Now you know the truth. Wouldn't worst and secret create an oxymoron when together in a booth? Was that the point in the cat making fun? I guess I can't fool anyone. But I have still have class as I end, as always, with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    Where's the party at?
    It's Saturday....
    Such a fun day!
    I just hope I wasn't too slow
    At the Kitty Cat show.

  2. Domination is a feline's goal.... I see
    I figured at much in the place to be
    Guess I'm all alone today
    So I might just continue that nap at my blue bay

  3. Even those movies
    That don't make a buck
    Have sequels and prequels
    I say wtf

    Oops - too early to swear
    At my sleepy-time lair

    Looks like you've got some spammers
    Get out the hammers

  4. Spill the secrets, toot the horn
    Toss from the window candy corn
    It's very hot, will melt the butter
    Hearts in love go all aflutter
    Honey from the bees that buzz
    A friendly sound it's not the fuzz
    Noah led the gang in pairs
    So spill the secrets, heck who cares

    1. haha hearts can flutter?
      What do they do when in the gutter?
      Shimmer and shake?
      Melt a snowflake

  5. If your cats could talk, and tell us their own secrets... O my Gosh! :))

    ઇઉ Ell@

  6. Whew, so glad the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus was not listed. They got to be real. I don't care what the dang ole cat has got the day. He is probably Madge only gets coal every year.

    1. Don't you love autocorrect? Should be "cat got to say". However was should be were after Santa Claus. Lol, grammar nazis love me. I give them something to talk about.

    2. lol autocorrect sure screwed with you
      Got it though at my zoo
      Sure not a grammar nazi here
      And yeah, the cat wouldn't ruin Christmas cheer

  7. Those are such good thoughts. Never know that that cat is going to meow about. It is all good.

    1. haha nope, out will come a meow each day
      Never know where they shall stray

  8. HA! I met an oxy moron once and then they moved away!

  9. The world is flat Cat. And it balances on the back of a giant turtle. But you're right, when you take the big dirt nap there's no work to be done. Well except for the maggots whose job it is to eat the flesh from your bones.

    1. But that is not work for you
      And if you were to be burnt at your zoo
      Just the wind to carry you away
      Across some polluted bay

    2. I was going to post again next week, but I'm too damn lazy to be bothered. I'll stop in a couple times next week to talk at you and may post mid to late October.

    3. Geez, a whole month off once more
      but best to do when you want at your shore

  10. "The Thirst For Worst?"
    One not likely to be first
    Spill the beans
    A sequel dream
    Will get what they deserve


  11. Saw the truth with you doing rhyme
    at least 99.9% of the time
    that's all I'll chime
    and be a bit sublime


  12. Rhyming 99% of the time
    definitely takes a lot of time!

    1. Yes it does... and I don't like using my brain to do it.!!

    2. Bah, not too long
      Floats out like a ball in ping pong

  13. Writing takes actual writing to do.

    Truer words have never been spoken. *stares at chunk of writer's block and bangs head on wall*

    1. lol hopefully the chunk goes away
      Never had it ever had my bay

  14. My parents always said the world isn't fair. Usually when they let my brother do something I wasn't allowed to do!

    1. lol I've had that said
      That saying sure gets fed

  15. Every time I tell my daughter something 'new' is from back in my day she pooh poohs me. phft. We did wear leggings and sweaters, and ankle boots too, one day she'll be the mom that her children pooh pooh.

    1. haha nothing much is ever new
      As it comes back around again at ones zoo

  16. Of course the world isn't flat/but it's made up of fat/did you know that, Mr Cat?/All the fat in the hat! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  17. it feels like No, rhyming can be rough.
    we have to start creating epitaph...
    But can we stay in bed/dread throughout
    and write? - when sick some wins the trout :)

  18. Here's the most recent worst kept secret

    Jon Snow is coming back

  19. Writing takes writing...that is so profound.
    But to someone with writer's block, it makes them frown.

    1. lol frown they may
      Just add a little crazy to the fray

  20. Yes, clothing styles do come back around. I have been waiting for decades on some of my stuff--the Mrs. is not as confident and has been slowing and quietly throwing some of those old shirts away. Oh my tragic loss!

    Enjoy your weekend, Pat.

    1. haha well she just want to make room
      As you wait for them to bloom

  21. I just heard Amy Shuymer (is that how one spells her name) got a huge advance to write a book. That must hurt the novelist who isn't even given a 2nd look. Hollywood can't seem to find an original idea but why should they when they make billions on crap.

    1. Yeah I saw that too
      Probably will be poo
      And very true
      Why change when billions come due

  22. And then we started calling the cat Captain Obvious ;)

    1. Hey, works for me
      I get to be a captain at my sea


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