Run Wildish With The Childish!

The cat and Pat have both been called childish a time or two, and hey, we don't mind at our zoo. But why is it only one way? That is kind of off we say. So let's fix that now with a rhyming meow.

Childish you are.
Childish by far.
But you can drive a car,
And can even go to a bar.

But you don't do two in one,
After your drinking fun.
That is adultish right there.
So adultish at your lair.

You work and pay bills.
You get no extra frills.
That is adultish and then some.
So adultish you suck back the rum.

Adultish is your game.
Adultish is forever tame.
Spell check doesn't like adultish though.
But childish is alright to give a go.

So adultish of it.
Not taking my made up shit.
Stuck in its ways.
Forever trapped in a maze.

You live on your own,
Pay for your own phone.
So adultish of you,
To have your own zoo.

Sorry, living in nanny's basement doesn't count.
That falls under the childish amount.
Adultish is when you can see that.
Adultish thinks childish is scat.

Did childish rebel,
Sending adultish to hell?
Is that why adultish went away?
Adultish just didn't want to play.

Adultish was a stick in the mud,
So it fell with a thud.
Or maybe it was forced out,
Because of its non pta shout.

Adultish is oh so bad,
It's when you watch porn a tad,
Then get a virus and can't watch anymore.
Stuck half way through must be a chore.

Are you adultish at your sea? Or more childish like me? Maybe we need a mixish of both. The cat could create the mixish oath. I'd work in plenty of sass, but that you'd expect from my childish little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hello Cat on the mat
    I'm still alive I think...

    1. Good Morning Blue,

      Good to know you are still alive
      there at your blue bee hive
      just tryin' to survive...

      now I have that song in my head...
      sharing with all causing dread

      No, not I, I will survive
      Long as I know how to love
      I know I'll stay alive
      I've got all my life to live
      And all my love to give and I'll survive
      I, I, I will survive

      Read more: Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    2. Singing a merry tune
      I guess all are happy to be alive after Halloween Nazi's death dune

    3. I'm alive at the blue hive
      Read more?
      I know it by heart at my door

      Great post
      From coast to coast!
      (Don't mean to boast)

    4. Alive and more
      What an encore

  2. The call me Blue Pan, Kitty Cat
    So I guess I'm childlike on my mat
    Talking about shoes and stuff
    Sniff sniff calling your bluf
    Grownups have messed up this planet, not kids you know
    So who are they to tell us we should go?
    Kids of all races can play together in a team
    But then grownups shatter that dream
    Childish... so what?
    Go sniff a mutt
    So there you have it in one go
    At the Kitty Cat Show :)

    1. Well if you are the Blue Pan
      then I must be Tinkerbell
      and you know what that is ok with me

    2. lol works for me
      Kids let things be
      Don't matter the race
      Just have fun all over the place
      Adults can sniff a butt
      We'd rather take a mutt

    3. Tinkerbell how's life today
      At your Tinkerbell Bay?

    4. Off tinkering away
      She must be at her bay

  3. I pay bills at my sea.
    But laugh until I pee.
    A laundry Nazi by day.
    Out with girlfriends to play.
    I'm a strict Mama fer sure.
    Still can't find a hangover cure.
    So I'm part adult and child you see.
    The best of both worlds is fine by me!

    1. A half and half works
      That has perks
      Strict when need be
      then pimple popping and disco dancing with glee

  4. Yeah, to this I can relate
    sometimes we have to be adultish
    & the inner child can be childish
    I think I'd rather run & play
    would be better than work I say
    I think I have a bit of bothish...
    so I'd rather run wildish...

    1. Bothish is a good way to be
      Have to get paid to live at ones sea

  5. I think we should maintain that playful quality of childish
    throughout our lives
    thinking and acting adultish day after day
    can give a person hives!

    1. haha yeah, we don't want hives to be had
      That would make us itch quite bad

  6. Like the mention of Tinkerbell. It is fun to be childish and the world demands that we be adults every now and then. Great post.

    1. Those demands sure come due
      And have to a time or two

  7. Adultish isn't all it is cracked up to be. Childish is more fun.

  8. "Run Wildish With The Childish!"
    Sustainable when one is adultish
    Run and play
    On any day
    Being nice and childish as a wish


  9. Surely adultish is more than liquor and porn
    that would make us all feel forlorn.
    ...or something. lol....

    1. lol feelings would arise
      As well as some umm cries

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Being an adult is overrated. Even the tooth fairy ignores you.
      When grumpy calls you childish, call them butter bean butt three times. Don't call them that four times, you would not want to overdo it.

    2. haha butter bean butt
      I'll remember that at my hut

  11. If you don't have a spirit of play,
    On the loose, at your bay,
    Well then you're really a childish thing
    Be an adult and have a silly fling!

    1. A silly fling
      You mean like one in spring lol

  12. Nothing wrong with being a kid
    Remembering all the fun things we did
    Still being able to laugh and smile
    Let's hope those memories last a long while

    1. That would be the way
      As they last a good long day

  13. Childish sure seems to be popular these days!

  14. Like the cat I make up rhymes
    What's that to do with grown-up times
    I've survived four wars and made my mark
    Life is not always a walk in the park
    Rhymes have a message if peabrains could think
    First get permission from your Freudian shrink
    All old nursery rhymes tell political stories
    Often are told on the side of the gorries
    Let's be childish together and look for a clue
    We may even discover a shoe that is blue

    1. haha Blue may like the shoe
      And yeah, much can come due
      You see what you want on the top
      But go deeper and a whole new rhyming crop
      Political and gruesome crap
      Come for a rhyming lap

  15. Being an adult isn't as much fun, but there's a time and place for everything. I thought I was sooo adultish when I lived in nannys basement. If only I knew what being an adult really meant. Haha

    1. haha yeah, take the basement back
      Compared to the adult bill attack

  16. I'll forever have more childish than adultish in me!
    I take care of what has to be done,
    but creativity, imagination, curiosity, exploration are more fun!
    Have a good one, Cat Pat
    wherever you're at!

    1. That they all are
      Should be used near and far

  17. Definitely more adult here
    but wonder why in my childhood days
    I wanted to grow up so bad
    and have less time to play


    1. Some just want to
      As an adult more you can do

  18. I know as the Mama, I'm supposed to be adultish, but it rarely ever happens. Childishness rules at my bay. :0)

    1. haha a fine way to be
      No adultish needed all the time at any sea

  19. It is more fun to act like a kid. I have yet to master how to be a pious adult. :)

    1. No need to master it
      Mastering it could cause a fit

  20. It is more fun to act like a kid. I have yet to master how to be a pious adult. :)

  21. How childish to add 'ish' to words that have them naught.

    I don't mind though, I'm a happy mixish of the two. :)

    1. haha childish with an ish
      A middle ground is a fine wish

  22. I can be adultish-I own a home and work
    but I feel great when I am childish, I may even twerk!
    Ughh-no I don't do that at all
    but being childish makes me have a ball!

    1. haha yeah twerking should never be done
      But can have plenty of other fun

  23. orlin N cassie

    de food serviss gurl wood rather bee called childish than an old curmudgeon...any day

    ....her still acts like a kid in lotz oh ways N frank lee we wood knot haz it any other way.....

    like a few back..... her ordered a Nancy Drew book; read it.... & had as much fun readin it now..... as her did 90 thouzand yeerz ago......


    1. That is a fun way to be
      Nothing wrong with Nancy Drew at ones sea

  24. Childish is better, hands down
    You can cry, scream, and pee, like a crazed clown.
    Adults are boring to the core
    I hope to be one nevermore.
    Like writing this silly rhyme
    With a Poe-like verse
    It could be adultish.
    That'd be way worse!

    1. Be way worse
      Make on curse
      Or just confuse
      As some peruse
      Not sure I'd want to pee though
      Clowning around is fine to give a go

  25. I am adult when I have to be, but usually it's childish for me :)

    1. Only when we have to be
      The way to be at each sea

  26. Childish is certainly more fun than adultish:)

  27. Child-like, might be a better term
    Less selfish take perhaps
    I would never give up child-like habits
    Or my curious world might just collapse

    1. Yeah never give them up
      Rather act like a pup


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