Need A Man? Become A Halloween Fan!

The cat finds all kinds of ridiculous things around, but you humans can really astound. Are you that simple at your sea? Yeah, it really doesn't surprise me.

When you're in need,
And Halloween is near,
Come plant a seed,
And a man will appear.

Bury a ring in a potato plate.
Then sit around and hope.
Halloween is the date,
Where you'll catch a dope.

The guy who eats it is your mate.
There is no other for you.
So just trust good old fate,
And wait for him to step in view.

Name hazelnuts at your sea.
Name them guy 1, 2 and 3.
Then go on a pyro spree.
Throw them in a fire with glee.

The hazelnut that doesn't pop,
Or explode in the fire,
And instead burns non stop,
Will be the name of the guy you aspire.

Maybe make up a drink,
One from which diabetes will be had.
Yeah, not water from the sink,
That too is bad.

Fill it with sugar stuff,
Then suck it back.
You'll dream of the hot stuff,
And marry him at your shack.

Or just get an apple,
Then cut off the skin.
No need to grapple,
Toss it over your shoulder for the win.

Then turn and stare.
The peel is so wise.
It will make you be aware,
The face of your future guys.

But if that isn't for you,
Just start apple bobbing away.
The first to make it through,
Will marry the next day.

Geez, desperate much? Maybe more than a touch. Not sure if the guys did anything, but women sure wanted that ring. Superstitions far and wide. Glad such idiotic things died. But now we have more that I can sass, which I do with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hello Cat
    On the mat!
    Still some cat hair up your nose
    Smelling like a rose?
    It's a special day today
    Are you ready to play?
    Where's Hank
    The Poetry Tank
    And True?
    And Scooby Blue?
    It's Wednesday...
    Such a fun day!

    1. Special you say
      Will I get pay
      Win the lotto
      Get a robotto
      Go to Bora
      To sit and whora
      Or maybe stand
      On solid land

    2. It's October 21, 2015!
      Turn and stare
      Get some more hair
      The future is here
      As you cheer!
      Great Scott!

    3. That's Heavy
      Hit 88mph in your Chevy

    4. True is around just had work to do,,
      so tell me how are you?


      Plant a seed and grow a man?
      Gee you better plant a good seed
      or you might get some dirty deeds..
      but, hey they're done dirt cheap...haha

      ok, just had to as the song came to mind..

    5. haha dirty deeds dirt cheap
      Could add to the heap
      As the song plays the air waves
      Grow a man could bring saves

  2. Wow I never heard of any of these crazy superstitions. Interesting how they all involve food like that old saying, "the key to a man's heart is through his stomach". I never believed that. Guys don't care about food until after an all night sexcapade.

  3. Superstition, man perdition, is it a kind of joke
    Women do the strangest things to find themselves a bloke
    Spin the wheel
    Man of steel
    Does he appeal
    What a deal
    Do you go to great lengths to get your wish
    Maybe it's all just one big kettle of fish

    1. Probably better off
      Dunking their head in a horse trough
      Or making a wish
      on that kettle of fish

  4. Are these for real, cat, or did you make them up?! How do hazelnuts even burn?!

    1. Real as can be
      At least from the search found by me

  5. Some of those I've never heard of before.

  6. If you need a man that badly
    I'll hook you up gladly...
    Brother 2, with back hair like a gorilla
    Would gladly share your pilla!

    1. lmao Gorilla Man
      Sure out there there is a fan

  7. "Need A Man? Become A Halloween Fan!"
    Dig your heels in girls, and continue to scan
    Superstitions so rare
    With nothing to declare
    Happy quality time within your own clan


  8. The only one I've ever heard is to put a piece of wedding cake under your pillow and you will dream of your future spouse.

    1. That would need to wash the pillow though
      Rather nasty to give a go

  9. Pat, you can make a rhyme out of anything! And I've heard of that wedding cake gig too! :-)

  10. Wow, all kinds of ways to catch a man or woman, what ever the case may be. Surely there are easier ways. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Has to be much easier ones
      Those would give me the runs

  11. I've heard of a few of those but not most. There has to be easier ways than some of those.

  12. I don't know Hazel, but she probably is nuts!

  13. To be fair, when those practices started, catching a man was all that most women were allowed to aspire to.

  14. Isn't there also one
    that in leap year
    a woman can ask a man to marry her
    I think that I did hear


  15. I've had my man for 25 years...I'm good. lol

  16. lol, I would never throw away the apple skin!!! That's my favorite part. I love when people make apple pie and I get to eat all the cut skins :) (that sounds disgusting)

    1. lol to each their own
      You can have my skins as I leave those alone

  17. Some of the things people think up are truly insane

  18. Hey, Pat! I was thinking of apple peels as I was reading the first part of you post. And then, of course, you tossed those peels in ~ maybe it's a Nova Scotian thing. I would often help my grandmother MacDonald peeling apples for a pie or crisp, and she would always tease me about tossing the peels over my shoulder to reveal my future.

    Thanks for reminding me of that today,
    as I get caught up at your bay!

    I'm always laughing and scratching my head,
    as you go to places that cause others dread!

    Sex in the afterlife and how to get to heaven,
    holy platypuses and cryptocurrency,
    cat search engine results ~
    It's really funny to see where your brain goes, Cat,
    even when I don't get where it's at!

    Have a good one
    under your sun!

    1. haha a reminder for you
      Who knew?
      Not me
      Throw with glee
      Away I shall go
      Nothing stops my show
      Sometimes I can confuse
      But it sure does amuse

  19. Well as long as everyone was happy in the end, or unhappy as is true to horror, we're all good, right?

    1. Unhappy and dead
      If one wants to go all true to horror tread

  20. The night is Halloween/the night to be mean! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  21. orlin N cassie

    de food serviss gurls ancestry iz most lee Irish; ya wanna talk crazed sooper stitionz ~~~~~~ whoa.....they got em ~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. haha hear they got a ton
      Such things just make me run

  22. Bridesmaids, catch a thrown bouquet
    And chase your spinsterhood away . . .
    Think of a man
    and catch him if you can.
    But girls don't be greedy
    He may not be that needy . . . lol

    1. lol the bouquet one is dumb too
      Whoopi friggin doo
      I can catch
      And maybe fetch
      A dog can do that
      Maybe even a cat
      One is needy too
      Which? I'll leave that to you lol

  23. Who needs apple peels?
    Certainly not me
    I make other deals
    to see what can be

    It wasn't at Halloween
    that I met my guy
    We watched a horror movie
    and neither knows why

    It was our first date
    And it wasn't the last
    Now we don't hesitate
    To escape the scary fast

    1. Good deals get made
      Sounds like a fair trade
      Scary worked out
      As some bimbo gave a shout

      Love made and match
      All from a scary batch

  24. Apples and rings and hazelnut to catch a mate.
    I say just leave it up to fate.

  25. After a few years, I wonder what incantations they make
    to reverse the spells:)

  26. 'The guy who eats ...hazelnut
    that doesn't pop up... confused me, Cat!
    is that a squirrel you met?

  27. Planting a man on Halloween means you might end up with Mike Meyers.

    1. That would be wrong
      But he can sing a weird song

  28. Kind of glad that whole apple bobbing thing didn't come true because I was maybe 9 or 10 when I first did that! I would so have not been ready for marriage then! ♥

    1. lol yeah, way too early
      The pta would get squirrely

  29. Kind of glad that whole apple bobbing thing didn't come true because I was maybe 9 or 10 when I first did that! I would so have not been ready for marriage then! ♥

  30. Good grief! So much for a date-how about just saying "Hi" and just go from there

  31. I did the apple bob thing at a Halloween fall festival once. I thought it was dumb

    1. Nonsense is the way
      With each of these at play

  32. I have never heard any of these before.
    Some sure are desperate at their shore.
    I'd stay single any day
    Instead of resorting to such stupidity at my bay.

    1. Yep, much better in the end
      Then to join such a trend

  33. Marry the next day?
    Doesn't give much time at one's bay.
    Not even for a reconsideration
    that the man might not be worth the celebration.

  34. Really never heard about this before but sure you know what are talking about :)

  35. Really never heard about this before but sure you know what are talking about :)

  36. Haven't heard of any of those
    Some are weird and would curl your toes
    But I suppose if one has the guts
    Then let's see who has popped their nuts

    1. That could be taken another way
      And there would be no sway

  37. Staying single has it's perks
    This lofty charms might bring you jerks

  38. Great rhyme, Pat. I am not ready for Halloween yet.

    1. Coming on fast
      Soon it will be a thing of the past

  39. If you include a strand of your hair
    When you knit a guy a sweater to wear
    He'll be yours forever they say
    In the lovely country of Norway
    But here in the States you have the Sweater Curse
    He'll leave you in six months, rather terse

    1. lol damn, never knew that one
      Is Canada except from the curse run

    2. Couldn't say
      I've never knitted a guy a sweater up your way... :)

    3. lol I'll avoid just in case
      So no curse embrace

  40. Most men like to eat
    Just cook him up a potion treat


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