What's With The Cow Anyhow?

The cat has seen it all, not really at his hall, but he likes to pretend. Hey, you humans just keep going further around the bend. First you have cow testicle eating festival things, now you think they have wings. Or maybe you can reverse that. Which came first, the cow or the pile of scat?

A holy cow!
That has to wow.
The thing can't meow.
But is holy somehow.

It eats and shits.
Eats even the apple pits.
Yum, yum, yum,
And then some.

Then hurls up the food,
Most find that rude.
But nope, not the cow.
It is holy somehow.

Eats once more.
Spit up at its shore.
A mutt can do that.
But nope, not holy for eating scat.

No holy mice.
No holy lice.
No holy sharks.
But sharks can leave holey marks.

See what I did there?
I'm sure you are aware.
Unless stuck with a holy cow.
Then I'd raise an eyebrow.

No holy horses.
No even holy golf courses.
The later would be sad.
Could make a Tiger glad.

Nope, just holy cows.
No whats, ifs or hows.
They are the holy ones.
Even when they have the runs.

Pigs supposedly can't fly.
Unless they go up when they die.
Dogs are supposedly a best friend,
Even if they butt sniff and bend.

Cats just rule all,
Don't mess with us at your hall.
But cows are holy.
That has to offend poor moly.

Holy moly can you believe that? You humans gave holy to an jumbo sized rat. You even drink their milk too. That is just so eww. Why not holy platypuses at every sea? At least they are funny looking to me. Nope, a lazy holy cow pass. There is no hope for you humans says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Been sometime
      In the sidelines
      Deja vu
      Feeling new
      The fun
      Of a #1


    2. Morn'n Hank
      On your way to the bank?

    3. 'Morning Pat and Manzie
      Banking in some money?
      No, just feeling happy!


    4. Happy as can be
      Sure works at any see

    5. Blue was a-snoring on his couch
      Like an old grouch
      (Not a duck
      Shit outta luck)

    6. Grouchy are you
      There at your zoo

    7. Too tired to hear my alarm
      At the Bue guy farm

    8. Bue guy farm
      That raise an alarm?

  2. What's With The Cow Anyhow?
    Somewhat religious somehow
    Moo,Holy cow!
    Not bow-wow
    Not the time to change now


  3. Eggshells and peanut butter
    Excuse me if I seem to stutter
    Repetition of sounds
    Don't bark like the hounds
    Say moo all day long
    What? A cow in a thong
    Cow poop is the worst
    Does that quench your thirst
    Watch your dog roll
    In the country you do stroll
    Yet they are called cow pies
    A gourmet dessert to despise

    1. The dog shall roll
      Seen it on a stroll
      Eats it too
      Yum at their zoo
      Cow pies galore
      My ocd can't take anymore

  4. Silly cows, but I guess they can be Holy. Cow poop is the worst .Have a great day Pat.

    1. I guess it is so
      Have a great day at your show

  5. Cows don't seem to do as much as horses. But it is Holy Ghost Writer I'd have you know. Ha!

  6. I wouldn't want a cow anywhere near my litter box!

    1. Yeah, wouldn't fit
      The whole thing be full of umm shit

  7. We sure do have weird ways to say things
    Like the expression holy cow
    Maybe it would be better
    If we just said oh wow


    1. Wow would work better in the end
      Beats a holy cow trend

  8. The lord and savior of all bovines, the Holy Cow

  9. There used to be a casino here in Las Vegas called the Holy Cow. LOL But sadly it went out of business and the building was demolished in 2012.

    1. haha never knew that
      I'd say holy cow if I won a huge stat

  10. Hey, man, don't have a cow!/you don't understand how?/it's all to do with udders and teats/we humans are weird, what we do for treats! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  11. Yum, yum, yum,
    And then some...
    As true
    As Scooby Doo
    (Not a fox
    In a box)

  12. Lots of restaurants called Holy Cow
    With all things burger-y and beef
    Although I love vegetarian
    I still like the occasional meat relief

  13. Well, the cat should know that ancient Egyptians revered their feline friends.

    1. Hey, the cat won't knock that
      Here where we are at

  14. Don't forget 'Holy Batman' !! haha...

  15. The cows were holy
    in olden days world.
    The fortune they held
    as money or gold
    in present time' folly.

  16. Some humans eat cat too ya know.

  17. There is something about the cow
    Gary Larson loved them and somehow
    he made them funny in his comic strip.
    he made me laugh as i took that trip
    through his books which is better than gold
    and cows (or calves)have been like that, you know.

    1. I guess they have their perks
      Especially in written works

  18. Why does it always have to be holy?
    I like it in Austin Powers where they go moley, moley, moley ;)

  19. Here it's a pig that's all the rage. It's stuffed and it's pink but my boy takes it everywhere, lol

    We have a cow too...two of 'em (also stuffed) but they don't get out much. ;)

  20. I must confess... I do say Holy cow. I also sometimes say... Holy shit.


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