Sleep Like That? Pfft Says The Cat!

The cat has a new neighbor at our show. Does it still count as neighbors in apartments buildings though? Bah, we'll leave that for another day. They sure prove an old saying is full of crap at their bay.

Could be, almost, maybe,
You sleep like a baby.
Umm, you scream and cry,
Acting like you are about to die?

You are an attention seeker?
A diaper umm leaker?
You cry some more,
Louder than any snore.

Except maybe the blue guy.
His snore can carry high.
So he says anyway,
Mostly every day.

Wow, that is some sleep.
Two minutes at your keep.
Then you whine all night.
Sleep or fright?

The cat will choose the later.
No sleep with that small matter.
Until you have to work,
And they think keeping you up is a perk.

Devils they may be.
But sleep like one at your sea?
Are you whiny too?
Do you have a diaper collect your poo?

Damn, no wonder you sleep like that.
Steer clear of the cat.
I'll pelt you with scat of my own,
If you give me any whiny in the night tone.

Wouldn't you rather sleep like cat?
Whenever and wherever you wanted where you're at?
Or maybe a mutt,
Even if you get the inkling to sniff a butt.

At least they can sleep well.
Babies are just whiny as hell.
Why not sleep like someone sane?
Is that too much of a pain?

Instead you'd rather whine and leak?
Not something I'd seek.
So go and sleep like a baby,
You might get a few minutes, maybe.

Is that saying dumb or is it just me? Thankfully they are across the hall at our sea. That means we only hear when near the door. That thing sure can roar. The cat runs away with Cass. No hair puller is getting near my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Neighbors, bad news
    Can make you turn to the booze
    Can make you move
    Or upset your groove
    Some have babies that scream in the night
    Grow up and go fly a kite
    A few may offer a perk
    If minus a funny quirk
    Some are creepy as hell
    Make noise like a big old fat bell
    Thank whoever invented doors
    You can separate yourself from the bores

    1. Oh, I've had creepy as hell
      Rather take the screaming baby where we dwell
      The cats pin back their ears and run though
      Not a fan of the screaming show

  2. Having a screaming baby as a neighbor makes me glad I don't live in an apartment building.

  3. A screaming baby - sounds like a nightmare. One of the many reasons I didn't want one.
    Sorry, Pat. Apartment living sucks sometimes.

    1. Yep, apartment living has its drawbacks indeed
      But I can always hop with little difficulty to a new feed

  4. Neighbors make noise?
    Baby, you say?
    Would it be better
    Adult voice? lol

    1. lol I've heard that too
      As some grunting came due

  5. A diaper leaker would make me nervous too!

  6. Cats and dogs both know how to sleep
    they close their eyes, don't let out a peep
    except if a neighbor turns out to be a creep!

  7. That's one of the reasons why I never wanted to move to an apartment. You just live too close to your neighbors

    1. Yep, and you learn all
      Some things you don't want to know at your hall

  8. Well, guess we are very lucky here, that we are not close enough to hear a baby crying . That would not be fun. I know I couldn't stand living in an apartment. Good luck to you Pat.

    1. Yep, apartments tend to suck
      But beats living in a truck

  9. Those little hairless bipeds are sticky!!! AND they exceed the EU limits for noise pollution! That's a fact! ;)

    1. haha that is sure a fact
      As they make noise with every act

  10. Hard to live so close by
    as apartments often are
    but then don't like to live
    where my neighbors are too far


    1. Living out on the range
      Would be silent but not too strange

  11. Oooh, Look at the Baby
    Churchill never looked so good to me.
    It's supposed to be cute
    but where can I find the mute
    button on this thing that squirms
    and probably has lots of germs.
    No thanks, says I,
    diaper changing is not my style.
    I've never changed one, I'd rather walk a mile
    on my knees than do that at 3am
    they cry and pee, poo and have phlegm.
    This is why I am just an Aunt
    Thank God for that, I just can't
    deal with that. So sorry for you
    at your zoo.

    1. hahaha yeah all that crap
      Would send the cat across the map
      Once they get older they are fine
      They don't so much bother the feline
      Otherwise though
      He runs if they show

  12. I remember those sleepless nights - not fun!

  13. I've had a baby and I know how they sleep....soundly. I think that's what they meant. lol

    1. lol when they do sleep
      Otherwise they hurt the cat's ears at our keep

  14. Noisy neighbor? Dang. You have my utmost sympathy.

  15. Or is there an actual baby next door...still that would be noisy:)

  16. neighbors come - neighbors go
    never notice at my show.
    The only sound I really dread
    is from airplanes overhead -
    lots of them

  17. NUMBER ONE! Wait... what day is it?

  18. Hopefully as the weeks go by
    the baby will sleep when the moon's in the sky.
    This, too, shall pass...
    or you could sleep out in the grass. lol.

    1. lol no grass near
      The cement would hurt my rear

  19. Pat in the Hatt
    Where you at?
    A Canadian spelling like a Yank
    You need a spank!
    Cat in the cradle
    A new appraisal
    No more crying
    Asleep you be lying....

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary.....

    1. Equal opportunity speller
      I didn't kill Old Yeller
      So still got one up
      Need some catnip in my cup

    2. I shall bear that in mind
      Next I find
      That you have spelt both ways
      In your rhyming daze.....

    3. Bear and don't bare
      There at your lair lol

  20. What's the cat playing at now?/ Trying to remember the old proverb, but I keep forgetting somehow. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Forgetting at your sea
      Sign of old age for thee lol

  21. what a mess with yours neighbors lol
    oh yes I remember some babies crying , but I was lucky with my twins, don't cry so much.
    So lucky because when they were babies I lived in an apartment !!

    1. Not crying much is good
      Especially in an apartment hood

  22. Oh boy!! I'm glad I don't have a screaming kid living near me.

  23. Babies crying
    Is not a perk
    Wee bit of whisky
    Couldn't hurt

    (Up to you who gets the whisky - lol)

    1. lol I'd give it to the screamer
      Then I'd be a dreamer

  24. Sleep Like That? Pfft Says The Cat!
    Sleep is a choice position to lie flat
    Loud baby cries
    No way, no dice
    Better to be looking for a quiet pet


  25. my own babies were quite noisy and whiny some nights - and i felt sorry for the neighbors...oy

    1. haha the neighbors must have cursed you
      A time or two

  26. Oh dear. Nothing like a baby to keep you up all night.

    1. Nope, that they can do
      Wailing away at their zoo

  27. Not having to do your lawn work is great, but screaming babies do keep you up late. The pros and the cons of apartments are true, there are many more examples I bet you have too. :)

    1. Oh yeah, there are a ton
      That can be given a run

  28. I do not miss apartment living at all! Never had any babies next door, but rowdy teens and a lady who really liked to "entertain" about 6:00am on the dot every morning.

    1. lmao I've had some entertain ones
      But never on the dot with their moaning runs

  29. I have a neighbor who goes to sleep with her tv on.
    On summer nights I'm awake till dawn.
    No matter how I try,
    I just can't shut out that volume high.

    I'd give anything to sleep like a cat,
    followed by cat stretching at my mat!

    1. Sleeping like a cat would be grand
      Never bothered by tv or babies across the land


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