Was Irish Air Right At My Site?

So a while ago in a comment below, Anne came up from her paint fume high and gave a comment cry. Obviously, since I said comment below. But I explained it all for those that are slow. What did she say? Something that made a post for today.

That way when people show up, you're still a bit of a novelty to them. Especially you, as you blog as the Cat. I mean really, who in the hell would be interested in that arsemonkey Pat?

Geez, the nicest thing she ever said to the cat.
Who really cares about Pat?
He is so boring.
But at least, unlike the blue guy, there is no snoring.

The cat can jump high.
The cat can rhyme on every try.
The cat can make Pat clean his shit.
The cat is in control every bit.

Pat is just lame.
Even with a rhyming name.
Yep, just lame.
He is far too tame.

He sleeps when it's dark.
His claws can't leave a mark.
You know a scar is a good reminder,
Don't stick your arms in a kitty grinder.

I can sink to new lows,
And still strike a pose.
He has to pick up after me.
I make him run like a busy bee.

He has to work.
Sleeping during the day is my perk.
I don't have to make a dime,
And still I have huge cat towers I can climb.

Pat does numbers,
While we're in our slumbers.
Cassie isn't as lame.
A little though as she is an ocd dame.

Wait, numbers and work is the same.
Didn't I tell you he was lame?
This makes it hard to rhyme.
But at least he isn't a mime.

He even has to work out.
I can just run about,
Then my exercise is done.
I have more time for fun.

So Anne was right.
Good thing Pat doesn't run this site.
Did I say Irish Air was right?
Damn, did those paint fumes make their way to my site? 

Aren't you glad it isn't run by Pat? You'd get accounting at our blog mat. I suppose tax season it may be a perk. The cat is so glad he never has to work. I can just put up a rhyme and sleep for a time. Be glad you have the cat's sass and his little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's the Bora Bora mat?
    Did you know if you want to buy a house of there
    It would cost $6,000,000 for a brand new lair?
    Yikes and then some
    Makes me feel like a bum
    Hey, it's Sunday
    Such a fun day!

  2. Replies
    1. Nice cat?
      You.. who stole my blue suede shoe?
      Nice cat?
      You, snoring on your mat?
      Could this be true
      Or am I Scooby Blue?

    2. Pfff to the shoe
      Gave me something to chew

  3. I think that cat runs the numbers better. He calculated the most efficient way to live a pampered life.

    1. Yeah, got the numbers down
      To do as less as possible in our town

  4. Jump through the hoop
    Dance like Betty Boop
    Go get the scoop
    Gather up cat's poop

    Cat is on a roll
    He may be very droll
    And he eats from a bowl
    But does he have a soul

    1. And gets what he wants
      With a few taunts
      The easy life
      No stress or strife

  5. First the new header is great . Second, that cats around here are totally in charge of life here. That is just the way it is with kitty kats. Who ever does the rhyming, it is pretty darn good.

    1. The cats sure are in charge
      And their egos can be large

  6. Cats really need to be in charge of everything anyways!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The cat is a much better blog host. Sorry Pat!

    2. The cat like to win
      Here at his bin

    3. Hey, the Ghost removed a word or two
      Maybe he said, 'Scooby doo!'
      Or is he in fact a she
      In the place to be?
      Don't say he's a cat
      On the Holy Ghost mat
      You are in the know
      At your kitty show

    4. Heard voice before
      In a interview encore
      So I know it's a he
      There at his sea

    5. You're hearing voices too?
      At your rhyming shoe?

    6. Yeah, they are up there
      Plenty to spare

  8. Really, what would you write about without the cat's sass...
    unique, exciting, innovative, Orlin - the best!

    1. That all works for the cat
      Raises his ego where we are at

  9. If the cats would vacuum or pick up around the house, Pat would feel better.

    1. Yeah, that would be a perk
      But they are scared of work

  10. The cats know the way
    they make us work as they lay.
    We have 5 and we do their bidding.
    I am not kidding!
    We are their slaves and they feel that is fair
    as they yawn with a look of "I don't care"

    1. haha they all have that look down
      As they were the crown
      All others do they work
      While they sit and smirk

  11. "The cats sure are in charge"
    The scope extends far and large
    Good at figures
    Good at numbers
    That itself makes it rare to budge


  12. Cat has a great gig
    Just rhymes to earn its keep
    Wouldn't you love to be able to take all day
    and have a great sleep?


    1. For a while
      Then it went be boring by a mile
      But I'd enjoy being able to fall asleep whenever
      That would be a fine endeavor

  13. Of course I was right. I knew Pat was worthless and necessary only to serve the Cats needs. Good God, I wouldn't talk to him if you paid me.

    I have to say though that Orlin is an absolutely gorgeous creature. Those markings are so distinctive and he's such a regal bearing. Too bad Pat isn't as handsome as the Cat :0)

    1. The cat wins on all fronts than at our sea
      That sure works for me
      The cat thinks he is regal too
      Even at 4am at our zoo

    2. Don't tell Pat I said this Cat or he'll get a big head, but I think he's a pretty nice guy. Not too bad for a Canadian anyway :0)

    3. The cat will keep it under his hat
      At least he's a canadian that isn't fat

  14. The cat is pretty smart to run this site ~ Hey Pat, please do my taxes too ~

    Enjoyed this one & wishing you Happy Sunday ~

    1. Ugg, taxes are no fun
      So glad when they are done

  15. Wow Pat, you have quite the gig here don't you. Can you teach my rats to run my site?

    1. haha you never know
      May be possible to give a go

  16. If we could have a site run by cats, we would do it in a heartbeat. They could probably draw better than we can, too. Teach us - how do you get your cats to take over your blog?

    We too are arsemonkeys. The first step is admitting it.

    1. The cat will keep his secrets close to his chest
      We think that is best
      And very true
      I am fine with being an arsemonkey at my zoo

  17. Cat is definitely smart for a feline!

  18. Some kitties have a pretty good life, don't they?

  19. I think Cassie should start a blog.
    Why must Orlin be a blog hog?

    1. lol Cassie would be prissy
      Quite the little snarky missy

  20. Lucky for Pat he has a smart cat running the blog. Makes things easy for him. ;)

  21. Orlin looks so perfect
    As he reigns o'er all below
    But Pat the aresmonkey
    Is low on the totem pole

  22. The cat is beautiful....high in a tree..look at me..

    wishing you and the cats well Pat...

    1. Up upon high
      Looking down at every girl and guy

  23. Arsemonkey? LOL That's a new word for me! That cocky Orlin certainly does have it made in the shade! I have to admit not having to work is awesome. But working out never goes away. :(

    Have a good one playing with numbers while the cat slumbers!

    1. Yep, need to work out
      But no 9-5 gives on a happy shout

  24. I wish I could get my dogs to run my site. Sadly, they'd get distracted by any flashing graphics and nothing would ever get done. I'd say the cat is really onto something here!

    1. Those graphics can be fun
      The cat knows how to get it done

  25. I guess it's good to put in our place once in awhile, hahahah

  26. Lol, Anne!! She always has the best lines. Cat, you should be defending your dear friend after all that he does for you. And, for the love of god, leave the mimes alone!!!!

    1. Bah, the mimes deserve it
      Pat can take every bit

  27. If only I could live the posh life without doing a thing, lol. Cat better be grateful to Pat.


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