Light or Deep At Your Keep!

We all know the blue guy likes to snore. You can hear him at some far away shore. But then how about you? Are you snoring away at your zoo? Can you snore and read at the same time? Damn, if so, you are in your prime.

Do you sleep light?
Do you sleep deep?
Do you sleep at night?
What hours do you keep?

Why do I care?
Why do you ask?
Sleep isn't rare.
It's a daily task.

Do you sleep early.
Do you sleep late?
Do you go squirrely,
If no sleep is your fate?

What was that?
I'm a nosey cat?
You didn't know that?
Where have you been at?

Do you sleep in late?
Do you get up early.
Did you take the bait,
And bet I'd reuse squirrely?

Mad that I'm a re-user?
That is too bad.
No need to be an abuser,
Just sleep on it at your pad.

Do you sleep on your side?
Do you sleep on your back?
Or do you do a nightly ride,
Flipping here and there at your shack?

No, not that ride.
But that is okay.
Do it with pride.
It may fall off one day.

Do you snore?
Do you get up to pee?
Both are a chore,
And cause no glee.

Why did I ask?
You asking again?
Because with such a task,
I can say all of the above at me den.

That and more indeed. I sleep everywhere and every which way at my feed. Can you say you are on par with the cat? I hope you don't snore like a super powered rat. The cat only snores a little and thankfully Pat's ears aren't brittle. Did you fall asleep with this pass? Sorry, not really, from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I am a night owl
    Although I don't prowl
    Sleep on side or back
    Many hours I lack

    1. Sleep on back don't work for me
      Do that and I'll be screwed at my sea

  2. Snoring doesn't bother me,
    that is very true.
    The point though is moot
    there are no snorers at my zoo.

    1. Good that it is moot
      Just let each give a toot

  3. tired, I sleep to dream
    traveling on a moonbeam
    drifting with a crystal stream
    where the water does gleam
    pulling my heart at the seam
    sometimes I want to scream
    restless I roam in a dream

    Could be snorin'
    as I am sorin'
    or maybe just roarin'
    as it is pourin'
    in the early mornin'

    1. Soarin'

      Hey it's early mornin'

    2. Poorin away
      Here at our bay
      Slept right in
      Such a win
      The cat is meowing away
      Now all day
      Running to and fro
      He'll dream later though

  4. You told the story, you told the scoop
    On noisey snorers, you gave the poop
    I like quiet when I sleep
    Never like to hear a peep
    All the snorers in the land
    Should camp at Blue's across the sand
    There a chorus they can make
    Delight the world, a piece of cake

    1. lol could record them all
      And he'd have a hit at his hall
      The musical snoring troop
      That would be worth the scoop

  5. I'm an early riser if I don't get up and pee at 3 am. If my bladder is empty, I can snooze all morning. ;-}

    1. Drink too much and the pee thing comes indeed
      Have to watch that at our feed lol

  6. Back in the day, I could sleep til noon with no problem. Now it's eight at the latest on a Saturday. Crap.

    1. lol damn, that sure sucks indeed
      When you want to sleep in at your feed

  7. All of us here sleep most of the day and some of us do snore. We get up early so we can eat lots. Then back to nap time. Us cats do love to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.

    1. Sleep cats do have down a ton
      After a little morning eat and run

  8. I like to believe I don't snore, but I'm never awake to know

  9. Oh, I never sleep late, I've got to wake up the peeps at 5AM!

    1. lol Orlin does that too
      Was 4am today at our zoo

  10. I've been know to be a bit of a snorer
    Often keeping up others at night
    I am one of those that get up
    at dawn's earliest light


    1. At least up you get at your sea
      Then others can sleep with no snore spree lol

  11. Light or Deep At Your Keep!
    We are all talking about sleep
    Spot of dreaming
    Or sleep-walking
    Or perhaps just counting sheep


    1. Sleep walking would stink
      Could trip and fall without even a wink

  12. Slow sinking in sleep
    if it's quit at slit,
    if it's not
    I'd chart
    play Sudoku till leap
    in the dream at my keep.

  13. I'll take sleep any way I can get it.

  14. I have sleep apnea or at least hubby says I do. I don't know for sure because my insurance won't pay for a sleep study in order for me to get a CPAP machine. I probably wouldn't be able to sleep with it anyway.

    1. Those things are quite the contraptions too
      Seen a few at my zoo

  15. I wish I could sleep as sound as my cats.
    I've tried but there's no way I can do that.

  16. Oh my what questions you ask today
    how we sleep on any given day
    in winter I sleep more hours in the night
    when the sun is longer out of sight
    unless a dog or two begins to bark
    then I wake up when it is yet dark!

    1. haha they want all up
      Hard to sleep through a barking pup

  17. I sleep deep/so deep that I imagine I am riding horses in a heap. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  18. I have slept in a car
    I have slept in a bar.
    I have slept on a stool
    and no, I didn't drool.
    I can almost sleep standing up
    but I would rather sleep with a little pup.
    I have done that too, at my zoo.
    I am crazy when I sleep
    makes my husband say "bleep, bleep, bleep"

    1. lol good you don't drool
      That isn't cool
      Crazy as can be
      May get a bleep from sea to sea

  19. I can say all of the above too, Cat. I'm all over the place when it comes to sleep. I just wish I could curl up into ball in a little hide-hole and sleep my cares away like all you lucky cats.

    1. Would be nice for all
      If they could do that at any hall

  20. I've been known to snore, I'm told
    if I'm stuffed up with a cold.
    But usually I just sleep quiet and deep
    even if others around me creep.
    I don't wake up to a little noise
    that is made by one of the boys.

    1. Used to all the noise at your sea
      So sleep away with ease to each noise spree

  21. Ah Pat in the Hatt
    I might sleep on a mat
    I'm wide asleep
    I'm slow asleep
    I can snore
    More and more
    A snore and a bark
    Makes me a snark!

    Pawsitive wishes,
    Licking the dishes,

    Penny, Penny, never too many.....

  22. I used to sleep really light. Then I had kids. Now, I am exhausted all the time, so it takes a freight train to wake me up!

    1. haha well at least you sleep good
      There in your hood

  23. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz SNORE SNORE
    Do I need to say more?


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