Do You See = Stupid As Can Be!

The cat got asked the stupid question once again. How many times is that at our den? I think I've lost count. Been asked it a high amount. What is it that gets cheers? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

How should I know?
Do I look like a .99 a minute psychic show?
Why do you care?
Bet I'll still have the same underwear.

Wait, I'd have to wear those.
Maybe same socks on my toes?
That isn't good enough for you?
Hey, I bet it's at least new.

Maybe I'll go fly a kite.
Could gain super human sight.
Maybe fall from a step.
A scrapped knee gives no pep.

You asking again?
You want me to write it in pen?
Pffft, good luck with that.
Go somewhere else and be a dingbat.

Maybe I'll be sitting here blogging.
5 years ahead would be quite the logging.
Don't even think I can get that far.
Sorry, no repeat crap at my bar.

Maybe I'll win the lottery.
Heck, could take up pottery.
Whelmed I may just be.
At least whelmed is tax free.

Could be dead in a ditch.
Yeah, that would be a bitch.
Don't want to be a downer?
Bah, go bug an out of towner.

Would it be towner if you are in a city?
That could make a fine future ditty.
See, you helped me out.
I can see a future shout.

Not 5 years though.
Stuff it at your show.
I'll enjoy each day,
And not make some plan to slave away.

Not a good answer for you?
Well boo friggin hoo.
Or whoodi friggin doo.
Either way, I haven't a clue.

Do you love that question at your sea? Why 5 years do they ask with glee? 1 would make more sense. That far out if you know exactly where you'll be you may be dense. That or a time traveler at your sea. For things can change faster than leaves on a tree. Plus how can you see? Do you look into a crystal ball or TV? The cat is through with his sass and I'm sure in 5 years, if I don't croak, I'll still be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. What? You'll have the same underwear?
    Would that make some folks stare?
    A cat wearing underwear at his lair...
    Is that your idea of flair?

    1. Could be wise
      As the cat tries
      Then no litter
      But they may smell bitter

    2. haha the smell
      Sure wouldn't be swell

  2. Five years is a long time, If only we could all see into the future eh?

    1. Yeah, be nice to see that far
      But could easily get hit by a car

  3. Do You See = Stupid As Can Be!
    5 years long years to seek reality
    Forget the stupid
    Look for own feed
    And savor the semblance of sanity


    1. Sanity works for me
      I'll stick with that at my sea

  4. In five years I will have grey hairs coming our of my ears/Give me ten more and my double-chin will be hitting the floor! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. lol need some Zumba at your sea?
      May stop the double chin spree

  5. Lots can happen in five years, I am not too keen on getting hung up on the future. It will unfold in ways we would never imagine. Now getting an education or starting a good habit is good.

    1. Yeah, the last two are good indeed
      But things can change and sprout out life like a weed

  6. Will you have the same underwear in 5 years?
    If the elastic holds out it appears
    Don't put it in the dryer
    Hang outside for a flyer
    In the wind and the snow
    But 5 years will be a go

    1. lol hang them for all to see
      That would be a spree
      Not that I care
      As I go bare with no underwear lol

    2. The imagery in this gives me the giggles. LOL

    3. lol a giggle fit
      Is fine for it

  7. When you are my age, five years goes fast, but not a whole lot changes!

    1. That can be a good thing
      Beats a bunch of bad shit at ones wing

  8. I don't even know where I'll be next month!

    1. lol that is the case here
      With my rhyming rear

  9. I just I am on this side of dirt in five years. Who knows where any of us will be in five years. Wishing every one a great Sunday to start the five years.

    1. Yeah, who knows indeed
      So I just go pfffft to the question at my feed

  10. 5 years will go by before you know it!

  11. Oh man... I have no idea where I will be in 5 years. I hope it isn't 6 feet under. hahahahahhah

    1. hahaha yeah, that is a hope for me too
      As that would stink at my zoo

  12. Couldn't even begin to think
    what the next 5 years could bring
    if you told me last year what this year would have been like
    I would have said you were a bit of a ding

    good to have some plans
    but be aware that all could change
    that seems to be how life goes
    even with things we try to arrange


    1. haha a ding a ling one would be
      If they tried to last year peg thee
      Yep, life will sure go another way
      Rearranging no matter what you say

  13. Sometimes I have trouble making a five day plan. Never tried for five years. Way too many things change that are out of my control.

    1. Yep, seems pointless as can be
      As things will change many a time during a 5 year spree

  14. No Cat on blogger 5 years from now? Pffft, Cat will be here until he's used up all nine of his lives.

    Don't know why they choose five years as a time frame. Maybe due to Mao's Five Year Plan?

    1. Could be that
      As the Chinese work their arse off where they are at
      haha the cat will be around for a while indeed
      Just may not every day at our feed

  15. 5 years is typical for work, home or any zoo
    I just hope I can still go to the loo.
    This was figured out my many people called type A
    They are usually the ones who get heart attacks eh?

    1. lol let them have the heart attack
      Those type A's need a head whack

  16. In 5 years hopefully we will be in that 55 and over apartment complex that hubby keeps wanting to move to. No more screaming kids out and about all day and night...hopefully.

    1. Hopefully so at your sea
      A good goal to have for thee

  17. 5 years? WOW I don't even have a clue what might happen tomorrow! I live one day at a time.

  18. 5 years? WOW I don't even have a clue what might happen tomorrow! I live one day at a time.

  19. That is one of the top interview questions employers like to ask. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I don't know I have trouble with what tomorrow might bring and in today's market force it might be a good idea to ask a potential employer where they see their business in 5 years as so many shut down leaving many without jobs.

    I know someone who was asked that question and he said I see myself in your position...haha..needless to say he wasn't hired.

    1. lol sounds like something I'd say
      Boss wouldn't want their position taken away
      They ask the damn thing every time
      Don't answer, it's a crime

  20. Winning the lottery would be fine
    in fact it would be super sublime
    and flying a kite might be quite fine
    though it might cost more than a dime!

    1. haha rather win the lottery any day
      Than fly a kite at my bay

  21. 5 years can be like 5 minutes
    sometimes longer, if look from distance,
    our plans might change or we could move
    to other harbor or just to hood.

    1. Could move indeed
      Plan to at my feed
      Can fly by though
      So what do I know

  22. I'm afraid that five years will go by awfully quickly.

  23. You have been blogging for 5 years? Congratulations! That's a long time.

  24. five years doesn't mean much to the lifetime of years, but it is a piece of the living puzzle. Ugh, I feel old.

  25. Hate that question
    With a passion
    Ask another
    Of a différent fashion

    1. That is what I'd say
      They can stuff it at their bay

  26. I'd like to see myself sitting on a beach sipping a fruity drink. However, I'll probably just be 5 years older, have more wrinkles and gray hair, and be crabbier than ever.

    1. lol the older you get at your sea
      The more you can say I'm too old for this shit with glee

  27. I think they mean, "What are your goals"
    not predicting the future like a wizard or troll.

    1. lol but life can screw goals up
      Faster that food for a pup


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