We Go Absurd With Anatomy Of A Word!

The cat watches you humans get wordy every day. Hell, I use your words at my bay. But that doesn't mean I don't see what you do. You go all body part at your zoo. Don't believe me? Just sit back and see.

That's a load of crap.
He got a bum rap.
Bum in a wrapper?
Diaper instead of crapper?

It will never fail.
Give me a cocktail.
Should I go there?
Might lead to cock fighting at my lair.

If you want this to cease,
Add in some elbow grease.
Damn that says my OCD.
Grease on an elbow is just nasty.

He had such good will,
That he was able to foot the bill.
He stomped on the bill?
That sure isn't goodwill.

No need to beg,
I was just pulling your leg.
Umm, I would have noticed that.
I am a four legged cat.

You get the crown.
You win, hands down.
Wouldn't you want to cheer?
Hands up would be more clear.

You never should have lingered,
As you just got fingered.
Hmm, was it enjoyable at least?
Nature of the beast.

I bet they are never numb,
Just look at that beach bum.
So you have a sandy ass?
Damn, hope a cat doesn't trespass.

Seen with the naked eye,
Something that was a me, oh my.
So eyes have clothes too?
Damn, no fashion sense at my zoo.

Whether far or near,
You can have someone's ear.
Did you chop it off?
That someone may scoff.

Does anatomy get a bum rap? I could go on all day with your anatomy trap. But I won't bend your ear. That may give you a bottoms up rear. We may not see eye to eye. I blame the tall or short guy. I just hope you have enough class that you never finger my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A nose for news
    You wouldn't want to lose
    Hunts for smelly stories
    And relives past glories

    1. Smelly stories you say
      Like manure at ones bay?

  2. Let's drink to our hearts content! :)

  3. And you didn't even have to break a leg!

  4. Hands down, hands up, hands all around
    Hands are the word, hands do abound
    Get a leg up, how high will it go
    Try it once, I really don't know

    1. May be spry
      Leg in the sky
      Oh where that could go
      My mind sinks low

    2. I knew that was approaching the
      moment I hit publish. LOL

    3. lol you know the cat
      Here at my mat

  5. Now that is an earfull,
    Well I must shake a leg
    and get ready.

  6. Talk anatomy all day if you must
    that's what I'm surrounded with at work
    body parts and body fluids all around
    maybe one day you'll want to hang around and lurk


    1. haha no thank you
      My ocd would be scared at your zoo

  7. Now that I am without my blue suede shoe, I keep finding myself footing too many bills.

    1. Damn, the bills sure suck
      And they cost more than a buck

  8. Sometimes we do wish the crap would cease for a little while!

  9. Words, words and more words. Who can figure ii all out. Surely not the cats.

  10. I'd chew on this one if I could
    Kindly add chocolate sprinkles if you would
    I'd like that chewing to be good.

    1. May get a paper cut
      Even with sprinkles at your hut

  11. Pat, you know that words are fun,
    I bet your desire to rhyme is never done!
    So it's true we may be a wee bit wordy,
    However, large amounts of grammar in our head help keep the brain sturdy.

    In other news: my rhyming skills today suck.

    1. Hey, they worked out
      As you rhymed about
      True, having much in the head
      Keeps it from winding up dead

  12. Elbow grease is disgusting. I have no desire to put such material on my elbows!

  13. Anatomy talk.... with a cat? I really not understood...
    I'm talking with my kitty about fashion, fragrance and Jimmy Choo, not about anatomy! :))

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. haha well each has their own
      With their own tone

  14. At least I've never had to dip my toe in the lady pool!

  15. I never thought of the elbow grease in that way before and now I'm skeeved. I'll never use that saying again. Thanks, Cat!

  16. orlin N cassie....we could... say..... what we think bout de food servizz gurlz azz...but we due want dinner two nite.... sew will pree tend like we iz de speek noe eeeevil monkee for now....... & hope like hell we dont hafta bee de....... see noe eeeevil monkee....... two morrow.... when her jumpz outta de shower ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. haha hopefully your eyes remain fine
      And nothing scary comes to each feline

  17. I never thought about how much anatomy talk we use every day. Though, elbow grease is my least favorite of them all ;)

  18. insert corny joke about funny bone

  19. Ha, my favorite one is about the cocktail and all its shades of meaning!!

  20. My funny bone is not funny
    it hurts like hell, Honey!
    Oops sorry I shan't call you that
    makes me sound like a brat.
    Let's hope I don't break a leg
    that means , on broadway, the opposite of laying an egg.

    1. Break a leg there
      And you'd be rich at your lair

  21. I hear a long-arm calling my name
    After my sewing machine got booted from the game

  22. I wish someone would foot my bill ~ Enjoy the week Pat ~ It's still pretty warm where I am ~

    1. Yeah, be nice
      Heat is here too with bad sleeping price

  23. hilarious those phrases are....
    elbow grease is the weirdest by far....

  24. "We Go Absurd With Anatomy Of A Word!"
    Making the rounds and into it all in concert
    Better cut out all the brag
    Before it becomes a drag
    Keep silent and not to unnecessarily blurt


  25. 'Give it a little elbow grease.' hahaha I haven't heard that in awhile, but that was a staple saying in my house when I was a kid.

    1. I only heard it a time or two
      Nasty to think about literally at ones zoo

  26. I don't think I'd like a bottoms up the rear.


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