They Are Real And After Your Meal!

Since it is Halloween month out there, the cat will let you in on something at my lair. Vampires are real. Yep, they are as real as your car wheel. They are full of more air to. But that we'll get to at my zoo.

Sadly they don't look like this,
At least 99.9% of the time as they hiss.
Still, who wants a dead thing?
That desperate at your wing?

Geez, just go to a bar.
Beats something like a wheel on a car.
Could work in a rubber there,
But that's too easy at my lair.

Back to vampires on display.
Real is what I say.
But you are shaking your head.
Hey, literal blood suckers I never said.

They are the poor pitiful me's.
They whine more than a stray has fleas.
Sucking you down into their pit.
Whining about any kind of shit.

They'll whine and whine and whine some more.
Sucking your life away at your shore.
They get a thrill from it to.
Hey, at least they don't yell, boo!

Do they turn you on as much as a dead thing?
I'll leave that for you to experience with a fling.
No need to tell that cat your fetish for the dead.
Keep that under your bed.

Yep, they'll whine about that too.
Poor me can't get a dead thing at my zoo.
Maybe they need to whine then.
Not even the dead want to come near their den.

No matter what you say,
They won't have a happy day.
Staying down in their hole,
Is their only goal.

And then bringing you into it,
Joining them in their hell pit.
Sucking your life away.
Those vampires are here to stay.

And don't worry all you lasses,
I like to appease the masses,
So I'll give you a sexy guy vampire too.
No need to thank me at my zoo.

Doesn't he just turn you on? Damn, I'm so helpful at my lawn. Know any such vampires at your sea? Hopefully you don't have fantasies about dead things and thee. But you can tell that to a singing bass. I don't need to know with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. They Are Real And After Your Meal!
    Much after you, they whine and squeal
    If they're that sexy
    Many are made happy
    Quite a dish with the right sex appeal


    1. Ugg is all I can say
      To the dead things at any bay

  2. The last picture? You'll pay for that,
    Yes YOU, Pat Hatt and the cat.
    Not only will there be fleas up your nose,
    You'll be stuck forever in a scurrilous pose!

  3. No fantasies about that crap.
    Doesn't turn me on and that is a fact.
    The whiners I can do without
    as they post and always do a pout.
    I dropped a few recently from my list
    and don't bother to visited and hear their hiss.
    And did you have to show some moobs?
    That is just gross and rude! haha....

    1. Yep, blah to it
      Every single bit
      Ignoring whiners is the way to be
      As they are just looking for attention from thee
      At least these moobs are fake
      If a difference is does make lol

    2. That she did
      Guess vampires don't get her bid

  4. Yep. He's the sexiest vampire I've ever seen.

  5. there are always those trying to leech. I just hope they don't look like him

    1. That would be scary
      Could crush you like a berry

  6. Oh my goodness, that last picture will bug me all day.

  7. LOL, cat!!! A little different then what you're saying, there are really real vampires out there. I watched a whole special on TV about how there's people that drink other people's blood. They even have other people that donate it to them.

    1. Ugg, doesn't surprise me
      That is disgusting as can be

    2. Damn Jax.... I was about to grab a bite.

    3. lol fixed that
      Diet now where you're at

    4. Nasty as can be
      Can make anyone not eat at their sea

  8. Vampires just look so darn white
    that it doesn't seem to be so right
    they need to get out in much more light
    then they wouldn't be such a fright.


  9. Yes, sadly vampires don't look like the first photo.

  10. I'm not a vampire and zombie kinda gal, but we saw "Hotel Transylvania 2" at the movies earlier this week, and THOSE vampires and zombies are fun... and funny.

  11. I know some people who are looking to suck the life out of me. Do you know the type?

    1. The type come far and wide
      Trying to take you for a ride

    2. Sometimes the type
      Is like a hype
      They're everywhere
      Here and there
      Making me stare
      Making me lose my hair
      No ride, no way!
      Not today
      At my bay

    3. Tell them to stick it
      Who cares if they picket

  12. I was thinking about watching Underworld soon, I've never seen any of them

    1. First two are pretty good
      But they aren't anything wowing at any hood

  13. Selfies selfies everywhere
    Add some lipstick, comb the hair
    But how would that min-o-myze
    Expect and answer in the skies

    1. Will the answers fall away?
      Will they lead my to some pay?
      Will they pelt me with shit?
      Will I get an answer to it?

  14. I used to call this woman I knew a Psychic Vampire. She would just suck the fun and guilt right out of you. lol

    1. lol there are many of those
      Suck it away with all their woes

  15. She is mighty fine, but he is a mass of wasted space. Was he in a Wesley Snipe's vampire movie?

  16. Man, I am related to a few of them! Sometimes I just want to burn down my family tree just to rid myself of those bloodsuckers!

    1. I chopped many limbs off mine
      And it is divine

  17. We will leave the vampires to you. We are not going to mess with that bunch.Even if it is halloween. Have a great day.

    1. The blood suckers aren't fun
      See them, you better run.

  18. I get my blood sucked every six weeks,
    But not by the whiners of which The Cat speaks

  19. If vampires are real, I would really squeal
    I always thought they were not the real deal!

    1. They are real
      As far as the life sucking ordeal

  20. Vampires are not my cup of tea.
    Werewolves are the critters for me.

  21. I even prefer gross Jabba the Hut looking vampires to sparkly ones. ;)

    1. haha better way to be
      Sparkly ones are stupid on any spree

  22. What an attractive visual to start the weekend off with... lol

    1. lol glad I could help out
      With my vampire shout

  23. Whiners... meh...
    I can do without
    Wine-ers, on the other hand
    Will make me dance about

  24. There is someone I used to know and he was exactly like this and he called himself a Psychic Vampire. He could drain your life force after being eyore for 2 hours.

    1. A guy to avoid at any sea
      No draining to come to be

  25. I ate enough garlic doing a cleanse last week that I think I will be safe from vampires for a year.


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