Next Big Thing Gets Another Fling!

You humans throw that term around a lot. Next big thing is your only known plot. That or your new and improved crap, which had to be made by a brain dead sap. But we've been there. Let's go to a fun one at our lair. Cryptocurrency will replace all. Bitcoin will make the loonie and toonie fall.

Cryptocurrency is here.
Join and have no fear.
Why waste paper money.
This is far more sunny.

You don't need a wallet.
Well that is what they call it,
But your physical one can go away.
Where will you put the pics of your kids at your bay?

Do they even do that any more?
Beats me at my shore.
Cryptocurrency will take over.
It will even be used by rover.

Hmm, how many years have they said this?
My, cryptocurrency is such bliss.
But if it comes everything will be tracked.
So every little dime you make will be tax stacked.

Can't beat the IRS.
No need for a tax mess.
As every little thing will be taxed.
Your payment will be maxed.

Hold on for a bit with Bitcoin.
Don't you wanna join?
Dogecoin can reel you in.
Butt sniffers sure sounds like a win.

Mastercoin will make you bow down.
Your scuffed knees may make you frown.
Namecoin is the best name ever.
Isn't that just oh so clever?

Zerocoin takes that cake.
Zero coins you can make.
Potcoin says it all.
Pot heads stand tall.

So basically all you have to do,
Is think of a word at your zoo.
Then poof, you have a coin.
Maybe even a coin named after a loin?

Erectcoin just for you.
Throw in an IBScoin too.
Doesn't that make you smile?
Turn the cryptocurrency dial.

Got yourself any of these coins do you? It may come to pass in some form at many a zoo. I've got a few of the low tier ones, just in case they are ever worth tons. But doubt it very much at my sea. Have a fun name for a coin from thee? Yep, I named a coin after gas. That would only be done by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hello Cat on the mat!
    What's happening today
    At the Kitty Cat Bay?

    1. Nothing at all
      Here at my hall

    2. Hello Cat!
      Nothing's happening on your mat?
      That can't be right....
      How about tonight?
      You need to change tack
      And ditch that iMac ;)

    3. No iMac at my sea
      Broke and broken leaves me with little a spree lol

  2. The IRS can kiss my shoe
    I bet they stole it too
    Erectcoin you say?
    Will you play?

    1. Could gamble
      Letting the IRS ramble

    2. Manzi just told me she didn't have my shoe. I said, 'Wouldn't it be ironic if the Cat buried in on Bora?'

      Did you?

    3. haha you'll have to go to see
      Good like digging on a spree

    4. Bora Beach will have to wait
      Will I be too late?

    5. It will keep
      Buried in a big dirt heap

  3. NinjaCoin! Now, if only you could see it...

  4. China buys old-fashion gold
    It knows something I am told
    Follow suit and rich you'll be
    When the melt-down comes to thee

    1. Gold bars by the brick
      Takes dough to buy them some slick

  5. I will stick to the old way of things, coins and paper notes. I'll accept chocolate coins for Halloween though.

  6. Next Big Thing Gets Another Fling!
    Cybercoins dropped without a 'ping'
    Wallets not necessary
    Business in a hurry
    All transactions done within a blink


    1. A blink of the eye
      If you get it on the first try

  7. I bit a coin once, it wasn't at all tasty!

    1. Yeah they aren't great
      But fun to bat around at any rate

  8. So is this what is next?? Sounds kind of scary. Can't wait to see how all this develops. Makes for good rhyming though.

    1. Makes for a rhyme
      As cryptocurrency becomes sublime

  9. I may be a prude
    But too many dudes
    Pay with bitcoin
    For deeds quite rude

  10. Hardly need a wallet these days
    people have all the photos on their phone
    and carry around a card or two for money
    no need for paper or coins even if you want a loan


  11. It could be a big hit if another comes along like bitcoin

  12. 'Next big thing is your only known plot'
    This phrase is a Gold!

  13. I thought about getting some bitcoin for a while then thought better of it.

    1. If you got it at the start
      Be riches in your cart

  14. LOL We all want to made the prediction of the next big thing!! I remember when Krispy Kreme first came out and ALL my mom would say is that it's gonna be the next big thing. Hmm where'd they all go?? lol

    1. lol I think they went out the window
      No predictions at my show

    2. You did mispredict her age
      Causing such a rage :p

    3. lmao had to be done
      She'll get to a 30 run

  15. Phonecoin - call away
    ship today
    lay away
    The word is Nay!

  16. I'll take a dreamcoin
    put in under your pillow
    and all your dreams come true..

    ok ok I know I'm a dreamer...haha

    1. haha that would be nice
      Probably cost a high price

  17. No more photos in our wallets displayed
    as they are on our phones nowadays!

  18. I'm going to pass on Truedessa's dream coin. I have some pretty frightening dreams that would suck if they came true lol. I don't use coins much at my bay, but what's the Tooth Fairy going to do when all the coins get replaced with online currency? Paypal it over?

    1. lol the Tooth Fairy will need bank numbers
      Transferring dough while the kiddies slumbers

  19. Coin slot machines are a thing
    Luck and coins can make them ding

  20. Oh no, you mentioned the one word I hate: taxes! Seems like I'm always filing taxes either in the US or UK. There's no escape!

  21. We collect coins, the silver kind. But don't go in for the fake cyber stuff. Gold would be nice - silver certificates are fun too. Pennies are barely copper now but I'l pick them up when others won't!

    1. Gold would be grand indeed
      I'd take that at my feed

  22. Cryptocurrency frightens me...I think we will all lose control if it comes to that.

    1. Yeah that we might
      Unless the irs has it take flight

  23. I want my gold bricks
    The ones that squished me
    I am fully recovered
    And need them for a little spree

    1. haha could have a big spree
      With those at your sea

  24. You don't need paper pictures anymore either... just flip out your cell phone... Or go to facebook.


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