A Rounding Act That's A Fact!

The cat was reading that and this, it was something you can miss, and he saw them state a fact. 1 million use this act. I looked about here and there and numbers like it did blare. Hmmm, something fishy is going on. I smell a con.

1,000,000 use this.
2,000,000 use that.
The zeroes you can't miss.
They are quite the stat.

Not 1,000,001 use it.
Not 2,000,546 have joined.
Nope, just lots of 0's hit.
0's are so much better coined.

And hey, that's okay.
Let the 0's out to play.
0 isn't a number on display.
Hey, that's what they say.

But 1,000,000 exactly is fact.
That is the whole case.
Our rounding has such tact.
Doesn't it put a smile on your face?

0's give you a thrill.
Unlike that other stuff.
1,067,897 makes you ill.
Looking at that is just rough.

So let's lie away.
Call it fact at the end of the day.
Many 0's on display.
And not an "over" to join the fray.

Nope, just 1,000,000.
That is the only fact.
Glad it's not a trillion.
More fact 0's we'd have to enact.

Have you caught on?
Have you followed the cat?
Believe it's a con?
Easy rounding each stat.

999,965 could use it.
But rounding is the way.
You need an extra hit.
Round up the display.

So join on in.
Have yourself some fun.
Let's give it a spin,
And round when we are done.

There are 2 cats here, that means 10 I fear. I rounded up at my sea. That 0 is oh so pretty. Care to give it a go? It's a fact don't you know. Yeah, the cat read too much into the rounding. But at least a rhyme it is founding. Or has founded now. I'm done, don't have a cow. Or have a rhino. Save that for a wino. Now I'm done rounding in mass with my ever so factual little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. They should round up my salary
    Round down my bills
    For that I'd be grateful
    And have fewer ills

  2. I'm used to rounding up or down
    It hardly ever makes me frown
    Easy Peasy nice little show
    Pretty little zeros all in a row

  3. A Rounding Act That's A Fact!
    Confounding zeros create a snag
    Is it all fair
    To be bare
    Inviting a con job that'll be a drag


  4. zero can be good, zero can be bad
    they're better than three sixes though
    those numbers are not rad

  5. Bravo! We're always wonderful how such a large and even number happens so often!

    1. lol yeah, just come to show
      Easy as can be on the go

  6. What are you going to do with ten cats?
    Stats, taxes, and sales taxes are the only places they round up. They should round up with gas though. Because $1.99.99999999 is still $2.

    1. Yeah, 1.99999 is no difference at all
      Just making it look cheaper at each hall
      We rounded up
      No more cats, maybe a pup

  7. Rounding up sounds good to me. Maybe we could all round up some money.

    1. That would be nice to round up
      Enough to fill a huge cup

  8. I still remember them teaching me how to round a number for the first time in school

    1. I vaguely remember that
      Just second nature now we're we are at

  9. The only time I round up is when I'm balancing my check book. Seems I have a few extra dollar left over that way too. lol

    1. lol that works out
      Few extra bucks won't make anyone pout

  10. When I worked on the weekend shift at a bank processing corporate deposits, you would get checks like $11,243,482.14. You would have to laugh about that 14 cents.

    1. lol it all counts I suppose
      11 million bucks sure wouldn't cause woes

  11. So, Cat, do you sit back and laugh at me
    When I reach 6 zeroes beneath my tree
    Making a big deal of every looksie
    Celebrating zeroes endlessly??? :)

    1. lol that is fine to have at your sea
      You aren't rounding with your spree

  12. Rounding up is better than rounding down
    more money is better than less money
    $1,000,000 is better than $100,000.

    1. That is true
      I wouldn't sneeze at a $100,000 though at my zoo

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I like to see many a nought
    Behind a number number, any sort.
    If it has a £ or $ in front
    and a lottery win after my hunt
    I'd be a very happy bunny
    To have a win with all that money
    I would not be at all vexed
    If the number was google-plexed.

    1. lol just stick it in the bank
      Watch as you fill your tank
      Then it will go from 1,000,000,000 or so
      To 999,999,967.14 after the gas does flow

  15. Makes it easier to do the math
    if one rounds up or one rounds down
    Otherwise numbers get twisted in my head
    and can cause me to frown


    1. haha a little twist keeps you on your toes
      But they can cause woes

  16. Rounding up is just a way to make stats look a little more impressive. I just wish I could add a few more 0's to my bank account.

    1. a few more 0's there
      Would sure work for my lair

  17. Well, well well.... I would much rather have more 0's. How about you....??

  18. You know there is no penny here in our land.
    that would mean you have 0 cats and
    0's always look good
    that means we should
    never question what they say.
    Hahaha,maybe they talked to that one dentist (4 out of 5) that day.

    1. lol have to round down to none
      That could make for fun
      Dentists make us run
      5 out of 5 are no fun

  19. Would I round if I could,
    Making everything look good?
    Rounding up but never down
    Wearing smiles, deleting frowns.

    (Kick the ball...>o....o....o.... catch...o )

    1. Rounding up
      A happy pup
      Rounding down
      Balls roll through town

  20. I'm guilty of rounding...
    it makes it better sounding!

    1. That is does indeed
      Even if lying at ones feed


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