A Jefigoop Comes To Have A Poop!

What the heck is a Jefigoop? Did the cat throw you for a loop? Never fear because all will become clear. Much like Bohlingaringding that cat made it up. This one also includes a pup. You'd think I'd stop using butt sniffers in these. But I guess you do need some animals to feed fleas. Now on with the show as another book can be seen below.

The Jefigoop that had a poop.
That is quite the troop.
Ever meet a Jefigoop?
They can sure droop.

Why did it poop?
Ask the Jefigoop.
Don't ask me.
I know nothing at my sea.

But it had to poop,
To throw something for a loop.
Could that something be a mutt?
Have to find out for yourself at your hut.

The cat won't tell.
Whoops, what the hell.
That cat maybe just did.
Don't flip your lid.

There is a Jefigoop in your shoe.
That might be fun from Grumpy Goo.
Did you see it in there?
Go and look at your lair.

That makes a whole 52 kids books that are done. I guess they are still fun. So I will keep giving them a run. At least for now under my sun. 100 would be a ton. I may get there with my book mass as I keep rhyming away with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I just told my son not to say, 'poop.' I pulled up this post and THIS title was there... I showed the boy and he's still laughing. -_- Congrats on the new book release. :)

    1. At least it's a step up from the other word. LOL

    2. lol poop or crap isn't so bad
      It's the other word that may not be rad

    3. you two are giving me new perspective, lolol

    4. lol a new view
      Is good for any zoo

    5. Tell him, Rosey. He made me poo too
      And then I lost my blue shoe

    6. haha poor poor you
      Whatever will you do

  2. A Jefigoop Comes To Have A Poop!
    Well, what do you know, 52 kid's books
    Has to come with a shoe
    All colors and not just blue
    Congrats Pat! 100 coming so little time it took!


  3. Kids love poop so this with be a huge hit. Congrats on another one!

    1. A huge hit would be nice indeed
      As dough would take seed

  4. Congratulations! Kids will laugh themselves silly every time they read the word poop.

  5. Kids are weird they laugh at poop
    Perks em up when they droop
    Mutts greet each other as they snoop
    Sometimes the world is poop-de-loop
    Congrats on 52 at your zoo
    Kids giggle away when it's poo

  6. Congrats - on another one at your sea

    and that folks is the scoop
    on Jefigoop with a poop
    and his interesting group
    read the book, get in the loop
    just don't read it while eating pea soup (haha)
    perhaps, read it on the front stoop
    do you know how to hula hoop

    Ok, done with my rhyme it's off to work time..

    1. haha hula hoop and read
      That would be a skill at any feed

  7. You have quite the imagination, Pat! I saw a movie trailer that I think you would enjoy......The Secret Life of Pets........coming out Summer 2016.

    1. haha that does look like a fun one
      Great to let the imagination run

  8. Hard to believe you're at 50+ I remember when you started the first one

    1. Yeah, it came up pretty fast
      As I can remember none in the past

  9. That's all the kiddos need...
    more potty humor at their feed.

  10. Soooo glad to find out what a jefigoop really is. Those really are fantastic drawings. Too cute and should be a hit with the kids.

  11. Sounds like a cute one
    and a subjective kids would love
    as long as they don't take some poop
    and play with it with a glove

    Congrats on another achievement at your place
    you are racking them up pretty quick
    and the subjects you write about
    are all pretty slick :)


    1. That would be nasty a can be
      I'd run if that I were to see haha
      They come on in
      Or out with a slick spin lol

  12. Congrats on number 52
    A creative tale featuring poo
    Whatever would kids do without you

  13. Ditto on the congrats for #52!
    Everyone has to poo
    it's why we have loo's
    it makes the kids laugh too!

  14. So, that's a Jefigoop?
    Hmm, good to know.
    He needed to poop?
    Now I have to go.

    1. Maybe that is their power
      Just don't go in the shower

  15. New jefigoop fun
    52 - num-
    bear if you some-
    how it comes
    know for su-
    real at show
    found in the shoe!

    1. There they are found
      Jefigoops in shoes surround

  16. Those Jefigoops look pretty small. I hope it enlarges big enough on my Kindle so I can see it or I am going to have to talk to illustrator in a tough manner. Pretty loud is how I'll do it. I'm an American, you know. It won't be no whishy soft spoken British growl. It will be sheer histrionics which is why you probably live North of the border, Oh Canada.

    1. lol they are big for most of it
      Only a few where's waldo for a bit
      I'll stay up here
      Loud makes the cat run in fear


    What... first a book about poo and now a book about poop?
    Are you keeping that poop in a loop
    Do we need to scoop?

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!

    1. lol one before that was farts too
      At the same time they all just came due

      Yiipppeeee for me
      R is still locked away at your sea

    2. So a prequel AND a sequel? How about a reboot?

    3. Nah, not a one
      None are any fun

  18. Congrats on another book
    for your nook!
    I like the looks of the Jefigoop
    They happy, probably cos they did a poop!
    I wonder if they live in my shoe
    I hope the one I have is blue

    1. haha just don't squash it at your sea
      Then it be a blue little dot spree

  19. Congratulations on book #52! Wow, keep it up, and you're gonna out-Seuss Seuss!

    You cartoon drawings are great, and judging by my grandchildren, who think "poop" is the funniest word in the world, this latest book should be a huge hit with the younger set.

    1. Not sure I can out Seuss him though
      As he makes waaaaay more dough
      Even dead at his sea
      lol hopefully it is a fun spree

  20. Hooray for #52 and I hope you scoop up some profits!

  21. orlin N cassie

    total lee awesum....conga ratz on book 52; heerz ta 100 bye..........iz may two soon !! ??

    we hope thiz one sellz 90 bazillion copeez ~~~~

    heerz two a northern squawfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. haha 100 by May would be a tad too soon
      That would take much dough at our sand dune

  22. How can you go wrong with poop in a book for kids? It'll be a hit, I'm sure!

  23. Congrats on the newest edition to your collection.

  24. Number 52
    Has now come due
    About strange Jefigoops
    Who delight in poops

    It will be a hit
    'Cause it's about sh**
    And kids love that
    With a big, loud splat

  25. Congratulatons, Pat, for giving us the scoop
    about the Jefigoop coming to have a poop
    sounds like a perfectly wonderful troop!

  26. Having just read about Profanity Granny, the peeing cat, and humping dog, I'm left speechless at your prodigious publishing. Congrats!


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