A Hope On A Rope!

The cat sees it all the time, all the wishing and hoping with every chime. Does a wish work? Is hope a perk? It sure beats the cat but we will see where hope is at.

I hope you read.
I hope you care.
I hope your cat you feed,
Even if it has no hair.

They do look funny,
I hope you stick with me.
I hope I'm on the money.
I hope I can finish this spree.

Yeah, no hoping for that.
Easy as can be for the cat.
I hope you do not go splat.
Hoping for tit for tat?

That would be good.
No splat needed here.
Hope you understood.
Hope there is no fear.

I hope you do not mind,
That I took the I away.
Hope is just as kind.
I is not needed at my bay.

Hope can go far?
Hope can get things done?
Hope you are not at a bar,
Hope you like a growing bun.

Or would that be two?
Hope I have not lost you.
That would be nothing new.
I do that at my zoo.

Hope for a dope?
Hope on a rope?
Like that kind of soap?
Hope you do not mope.

A hoping stops moping.
Hope makes you happy.
A hoping prevents noping.
Unless you are flappy.

My hope is through.
My hope is done.
Hope all is good with you.
Hope you had fun.

Ever notice all the hope at your sea? Hope, but nothing is done by thee or around thee. You can hope and wish but still be flopping like a fish. I suppose you need to hope and do and not just sit on the loo. Now I am through my hope pass with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. In for the win
      With an attack spin

    2. That's quite an attack I have to say I AM impressed.

    3. I didn't have time this morning - so late with a reply

      Ninja had a sneak attack

    4. He impressed you
      Was in in full ninja gear too?

    5. I think so
      As he was invisible at my show

    6. Can't see
      Must be a magic spree

  2. I was hoping to be first...
    Dope hope soap on a rope. The cat would make millions.

    1. Yes, Alex you did
      Others got beat!
      Well done
      For being #1


    2. Got that hope
      Millions would be dope

  3. A Hope On A Rope!
    In wishful thinking mode
    A waiting game
    Not to be blamed
    For taking the big load


  4. Chalk one up for Alex, He's as pleased as punch
    He got his hope so someone should really buy him lunch
    The world is full of hope, that is plain to see
    Let's all take a vacation and go on a big hope spree

    1. Vacation and hope
      Hope to elope?
      Find one rich
      Dead in a ditch
      Permanent vacation either way
      With hope at play

  5. Your post did not update in my blog roll today? Hmm, too much to hope blogger does it right?

    Also, you won the day yesterday on my blog for the REALMS FAIRE!
    A $5 Amazon Gift Card and both of my books
    Send me your email address and I'll get the winnings to you
    Kindle or Nook for the eBook?

    1. Dumb Blogger screws me a time or two
      Not updating at many a zoo
      Thanks for the win
      Works at my bin

    2. Yeah, that's the only reason I got the top spot today. When it didn't update in Feedly at six my time, I jumped over here to see what was happening. And snagged it. Good thing I didn't have to work today...

    3. haha you know when it doesn't show that it's still here
      So number one can be near

    4. And now you've disappeared completely! Blogger is mad at you today!
      Enjoy the books, gift cards will be issued after the Faire.

    5. Will enjoy indeed
      haha stupid blogger likes screwing with my feed

  6. Hope gives us something to look forward to.
    Hope your hopes come true at your zoo. :)

  7. Hope is the best,. And wishes do happen. Just depends on how long you wish for it.

    1. And depends on the work put in
      To get that wish a win

  8. Hope - when you can't work
    when you stuck at the clock
    and things keep running thru 'crock'
    you-right, we need do and act and knock...
    thank you for talk!

    1. lol a knock knocking we need to do
      For the hope to come through

  9. I guess I reserve hope for things I don't have any control over...the weather, etc. Don't think I can work to change that one. haha...

    1. And no...don't suggest the Indian rain dance...lol....

    2. lol you spoiled my fun
      I was going to suggest you give that a run

  10. I've read a couple of cmoments from struggling authors who say they hate hoping, wishing, congratulatory comments because they don't lead to sales but I'd rather get those comments than nothing at all if my book isn't someone's cup of tea....a little off topic but that's what I thought of while reading this post.

    Oh, and I have hope and I'm not afraid to use it! :p

    1. haha yeah I've seen those from some a time or two
      It sure beats hate mail coming due

  11. I've read a couple of cmoments from struggling authors who say they hate hoping, wishing, congratulatory comments because they don't lead to sales but I'd rather get those comments than nothing at all if my book isn't someone's cup of tea....a little off topic but that's what I thought of while reading this post.

    Oh, and I have hope and I'm not afraid to use it! :p

  12. I'm all about hope!! In fact, I believe that it's a great thing to have. Now, please tell me what the heck "noping" is... hahaha

    1. lol going nope multiple times
      Hope you now get my noping chimes

  13. In church a while back
    A discussion of hope didn't fall through the crack
    "What is hope?" the teacher said
    "Every day it's what gets me out of bed"
    Came a reply
    And agree did I!

    1. Good reason indeed
      Boredom helps get out of bed too at ones feed

  14. I'm all about the hope mainly because I have no follow through on lots of ideas I have. So if I word them as "I hope!" then it gives me a nice out, lol.

    1. lol at least you now how to work it
      With hope a little bit

  15. Hope for this and hope for that
    it's all okay if you've got a cat :)

    1. Works for me
      As long as the cat comes without a flea

  16. Hope definitely keeps you on the rope!

  17. I hope your hopes will be soon !!

  18. On my bathroom wall hangs a soap on a rope
    So many years it's been there I can only hope
    That it hasn't turned into an isotope.
    This makes little sense, but I won't mope.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hey, it works
      Has decorative perks
      And if you ever run dry
      Hope the soap a try

  19. Hope is what keeps the heart beating. (Oops. That didn't rhyme.) *throws cheese and runs*

  20. Sit on the loo???? MOL You are a Brit!!! Hoping against hope that it's hopeless to hope .... or even hop! ;)

    1. Hoping for such hope
      Sure is a way to cope
      lol loo rhymes so much better than toilet
      Either way you soil it

  21. Wait a minute... Didn't I write a post about hope? Is this... a coincidence? Could it mean something? Should we buy a lottery ticket?

    1. Deja Vu - Blue - I am experiencing it too

    2. lmao yes you did indeed
      This was written 4 months ago at my feed
      So coincidence it may be
      I do have a lottery ticket for tonight though at my sea

    3. haha - I forgot you were a head
      coincidence maybe, enough said
      oh, a lottery ticket at your sea
      well, here is hoping a winner it will be

      PS - I have mine as well...I won $4 so put that on my lucky ticket
      oh wait the cat doesn't believe in luck..now where's me pot of gold

    4. Into August now
      A win would wow
      But doubt that every bit
      And yeah, luck is just a word that's full of umm spit

    5. I knew he was ahead as in a month od four
      That's why it's a coincidence at his floor
      Will there be an encore?
      Will there be more?

    6. Be more until August at my sea
      As that is how far I'm ahead with my spree

  22. Hope is an often used word
    in so many different ways
    something we use it
    because we have nothing more to say


    1. That is the truth
      Bottom of the barrel booth

  23. Hoping alone gets nothing done,
    Hard work is how it is won.

  24. I will never give up as I hold on to hope
    hope is what helps one cope...
    say no to hope - nope
    hope is hope...

  25. I say , "I hope" at times. Mostly when I want those around me to stop being so stoooopid and see things my way..I can only hope they will. lol

  26. I do hope all the time, particularly...hope all is well.

  27. orlin N cassie

    ya noe....ewe iz rite....ther iz a lot oh hope goin on late lee; we HOPE it'z knot a sign oh bad stuff ta come & just HOPE everee one's hope'z come troo ~~~~~~~ well, sorta...we hope.... coz like what if sum one had wished sum BAD hope, then hope iz point lezz for bein...hope....which we HOPE ...hope...iza good thing....

    N now we haz confuzed de hell outta R selves sew happee nite !! ♥♥♥

    1. lol yeah, can't have that bad hope coming due
      That would cause much fuzz at every zoo

  28. Does "love me, love me not" count as hope?/If it does, that's some serious dope! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha doubtful indeed
      As a flower sprouts from a seed

  29. Yes, must hope and do. Hoping alone isn't enough. :)

  30. A very dear friend has a hairless cat
    And it gives me the creeps - wherever it's at.
    So, I hope - really hope - when next I'm there
    That creepy ole' cat is under a chair.

    1. haha those are rather creepy to see
      But also rather funny to me

  31. Soap on a rope is something I haven't seen in years! I have never seen a hairless cat in person.

    1. Seen one hairless cat a while ago
      Soap on a rope has been a long time though

  32. is possible to have hope on a rope?

    1. If that hope is a key
      And the key opens something grand for thee

  33. If I didn't have hope to motivate me, I'd never get anything done.

  34. Hope is a present I've given myself many times when I had limited resources.

  35. Hope helps us cope
    I count on it to aid
    When things get tough
    And smiles start to fade

  36. Without hope
    it is hard to cope!

  37. Ok so I'm posting here because for some f*^¨!!!& reason this computer demon host,
    will not give me access to the comment box on your current post.
    But, it will on your older posts which triggers much fist shaking and frustration that I can't even rhyme. Oh, nevermind.

    I'd like to put this computer back on the store shelf,
    any chance I'll magically fix itself?

    1. lol magically I doubt it
      It may be too full of bugs and shit haha

  38. There was once a pet rock
    it sold millions! I do not mock.
    If you sold hope soap on a rope,
    colours for different types of hope
    you may strike it rich
    all you need is a great pitch! and hope:)

  39. Haha! I'm all caught up again, and I HOPE a few days go by before I fall behind again!

  40. btw ~ There is no need for you to reply to all my comments! Just know I've had fun catching up!


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