Is Passion Outta Fashion?

The cat used crappy English there. Does outta make you swear? Too many questions already? I guess they can stop coming steady. So the cat heard a nut talking the other day and he was as nuts as Squirrels collecting food in May.

Follow your passion.
It isn't out of fashion.
No matter what comes due.
Follow that passion through.

Don't worry about money.
Things will be sunny.
Stick out your hat.
You won't fall flat.

Don't work some crummy job.
Don't be like good old Bob.
Follow that passion today.
Let the rest just float away.

Don't try more than one thing.
No need to hear cha ching.
Follow that passion and you'll be happy.
Listen to me because I'm so yappy.

Follow that itch.
You won't be dead in a ditch.
Or have a sagging fanny,
Stuck in the basement with nanny.

Passion is its own reward.
With it, you'll never be bored.
Who needs cash?
Make a passion dash.

Just go go go.
Passion will show.
It will get you through.
Pffft to the 9-5 zoo.

So come on, chum.
Pluck that plum.
Don't be dumb.
Chew new gum.

The gum of life.
There won't be strife.
Passion finds a way.
Who needs that pay?

Not you, just me.
I'm rich you see.
So I can say all of this,
And still be in bliss.

Pfffft to such nuts. They sniff one too many butts. Passion is nice but it will leave you living in a sewer with mice. He actually called his target chum too while bouncing around like a kangaroo. In most cases passion will leave you broke. So ignore such a bloke. Or would that be chum? Either way, dumb. Passion can grow and new things can show. Don't just sit and pass gas, even if you are as passionate about it as my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Live with passion
    Passion opens the door
    Kicks down the walls
    Shouts through the halls
    Picks the lowly off the floor
    Has the audacity to try a little more
    The world is prone to change
    But passion never goes out of fashion! :))

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. Opens a door
      Or puts a hole in the floor
      Either way one can do more
      But not if living without a door lol

  2. "Is Passion Outta Fashion?"
    That is a good question
    Eligible guy
    Acting shy
    May not bear the action


  3. If you can find a happy marriage of the two (financial stability from something you are passionate about) that's a huge go. These days I say my family is my passion, so off to work I go. ;)

    1. haha not a bad work place at your sea
      But yeah, hard to find the two with any work spree

    2. I mean taking care of my family is my passion, so... any work is good, so long as it enables me to be able to do that well. ;)

    3. There you are
      Fine way to be at your sand bar

  4. Nuts for sure, I have met a few starving artist who are truly bad at what they do. Making a living gives you perspective.

    1. Let's you see things in a whole new way
      Makes you want that pay

    2. Haha, clearly this is a working Blake's blog.

    3. The things I do
      At my zoo lol

  5. Passion is nice
    As long as Daddy rolls the dice
    Go out on your own
    Can't afford a phone
    Can't afford food
    Get the dumpster diving mood
    Do you wear the latest fashion
    No, too busy soaking passion
    But it's Oh, so fulfilling
    When Daddy still is willing

    1. haha use his check book
      Be a leeching crook
      Take all his dough
      The two can dumpster dive below

  6. Passion will almost never pay the bills. Best to have a back up plan.

    1. Or back up plan times three
      For many at their sea

  7. Passion takes energy! I don't DO energy! ;) xx

  8. I just gotta say outta doesn't bother me!

  9. That is the story of my life. I followed my passion which is animals and I have been poor all my life but what a wonderful life I have had. And lots and lots of friends have helped the animals and I through it all. Have a good one Pat.

    1. That is a great passion to have though
      Even if there is no dough

  10. Following a passion can lead to money, but most aren't that determined and dedicated to see it through to the end. Or do what it really takes. Just an excuse to be lazy.

    1. True, it can lead to dough
      But many are lazy as can be to give that far a go

  11. When one is young, one can afford this kind of sentimental clap trap. Growing up though means facing reality and reality is that it takes more than passion to put a roof over your head. As a parent I don't want to squash my kids dreams. Let them dream as long as they're attending University full time and have a concrete plan to fall back on.

    1. Yep, the sentimental crap won't get you far
      When you need to pay for roof, food and car
      Need to have a plan
      That isn't a flash in the pan

  12. Passion is its own reward... heh

    I'll be honest. That line sticks with me right now.

    1. haha it may stick
      But may not get a gold brick

  13. I've heard of the game of life, but not the gum.
    Without the teeth that just seems glum. haha.

    1. With nothing in which to chew
      Sits and festers in you

  14. Awesome post, Pat!
    Great thinking, Cat!

    Passion is wonderful, but it's good to be warm and well fed.
    Otherwise I wouldn't want to get out of bed!

    Passions can be avocations while you work your day job.
    If you strike it rich, the job you can ditch.

    Outta doesn't scare me a bit!
    Your playing with language is a hit!

    No Nazi Grammar ex-teacher here!
    Creativity makes me cheer!

    1. Creativity sure is the way
      Works at my bay
      And yeah, when/if passion pays off
      Forget feeding from the work trough
      Toss the 9-5 in the sea
      And then be happy as can be

  15. I'm with the cat/I've heard a lot of that/It's usually a guru or wizard/with eyes like a lizard. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yep, they're trying to scam most
      From coast to coast

  16. Definitely important to follow your passion! If you try to stifle it you will only be unhappy.

    1. But if you go broke
      You'll also be an unhappy bloke

  17. My son is 20 and is tired of people asking what his passion is. He doesn't have one. Still trying to decide on a major and is a junior in college.........

    1. I always said whatever paid the bills
      No need for frills

  18. I have a passion for passion fruit. lol

  19. Always followed my passion
    It always paid the bills
    I don't think it's sentimental claptrap
    Don't do it and you have far more ills

    1. haha living on the street would be worse
      So sentimental stuff I can curse

    2. Well that I'm used to
      At your hall
      What works for one
      Is not for all

      But some never try
      Complaining all the way
      Even a slight change
      Can help at one's bay

    3. Yep, some do nothing at all
      I'd curse them before any at my hall

  20. I love to be passionately realistic:)Passion is good as long as one has food on the table and a roof over ones head. I do believe in passion for some it has changed the world (Nelson Mandela is one that comes to mind).

    1. Yeah, some have changed the world indeed
      But for everyone, a thousand more that didn't at their feed

  21. Passion won't pay the bills
    at least for a lot of folks
    so we trudge away at something less
    and then laugh at others jokes


  22. Passion is definitely its own reward. If someone feels passion about something or someone, each day is special!

  23. 'Don't try more than one thing.'
    Why? flit and flutter your wings...
    look here, try on that,-
    where is a passion, you'll write a poem,
    like a Cat ;)

  24. If you can follow your passion and make a living that's great
    for most of us it's probably a juggling act!

  25. You're one of the few lucky ones if your passion makes you money. The rest of us have to consider our passions a side job or hobby, all while slaving away at a job we most likely hate.

    1. Yeah, I'm still slaving away too
      No passion = money at my zoo

  26. I have a passion for snoring at my shore
    Never running out of snores
    Wanna hear more?


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