When You Go Black You Get A Heart Attack?

Stupid humans far and wide. Oh no, I saw black, now someone died. Pffft, idiot humans I'll say once more. What am I going on about at my shore? As if you didn't know. Now away I go.

Oh no, everyone run.
Haul out your big gun.
Be a stupid idiot far and wide.
Take your idiocy in stride.

Run the other way.
Have a great day.
There is a cat on display,
And it sure as hell isn't grey.

It is BLACK!
I might have a heart attack.
Brain cells I lack.
I also don't step on a crack.

Black cats bring bad luck.
I'm such a stupid schmuck.
I believe it to be true.
Can't they spray paint it blue?

Oh no, it's coming near.
I might lose an ear.
Black cats are such bad luck.
I might blow up in my truck.

Hmm, cats and luck?
Yeah, you are a schmuck.
Luck is a human creation,
So change the damn station.

But if you must,
Like in luck you trust,
Here is the truth,
For your little lucky booth.

Black cats or grey cats,
Big rats or small rats,
Humper dog or purse dog,
Small hog or fat hog,

You can be an idiot and pass the buck,
But not a one of them will give you bad luck.
Passing by a tree or telephone pole,
Or even passing a cheery mole,

All are the same.
Your superstition is lame.
Whoops, cat's out of the bag,
You wave the idiot flag.

Actually saw a nut afraid of a black cat before. Pffft so funny, in a pathetic kind of way, to watch at my shore. Grown human afraid to walk by a cat. Idiot is the correct name for that. Scared of black cats at your sea? Better not tell me. But you can tell the singing bass, he won't tell my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    I meant to buy a big blue mat
    And toss it on the floor
    So I could snore some more
    I meant to sleep all day
    And dream about Bora Bay
    Can it be done
    At my bun?
    Hey, it's Saturday...
    Such a fun day!
    I meant to be number one
    Such fun!

  2. I dropped my wallet... I will get rich!
    Next thing you know, you end up in a ditch
    Superstition.... pfffffft

    1. You dropped your wallet
      I hope you didn't break a toe

    2. Damn, was the ditch clean
      Or a rather nasty scene

    3. As nasty as can be...
      In the place to be

  3. Black cats for Halloween
    They are always very lean
    They hang around the witches
    And take refuge in the ditches
    Good luck or bad
    Black cats can be a fad

  4. Humper dogs are annoying.
    Guess I'm dead all the time - my favorite color is black and I wear it five times a week, at least.

    1. haha yeah, they can hump away
      Really screwed at your bay

  5. When You Go Black You Get A Heart Attack?
    Superstitions can unnecessarily set you back
    About a rabbit's foot
    Or a black cat to boot
    Back-tracking may be quite useful for a fact


    1. They can set back indeed
      When one lets the stupid things take seed

  6. There really are idiots everywhere these days!

  7. They sure are idiots if they are afraid of black cats. Black cats are just the best. We have three of them here and they are such nice cats. Nothing to be afraid of, that is for sure.

    1. Black cats are great indeed
      A few at the other feed

  8. For some strange reason, I see black cats all the time! So far, nothing bad has happened to me.

    1. Yeah, a dumb thing to think bad will come
      Maybe they like you and then some

  9. Superstitions make idiots even more so

    1. That they do
      Through and through

    2. wearing black, I"m not afraidy cat...
      a cat is a cat and that is that...
      hey Felix the cat is black
      and no magic does he lack
      the cat spins twisted tales
      a bag of trick, he never fails

      later all, time to enjoy fall

    3. haha posted in the wrong slot
      thanks to blogspot...haha

    4. haha wrong spot
      Blame the blogger lot

      Black is fine
      Shows hair of a feline
      But that is it
      Felix was a hit

  10. I like black cats, they remind me of tiny black panthers.

    1. That some sure do
      Some have the yellow eyes too

  11. I've been the proud and lucky owner of several black cats! They are special. See you in Dec. I'm not really here, just had to have a rhyme for the next leg of my trip.

    1. Wow, you are out for a while
      And yeah black cats sure turn the special dial

  12. I've been the proud and lucky owner of several black cats! They are special. See you in Dec. I'm not really here, just had to have a rhyme for the next leg of my trip.

  13. Poor black cats
    They get such a bad rap
    Bet the mice don't think that
    When they get trapped.


    1. true, the mice hate all
      Not a feline fan at any hall

  14. No worries from me, Pat! I think black cats are beautiful. There are lots of ridiculous bad luck things floating around. Like break a mirror and you get 7 years of bad luck. Or Friday 13th. Most events are random with some contingency thrown into the mix. Have a good one!

    1. That most events are in the end
      No need for some stupid superstitious trend

  15. oy - superstition can be a burden for sure - esp. when there are too many black cats around - or whatever else - in some countries there's no 13th floor cause no one wants to live there - i would - no problems at all

    1. Yeah, hotels get rid of 13 too
      Stupid as can be at any zoo

  16. I dont' think they're bad luck. I think they're cute. :)

  17. I love black cats! And grey ones, and yellow ones and striped ons and calaco ones.... ;-)

  18. Once you see black
    And have a heart attack,
    You can never go back...
    Ain't that whack?

  19. See a black cat/go around, tip my hat/see another black cat/raise my hands, have a heart attack! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  20. People are stupid and mean. I have spoken to people who work at the Humane Society and at the vets. At Halloween they do their best to inform people not to let the pet black cats out around this time of year because many end up dead. They are killed either out of fear or for some occult reason. That is disgusting. I always loved black cats and black dogs

    1. Yep, heard that too at my sea
      Though not the occult reason that came to be
      Stupid people need to get a life
      Or fall on nails and have their own strife

  21. Love all cats
    Of every shade and hue
    Those who are superstitious
    Might be a little wackadoo

    1. Wackadoo they are
      Dumber than a car

    2. And what about me
      In the place to be?
      How come she's always here
      Making you cheer?

    3. She just likes a cat
      Far better than a blue man where she's at lol

  22. Well said, Pat! There's nothing like a black cat!!

  23. I used to have a black cat that was a holy terror. You never wanted to piss her off because she would lay in wait for you.

  24. My son has a cat that is black as the night.
    Someone dumped him and his siblings, which just isn't right.
    Now he has a good home, the cute little guy.
    His siblings weren't so lucky, their home is above the blue sky.

    1. That is awful indeed
      But glad he has a good home with plenty of feed

  25. I've never heard that seeing black is bad luck!
    I mean, really? What the duck! haha...
    Black cats couldn't be luck that is bad.
    If you count Star, five is how many I have!

    1. What the duck indeed
      5 must bring a ton to your feed lol

  26. I have always wondered how the story got started that black cats were bad luck...why not white cats or....? Anyway I put no stock in superstitions...except I will not walk under a ladder. Smiles.

    1. lol I walked under a ladder a while ago
      Still alive at my show

  27. Black cats and dogs, I don't understand. I have owned several black cats and dogs. They were all beautiful. However, one black Tom had very little use for me. Just keep putting the food out and he would continue to live at my house.

    1. haha food is all they need sometimes
      Treating us like mimes

  28. they never say anything about white cats. Racists!

    1. Feline racists near and far
      Hit them with a car

  29. I think black cats are beautiful, not scary. I sure wouldn't mind a few passing my way. I'd give them a good petting :)


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