Be Aware Of The Stare!

You don't have to say a word to get what you want. You don't even have to taunt. You just have to have the right stare. That will get you everything at your lair. Don't believe me? Wait and see.

Don't look the other way.
Don't look at what you want.
 But make eye contact at your bay.
And don't sit and taunt.

But don't get to near.
Or stick your nose up.
But nose beats rear.
Unless trying to impress a pup.

Act kind of cute.
But don't lose your attention.
That sun is a brute,
It can leave your eyes in detention.

And watch that itch.
Don't spread the fleas.
That can make humans twitch.
Maybe even sneeze.

Don't look back.
Keep eye contact. 
That may get flack,
For such an act.

You can stand and stare.
But don't show the ear.
Need eyes by the pair.
That's what I hear.

This is about right.
But it has a little tilt.
It'll do day or night.
The stare is well built.

Act anxious too.
That can work.
They can't ignore you,
And you'll get your perk.

Here comes the grass.
 Yippee for us.
At least for Cass,
She makes the biggest fuss.

I could care less.
But I'll continue to stare.
 I do like to turn it into a mess.
And now you are aware.

Got the stare down at your sea? Can you get what you want with a stare spree? Do you stare like the cat? I hope you don't look like a dingbat. Do you enjoy grass as much as Cass? I'm just a messy grass eating little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    How's the mat?
    'Gone are the days you played...'
    Now you're getting the table laid?
    Say it ain't so
    At your show
    It's Thursday....
    Such a fun day!

  2. A little tilt
    Is a great way to hide your guilt
    You know it's true
    And so does Scooby Doo

    Hey, this is a great post
    From coast to coast!

  3. Ooohhh, beware of the stare.
    It causes quite the scare!
    Ya nevah know what they're thinkin'
    When there is no blinkin'
    Are they gonna pounce on you?
    Make your balls turn blue?
    Or just shy away?
    And come back to stare more today?

    1. lol he's pounced on me a time or two
      And while they ever turned blue
      Hit hit them as well
      Than ran like hell

  4. If tilting toward the sun
    beware of the stare
    you'll be blinded by glare
    that wouldn't be fun...

    The cats are adorable
    I'll pass on the grass
    that might taste horrible

    1. Cassie thinks it tastes great
      Orlin just wants to make a mess at our gate

    2. True, how come The Cat is talking about blue balls again?

    3. The cat is snip snip
      So they flip from the lip

  5. Be Aware Of The Stare!
    It will cause you a scare
    No eye contact
    Just stand erect
    State your case and no swear


    1. Look the other way
      And all with have a nice day

  6. Beware of the stare
    A cat does not care
    He'll give you the eye
    Much quicker than pie
    A cat does not blink
    Not even a wink
    He'll stare you right down
    And you'll look like a clown

    1. Yep, the cat shall win
      Do all others in
      And think it not a sin
      When he bites you on the chin

  7. Animals know how to stare you down to get what they want.

  8. My dogs have the stare down pat. It's when the drool starts to show, they lose their edge. If they could figure out how to control that, they'd rule the world. Or, just my house.

    1. lol that drool never wins one bit
      They do need to learn how to control it

  9. Nothing like eating a little grass
    when you tummy gets an attack!
    Star especially meows and tries to lead
    when she has a request and pleads!

    1. She has you wrapped around her finger
      As she is always about to linger

  10. That is one thing that a cat is sooooo good at doing that is the stare and they know how to stare at another cat too and tell them to get lost. That is the way the cats around here get snacks from me by just giving me the almighty stare.

    1. lol they know how to get snacks with a stare
      And they can sure give intruders a beware

  11. Those stares are great ones
    I must say
    They seem to practice them a lot
    Maybe that is their form of play?


    1. haha could very well be
      As they stare away at me

  12. The last stare - killing
    I would get lost
    in those eyes...

    1. He sure has the stare down
      Big old yellow eyes in our town

  13. No need for Kardashians or Jenners here
    Cassie and Orlin have made it clear
    Top models are these witty felines
    They bask in the glow of fashion headlines

    1. Too bad they can't make the dough
      But then we'd have to stoop really low

  14. BBC Horizon has done two really good series of documentaries on cats. One of the things they got into was how cats use the stare on each other. We've got two indoor kitties. One is very tiny, small like a teacup. The other is the huge Maine Coon. If the big kitty is sitting in the window enjoying the sun, all the little one has to do to get him to move is stand quietly and stare at him. He gives up his spot to her immediately.

    Gorgeous photo's of the Cats!

    1. haha yeah, sometimes it doesn't matter the size
      That stare can win the windowsill or whatever else prize
      See it all the time with cats and dogs too
      Cats stare and the dogs run the other way as they get a clue

    2. My cat Piggy used to be able to halt a dog in it's tracks with a stare. They'd come charging at him, he'd turn calmly and look at them and BAM they'd skid to a halt and run. It was like he had superpowers.

    3. lmao the calm stares are the best too
      More funny as they take off with one view

  15. My rhyming brain
    Is still down the drain
    But I can say, without caveat,
    The eyes have it!

  16. That's right, cat!!! It's all about the look!! I'm always giving the puppy dog eyes. It makes men do almost anything you want. Then when that fails you bust out that other look. You know the one I'm talking about!! Hahaha

    1. lol the one that says don't fluck with me?
      That is not one to see

  17. omg, that second picture makes me want a cat even more. SOOO CUTE. It also reminds me of the part in Shrek 2 when Puss in Boots does the stare to render his enemies vulnerable, ha! Such cuties!

    1. haha Shrek 2 got that right
      as he stared with starry eyed sight

  18. orlin N cassie...we R all big time grazz users heer....we loves de stuff....nip...knot sew much sew...

    N yea, stare......

    stare at de wall or ceelin sum time....N due knot look a way....due thiz for like az long az possa bull....yur dad will freek thinkin ya .....see sum thin .... inn vizz a bull !!

    heerz two a beaked salmon kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥

    1. lol we've stared at the wall a time or three
      He did come over to see what he could see

  19. cats do like to stare.

    they never tell you why, very unfair

  20. Cats do stare
    with great care.
    You look back
    hoping they won't attack.
    The worst is when you are all lovey dovey
    and then you see them...staring. It spoils the lovey

    1. haha they just want you to go
      No lovey dovey show

  21. Oh yea, that always works here too, even when the peeps are asleep!

  22. Cats have a perfect stare
    I guess that's because they care
    and life sometimes is not fair
    but cats know how to share!

  23. Cats are the best at getting what they want! They have stares for different situations. :)

  24. Pics are bunches of cute, the anxious one is a hoot. The stares are more than one can bare. Just wanna hug and tug.

  25. I do see where the stare would be hard to resist. :)

    1. haha if that doesn't work
      On to the scratching you up perk

  26. Cats have it all figured out.
    To that there is no doubt.
    Love your kitties.
    They are so witty.

    1. They have it down
      As they stare at every town

  27. Haha ~ how cute! As a third grade teacher, I mastered all kinds of stares and looks! Have a good one, Pat!

  28. Love these pics
    Of the staring tricks
    I, too, have a few
    That would render you blue!

    1. lol glad it is just cats at my sea
      then no back talk comes along from which I must agree


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