A Number Trumps Lumber!

The cat has done a post on luck, telling all humans it is as made up as that plastic duck. But humans still have their lucky numbers out there. They think they are something rare. Not really though. Sorry to burst your bubble, not really, at your show.

I have such luck,
I'll win more than a buck.
Just play this number oh so rare.
It is never used anywhere.

7 billion humans around,
And only for me luck is found.
This number is my lucky one.
I will win when done.

Pffft says the cat.
Pfffft to all of that.
Wow, a magic number.
Might as well say you have magic lumber.

Hmm, if drunk enough that could work.
Ahh, the gutter mind perk.
Now back on task,
As in the numbers we bask.

But you are wrong.
I heard it in a song.
It is my birthday.
Luck will come my way.

Pffft once more.
Pffft to any lore.
Pfffft to you.
Pffft to your made up word too.

Millions of others have your birthday.
Millions of others heard the song at their bay.
Millions of others have millions of reasons more,
For the number bringing luck at their shore.

Lucky numbers sure do get around.
Damn millions of them are found.
No wonder everyone wins the jackpot.
No wonder everyone never works a lot.

Lucky numbers are just so grand.
They give all a helping hand.
Oh wait! The cat is mistaken,
Some other number came out when the lottery ball was shaken.

Damn, if only it was my lucky number.
Then in bed I could slumber.
It sure is my wish.
Lucky numbers are about as magical as a half eaten fish.

Saying a number is lucky is the same as saying 13 is bad luck. Just a way for humans to pass the buck. Luck is a made up word and lucky numbers are just as absurd. Now numbers can mean something to each, as 24 is sure here at our beach. But that is it. Numbers are no more lucky than spit. There is my lucky number sass, I'll now wiggle away my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Reboot one two...
    Blue suede shoe...

    Hello Cat on the kitty cat mat!
    Is Suza number one or is it Hank?
    (You know, Hank The Poetry Tank)
    Or did the Ghost play another trick on me
    In the place to be?
    Lots of questions from The Goo
    Who lost his blue suede shoe
    And raised you a Scooby Doo!
    (Not a fox
    In a box)

    1. Pfffft to all of that
      I never win anything on my mat
      Lucky numbers my shoe
      There's nu such thing for The Goo

    2. Questions galore
      But first at my door
      One shoe and all
      Like a lopsided blue ball

      Nope, not what so ever
      One big random ass endeavor

  2. My parents would religiously box their house number in the lottery two times a week thinking they were gonna win the big bucks. Even as my Dad was wheeled into open heart surgery he told my Mom, "don't forget to box our house number". Uh yea, never worked out for them 'cause they lost their house in foreclosure and lost all their money to their gambling addiction.

    1. That sucks a ton
      Once a number is picked it is used for everyone
      At least many use that
      I only buy when high with random numbers at my mat

    2. Awe, I didn't mean to make you guys sad. Just keepin' it real. Hey at least R thought it was a great post. Hahaha

    3. haha going all bummer at my sea
      I'll need to show something nasty

      For meeee
      Or the redneck
      On deck

      With a goat
      In a boat

    4. Add me to the crew
      Saddened by the story at Keepin's zoo
      What an inappropriate place for R
      To hang his his hat at this bar...

    5. R just stuck it where ever
      He is far from clever

  3. A half eaten fish you say
    Would stink to heaven in a day
    But the half you ate would bring you luck
    Good nutrition like a duck

    1. Unless allergic like we three
      Then it would send us for a vet spree

  4. We make our own luck,
    for finding a buck!

  5. No number will win no matter how lucky we think it is. All chance.

  6. I got special numbers. Now whether they bring me luck? Who knows. They are still my numerals.

    1. Special they can be
      But luck, doubtful at any sea

  7. Guess we can believe in most anything. We believe in Santa Claus so why not believe in lucky number. What ever makes you happy.

    1. True, belief can go a long way
      Even if it doesn't always make a right fray

  8. A Number Trumps Lumber!
    Unlucky will be the dumber
    Pull a fast one
    And just for fun
    Mindful it will not be a disaster


    1. Yeah, watch the fun
      Or could really screw things a ton

  9. Seven is a pretty lucky number here since there are seven of us kitties!

    1. haha seven running about
      All looking for some yummy trout

  10. No lucky numbers here i must say
    I don't think it works that way
    Though many do think so and play.


  11. luck is statistics taken personally -Penn Jillette

  12. I believe in good luck, not bad luck. I have several items I believe give me luck. :)

  13. Methinks 49 is the best number on the planet, but that's just me. (And not because of a football team.)

  14. orlin N cassie

    round heer, R lucky number iz any number that showz on de clock.... when de food serviss gurl getz foodz in R dishes....

    N sinz we iz knot good at time tellin ....we will just say like 25/8 coz we iz grazers for de most part cept when de canned goodz come out.....

    which could bee any time bee for midnight but sinz thatz a 12 & lunch brakes at de other side oh 12, well screw that eye dea 2....

    just due knot pick thoz numbers like de folks frum LOST did even tho we onlee watched seezon 1

    & ....if ewe can make ANY sense oh ANY thing we said, 984 paws UP 2 ewe both......{ 984's a good number by de way........just coz }


    1. lol 984 works for us
      Without lunch we may fuss
      And yeah avoid the Lost numbers that are had
      Way too many people use them at their pad

  15. I don't believe in luck, but there are certain numbers that attract my attention, so I always pick them.

    1. Number attraction you say
      Do the numbers find you attractive at your bay? lol

  16. Thirteen is just a number/to get the cat out of its slumber! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That is all it is
      With the so called bad luck biz

  17. I don't have a lucky number. I don't really believe in good luck or bad luck though sometimes it seems like some people have good things happen while others have bad things. Luck? Maybe. Choices? Maybe.

    1. It all does come back to choice and maybe timing
      And not some stupid made up word like luck people keep chiming

  18. I have numbers that I like, but I am not sure if I would call them lucky- but I am happy when I see them. :)

  19. I've always considered the number 13 my lucky number, and yet some truly horrific things have happened on that date - still, if they hadn't, would I be who I am? LOL

    1. lol always makes you think
      What if at ones rink

  20. Why do you have to burst my bubble about luck. I really thought I was going to win the lottery this week. Hehe about the lucky lumber, though.

    1. lol lucky lumber can be fun
      Damn, burst the bubble for everyone

  21. I don't really have a lucky number
    But bad things happen to me on a certain one
    I try to chalk it up to chance
    But sometimes it makes me want to run

    1. Hide away in the dark
      Then it can't leave its mark

  22. It's kind of like trying to pick a winning number on the slot machine at the casino. I've tried telling my mother in law that it's already predetermined if that round is a winner or not, so it doesn't matter which number she picks. She doesn't buy it and gets mad when she picks the "wrong, unlucky" number. Pft, I say too. There's no getting through to those who solely believe in luck.

    1. haha nope, not at all
      Those machines are rigged at every hall
      Ups and downs they have programmed within
      And in the end the casino shall win

  23. I like 3, 5 and 13.
    Are they lucky? Certainly!
    (not). lol....

    1. lol good addition of the not
      There with the plot

  24. I wish I had a lucky number...no, I wish I had FIVE lucky numbers (lotto). ;)

    1. I'd need 6 at my sea
      So I could win with glee

  25. I don't know, Pat. Do you remember 925???? I do!!!!

    1. 925? That one escapes me
      Familiar though at my sea

  26. Once I played numbers I felt were unlucky...I won $120! I rather take my money that I would play on scratch and sniff and bank it all away.

    1. Yeah that is a wise thing to do
      There at your zoo

  27. Lucky number, lucky numbers!
    So many good ones and so many bummers.
    Who can win the lottery when there are so many numbers
    a change in ten million such bummers!

    1. Bummers all around
      As so called numbers are found


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