Back With A Scare By The Pair!

The cat was sniffing around, not butts like a hound, but actual stuff we can use at my sea. I found plenty of news for thee. All of it had to do with Horror movies too. I guess it is the time of year when they are in view.

Ghoulies will get a reboot.
They'll pop out and toot.
Isn't that grand?
Ghoulies walking hand and hand.

Michael VS Jason VS Chucky is near.
Don't you want to peer?
Two guys who kill,
And a doll out for a thrill.

It's Casper The Mean Ghost!
He's going to show from coast to coast.
He'll steal all your stuff,
Doing it in the buff.

Hocus Pocus 2 is being done.
A talking cat is such fun.
This time there will be two.
Nope, none from my zoo.

Ernest Scared Stupid is up for a remake.
Yep, time for a double take.
Ernest will be played by Shia this time.
Damn, that is such a crime.

A new house will be haunted.
The humans will be taunted.
Amityville they will name it.
Hint, it'll still be shit.

Pet Cemetery gets a redo.
A cat stars in this one too.
A cat starts it all.
That will drive people up the wall.

Demons 3 is coming.
Demons 2 was out chumming.
So Demons 3 won out.
What was Demons 1 even about?

The Exorcism of...
Will come from above.
Who cares for the name,
It's all the same.

Mars Attacks 2 is ready.
The aliens will come steady.
What? Can't that scare?
They'll be so small they'll crawl around in your underwear.

Yep, it is all, maybe, sorta, true. I sniffed out the news for you. Now next Halloween you'll have plenty to see and you were given the scoop by me. I should get a kickback for that. Humans need to pay this cat. Then I could just rhyme with sass. That would suit my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hello Cat.... how's the mutt today?
    How's the bunny at your bay?
    2,000 books so a few more to go
    How many will rhyme at that show?
    Hey, where's Hank...
    The Poetry Tank?
    Is he on the road
    Like a toad?
    It's Tuesday...
    Such a fun day!

    1. Pffft 2000 might be nuts
      A few would be about mutts
      Hank must be on the road
      In driving mode

    2. Some week-ends Hank's on the road
      But some days Hank's on lurking mode
      Confident to be
      In good company
      With Blue and with other charming toads


    3. haha Blue's a toad?
      No wonder he takes so long on the road

    4. Twice...
      How nice!
      Must be my twin
      How did he get in?
      Blue is a toad too?
      But no Scooby Doo?

    5. Got a twin
      A toad spin
      Damn, you're all fecked up
      Some funny stuff in your cup?

  2. Pet Cemetery gets a redo?
    They can go and sniff a shoe
    Reboots make me sick
    They can sit on a stick
    Michael VS Jason VS Chucky...
    Aren't we lucky?

  3. I'm a sucker for the Amityville Horror stuff, but I draw the line at makin' Casper a mean ghost. Some thangs are just sacred ya know!

    1. haha he took some bad ghost food
      And became all rude

  4. Actually the last remake of Amityville Horror was better than the original. Certainly less cheesy.
    But a sequel to Mars Attacks? Isn't it a bit late now?

    1. Never watched it
      After that other remake bit
      May be a bit late
      But Independence Day is back out of the gate

  5. Back With A Scare By The Pair!
    Horrors sell if you must be aware
    That Pet Cemetery
    Can make an entry
    Would be a Godly and ghostly affair


  6. Its that time of the year indeed, but horror flicks are getting less scary nowadays.

    1. Scary to watch how crappy they are
      Sad when a movie is better about a killer car

  7. Poor Casper, I didn't know
    He's in the buff, it doesn't show
    Maybe he should wear a tuxedo
    It may spruce up his libido

    1. No sex in the afterlife
      That has to cause strife

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ha ha the original versions of these movies I did not see
    I won't be seeing the remakes anywhere near my tree
    from scary movies of any kind I will always flee
    I'd rather stare at the blank screen of a black & white TV.

    1. lol blank screens may be better to view
      As most turn out to be crap that comes due

  10. Those dang aliens scare me, they are real!

  11. Can't make another Ernest without Ernest

    or could you?

  12. Never want to see any of those come to be made

  13. Usually stay away from the horror films
    want to be able to sleep at night
    who wants to watch them anyway
    and get such a fright?


    1. Yeah, pointless they seem to be
      Most are crappy any way to see

  14. Talking about crappy, pretty much sums up the list you provided. Still a silly thrill will keep the masses happy. Now that they are all mourning the loss of Glenn on the Walking Dead.
    It's all really amusing and a bit confusing! I hope Halloween chocolates ease the stress and grief!

    1. haha bah, he isn't dead
      He used the dumpster to hide his head

  15. People can be indignant.
    People can be meanies.
    They say witches can't get pregnant.
    Cause warlocks have hollow weenies.

    NOTE: I realize that weenies are, by their nature, hollow.
    So, the above makes no sense.
    But, 'tis the season, after all!

  16. applicable that ghosts the cat would find,
    everyone says that's what they're seeing when they stare off in the distance, seemingly blind,
    I do agree humans should pay the cat,
    If I rewarded him for all he has done- he would be quite fat!

    1. haha have to run off those pounds
      Or just beat up on some hounds

  17. Casper could never be mean. He's far too cute. We are talking 'that' Casper, oui?

  18. I stay away from scary Halloween movies, because I'm a chicken. (Or a duck.)

    1. A chicken with a duck bill
      That may be a umm thrill?

  19. I love this time of year. I love watching horror movies. I just not a big fan of remakes.

  20. I don't watch scary movies, you know as I am easily scared ~ No reboot is as good as the original IMO ~ Enjoy your week Pat ~

  21. I don't like the horror flicks. The down side of Halloween for me. Ernest Scared Stupid is about my speed;)

    1. haha but the troll is scary
      It is oh so hairy

  22. Ho hum, no scary stuff for me
    I'll hang spider lights for kids to see
    And hand out alternatives to sugar candy
    But no scary movies at my tree
    Well, except for The League of Extraordinary
    Gentlemen, because it's always fun to re-see

    1. No sugar for the kiddos at your sea?
      I know some who hand out a playdough spree

    2. Most parents hate Playdoh more than cavities
      Brought on by all the sugar you please
      Nope, no sugar for the goblins at my door
      But tons of fun little toys galore

    3. Fun little toys work
      Never knew playdoh wasn't a perk

    4. Gets in the carpets and hard to clean
      You give it to the kids who are mean :)

    5. haha I'll remember that
      Where we are at

  23. I've introduced my 11 year old to horror movies and haunted houses this year. She thinks she's a little badass and complains how boring they all are. Guess we won't be catching these remakes. Pft!

    1. haha well many are boring as can be
      And not all that creepy

  24. Not into horror flicks
    Find them kind of boring
    Casper I thought was cute
    Rest left me snoring

  25. Way to sass up a horror of an ending!

  26. I've been waiting to catch Hocus Pocus for weeks now and it's just not happening!! :(

    1. haha no time at your sea
      As you're a busy bee

  27. Hm. Lots of remakes and sequels. It's like the Hollywood Machine wants to cash in instead of being creative...

  28. Say it isn't so
    as the squeals go!

  29. I want to see Chucky become transgender. How scary is that


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