Asking All With This Cat Call!

This just popped on in so I gave it a big spin. Would you imagine something can pop? That right there may make you stop. But if you are to keep going, enjoy today's rhyme time showing.

If I were to be on time,
Would the ticking clock still chime?
Can you hear what I have written?
Maybe not unless you're smitten.

Will you stay awake to read?
Only if the sheep take seed.
Maybe that makes little sense,
But they just jumped a fence.

Are you sitting on the fence?
That may hurt, just my ten cents.
I can't say something like one or two.
For we have no more pennies in view.

Just because you can't sit and view,
Does it really mean it left you?
How are you to know if you don't see?
Don't ask me, I'm asking thee.

If you are confused in the head,
Have you heard what has been said?
That brings us back to what's been written.
Has the bite been good and bitten?

Will you read this on the fly?
Will you be really low or rather high?
What is it that you will be on?
Should I consider that one a great big con?

Can great and big be used at once?
Could make me sound like a dunce.
Where's the corner and the cap.
No, I didn't say I had the clap.

Can your mind play tricks on you?
If it does you may end up as glue.
Hey, beggars can't be all that picky.
At least you'll still be able to make people sticky.

Where did that come from at my sea?
Don't ask me, I'm still asking thee.
Would my mind go to such lengths?
I consider it one of my strengths.

Have you begun to stand and stare?
Is your brain now on and fully aware?
So let me know what comes of it.
What is it? Hey, I asked you that shit.

Have you got an answer or three? To what? Hey, don't ask me. You made me say hey a lot today. Hay is for horses so they say. It can work for cows too. They sure have some stink come due. With that I will say don't have a cow. I have left you good and whelmed now. Should you find this confusing or crass, just know, it's another day in the life of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Kitty... Catty
    On the matty
    Where's that croc
    On a rock?
    And that fox
    In box?
    And that cat
    In a hat?
    Or that Hank
    In a poetry tank?
    Or True?
    Or Scooby Doo?
    It is Thursday...
    Such a fun day!

    1. What?
      No mutt in a rut?
      No wino on a rhino?
      You forgot the dino

    2. So true
      You're sharp at your shoe

    3. Sharp like a tack
      Or a heart attack

  2. My bills play tricks on me
    In the place to be

    1. Do they say low but go high?
      That gets a me oh my

    2. At the Kitty Cat sea!
      Scooby Doooweeeee!
      Hey, could this be three in a row
      At your rhyming show?

    3. That it might
      That took flight

  3. National Poetry Day today/so I celebrate with the cat's rhyme in the UK/all the questions the cat asks/I'm sure the answers will arrive very fast.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Never knew it was such a day
      The cat will still rhyme anyway

  4. It's really early, so I was confused long before I read this...

    1. lol you had 53 minutes to let it sink in
      Needed 7 more at your bin?

  5. I learned a long time ago never to sit on the fence. Well, rarely to sit on the fence. I'm speaking in terms of reality and figuratively too. ;)

    1. Rosey Posey I agree
      Fence sitting's just not right for me
      Slivers in the butt, I say
      Ain't no way to start the day

    2. haha I learned never to touch an electric fence
      Yeah, we were kinda dense
      Touched it a few times to see how much it would sting
      But still there is no fence sitting at our wing

    3. oh my gosh, that sounds like something my kids would do (the oldest two anyway).

      Hi Manzanita. :)

    4. lol had that and quicksand
      Was fun to sink into the land

  6. If you read on the fly
    You'll be a bug, high in the sky
    Maybe a lady bug, that's OK
    Ladies have a lot to say
    Don't be a grasshopper with googly eyes
    I think the hoppers are all spies
    But if you're a fly avoid the swatter
    Or you'll never again see your mahtter or fahtter

    1. A buggy situation would be in hand
      At least no worms across the land
      A lady bug as a guy
      Would make me want to fly

    2. She can rhyme each day
      Always in a fun way

  7. hope that fence isn't barbed wire

    1. That may hurt
      Got a scar from barbed wire and blood did spurt

  8. Donkeys eat hay too. I like that saying, my mind is playing tricks on me. It is all the mind's fault. Have a great day Pat.

  9. Asking All With This Cat Call!
    Twitch up a little those who stall
    Sitting on the fence
    Will cause no offense
    Get out of it proud and walking tall


  10. Nice bit with the glue. I almost spit my drink with that one.

  11. People usually only give two cents.
    You give ten? I'd say that's a win/win.

  12. I'm confused a lot at your place
    add this one to the heap
    not sure I would be reading anything
    if I had the opportunity to sleep


    1. Need some sleep at your sea?
      I enjoy a confusing spree

  13. Picturing Orlin the king
    Wearing a dunce cap
    Perched in a corner
    Would be off in a snap

  14. I did hear a pop, but I didn't see a weasel anywhere!

    1. That may be good
      Don't want them in your hood

  15. Love to read your musings and see how your brain works. :)

  16. Love to read your musings and see how your brain works. :)

  17. A great piece, although it annoyingly played at my insecurities over my lack of significant work over the last month or so. Darn you. =_=

    1. lol the cat does like to annoy
      It can bring him joy

  18. I'm not really sure what you're getting at here, cat. Sometimes I think you try and confuse us on purpose. Lol

    1. lol what if I was getting at nothing at all
      Would that confuse less at my hall? lol

  19. I only know that I am not sitting on the fence ha ~ Thanks for the fun ~

  20. Confused in the head? Check. Thanks, Cat. ;)

    1. The cat wins at his sea
      Wit his confusing spree

  21. Ooh, Sly Ktty Cat, you!
    Try in' to shake up #1 at your zoo
    But once again, there comes Blue
    Only misses a day or two

  22. Yes, I am very confused in the head!

  23. Dear Pat, I want you to know that you've awaken my mind and that my brain is on and fully aware of how wonderful the bloggers I follow really are. I've missed you. Peace.

    1. haha the cat gave a wake up call
      Who knew he could do that at our hall

  24. Ha - my mind plays tricks on me all the time
    makes me think my poems do rhyme!

    1. That mind needs to catch up
      Blame it on each pup

  25. orlin N cassie...

    for reel...ewe due knot haz penniez ther any mor ??

    1. Nope, they took pennies away
      Not a one any more at our bay

  26. My mom used to say...

    Hay is for horses,
    Cows are cheaper,
    Buy the farm and get all three.

    I have no idea why she said it all the time.

    1. lol the farm would cost a lot though
      Think that one was original to be given a go

  27. Okay! I'm still extremely short on sleep, and even though I read this slowly, I'm clueless! LOL The only coherent that comes to mind is that "great" and "big" are used in the name of a group that wrote and sang one of my favorite songs ever: A Great Big World ~ "Say Something." That and the thought I've met too many barbed wire fences that I could never sit on! Have a good one, Cat Pat!

    1. haha the barbed wire fences don't play nice
      They gave my leg a slice
      Coherent wasn't the name of the game
      With today's rhyme being not so tame lol

  28. Yup, fence sitting can be painful.
    Another good one, Pat.

  29. Cats don't call - cats DEMAND!
    There's no way to keep them in hand.

  30. I have no answers for you. That's why I come here. The cat knows all!

  31. I have sat on a fence...not fun. As for confusion...that's my middle name

    1. A good wide fence is fine
      The pointy ones just don't align

  32. I remember when I was young and we would say hey to our mom. She would say Hays for horses ... She also said something like grass is free buy a farm you'll get all three. I can't remember all of that I guess.

    1. Yep, that first one was said to me
      A time or three


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