Let's Justify Today Along The Way!

You humans really have to get justification for everything you do. That is so sad and true. Don't believe the cat? I'll prove it with a little rhyming spat.

I am the best.
I beat the rest.
Say it with me.
I'm the best from sea to sea.

I bought this.
The deal wasn't one to miss.
I didn't have the money,
But it was a deal, Honey.

I ran the light.
It was at night.
No car in sight.
He hit me out of spite.

The movie would have been great,
But the studio wanted a new trait.
The script wasn't bad at all.
See? I wrote it in crayon on the wall.

I stole that car.
He was drunk at a bar.
I saved a drunk driver.
Should put me on Survivor.

I robbed that bank.
I upped my rank.
I had to because I'm broke.
They are insured, you bloke.

You should have done this,
If you wanted to keep my bliss.
You really made me cheat,
With your attention delete.

I ate nothing yesterday,
So I can sit and play.
No need to exercise here.
See? Not much of growing rear.

I killed them because they were mean.
They were demons and unclean.
God told me to.
Believe it to be true.

I'm still the best.
See my preening chest?
Say it with me.
I'm the best from sea to sea.

An excuse to justify a reason why. Always need an oh me, oh my. Justification sure seems to be your thing. For reasons for everything you can sing. Need to justify everything at your sea? Might not want to tell me. Then I can give some more sass from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a great fall.


    on the mat
    Are you going to win?
    No need to spin?
    How about a brand new bin?
    Would that be fun
    Like a chicken run?
    Hey, it's Wednesday...
    Such a fun day!

  2. I'm sorry but I gotta go
    Too much traffic at my show
    Excuse me while I say goodbye
    I'm sorry if it makes you cry

    1. Are you off to find your blue suede shoe?
      I read the book the cat wrote about you
      Hope you aren't texting while driving...

    2. The Cat was a bit mean
      At his sniff sniff scene

    3. You will find that shoe
      believe me it is true...
      at least you were wearing Ted Baker
      as you ran across the acre...

    4. Pffft such an excuse from you
      On the road can't be true lol

    5. On the road without a shoe
      could that be true???

    6. Would suck indeed
      Walk all lopsided at his feed

    7. It's just a rumor, True
      My backup shoe may not be blue

  3. Replies
    1. Nope, cheating near and far
      Just gets a divorce and one living in the car

    2. or in a van down by the river

    3. Not a great spot
      To be caught

  4. I will justify
    Until the day I die
    No need to promise why
    Even do it with a sigh
    Hey Mable, it's easy as pie
    Easy as the shoe you tie
    Or the kite up high you fly
    Now it's time to say "goodby."

    1. Especially when that shoe
      Is shocking blue!
      Off I go
      At my show...

    2. What if a shoe you can't tie
      Then is it easy as a kite you fly?
      What if no wind is had?
      Could drive one mad

  5. Let's Justify Today Along The Way!
    To think justification the way to play
    It is mere excuse
    Tongue gets loose
    Karma will then catch up one fine day


    1. Tongue sure flaps loose
      Like a happy little goose

  6. have pen & paper make notation
    we all need a bit of justification
    trying to do some rationalization
    some make it with acclamation
    excuses for procrastination
    justifying an accusation
    trying to ease frustration
    support the cause make a donation
    rob a bank get more than probation
    ease your pain with sedation
    no longer will you feel sensation
    we all need a bit of imagination
    or there will be stagnation
    why all this need for complication
    did I tell you I saw the space station
    as it was making it's rotation
    I was filled with elation
    saw a shooting star in the constellation
    it gave off a cosmic vibration
    need to review the situation
    perhaps, gather new information
    find some new inspiration
    feel some liberation
    that all I got on justification
    sorry for all the fragmentation

    1. An tion run
      Is so fun
      Space stations galore
      For one to explore
      But nothing to lose sensation
      That sure causes no elation
      At any old station spot
      Space or not

    2. haha to that I agree
      no sedation spree for me..

    3. Be dead soon enough
      Then we can sleep without it being rough

    4. lol only if you let it be
      Otherwise pfffft it with me

  7. Sad we always have to give a reason
    to try to justify something along the way
    better to keep it simple and admit a mistake
    and then go out and continue to play


    1. That is the better way
      Admit to it and have a better day

  8. Guess that is why cats are so sure of themselves. They sure don't worry about justifying themselves. It is too bad to try to justify things that you do. Pat have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Yep, cats just go on their way each day
      No justifying comes into play

  9. That's a whole big bunch of irrational rationalization!

  10. I ain't got nothing
    Been looking for some loving
    Is it cheap?
    is it deep?
    Will it keep me huffing?

  11. You could have titled this
    "Are we all fifteen?"

    No excuses -No wonder adulthood is overrated.

    1. Could have indeed
      As excuses to justify everything take seed

  12. I just read a stupid justification on FB about stores being open on Thanksgiving......someone actually said since medical staff has to often work on Thanksgiving, why shouldn't retail workers?

    1. lmao sooo stupid indeed
      Some people in a wake up call they are in need

  13. Humans are good at justifying what they do.
    But not me, nor you.

    (And I have no idea what I'm saying.)

  14. We humans think we're oh so great.
    But felines are truly top rate
    You don't excuse or tell grand lies
    You eat up rats and snack on flies
    A human's a tool
    Cats do rule.

    1. Cat's use them as a tool
      And they are a tool kinda fool
      Two in one
      As around humans run

  15. I have to take a picture every day
    Or my mind might go away
    A snowflake I must create every week
    Or I might not be able to speak
    Pedal away I long to ride
    From stress and trauma and drama I must hide

    1. Well they are good things to avoid
      Wouldn't want to become paranoid

  16. orlin N cassie

    ya noe....another reezon we iz glad we iz catz...if we wanna puke on de floor....

    we do it...



    plane & simpull ! ♥♥♥

  17. Once again the cat's right/excuses all day and night/I bought this with no money/we can't eat but at least we look nice, honey. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yep, looking nice is grand
      Who needs eating in any land

  18. The movie?
    Great? Yeah, no luck.
    Not groovy.
    In a word: suck.

  19. The older I get the less I feel that I have to justify anything.

  20. Justification
    The human nation
    No doubt about that
    Just ask the cat

  21. truedessa must have been bored today... lol...

  22. I think...hmmmm....cats 'justify' all around:
    birds, humans, hounds....

  23. Seems that is the way of the world now, blaming and making radical excuses for everything.

    1. Yep, everything has an excuse
      They can stick it up their caboose

  24. I try not to justify what I do. If I do something others may not agree with, that's my business. If someone doesn't like it? Tough... spit.

    1. All that spitfire in a young gal. I think she's bitter that Halloween is over. ;) :)

    2. lol tough spit works indeed
      Go that way at my feed

      She very well could be
      Has to wait a whole 11 months at her sea

  25. You are THE CAT
    We have no spat
    Folks do what they do
    Don't let them blame YOU.

  26. We may specify so we can justify why, in the end, we are morons. Not you..or me but others I speak of that we have met o'er the years be it at work or at play

    1. Yep, met many over the years
      They get no cheers

  27. Didn't you know
    I AM the best from sea to sea
    And as far as I know
    Everyone agrees with me!


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