Looking Up Like A Silly Pup!

Did it ever occur to you that humans are like dogs at their zoo? No, they don't eat their own poo, at least I hope that is true, but just like a pup will worship you, you all worship those without a clue.

Years upon years ago,
It was Zeus high and low.
The guy slept with everything going,
Yet he still got a royal showing.

There was a bunch then.
Gods above mere men.
And as much as they were fiction,
So are these other idiots with each depiction.

Worships actors by the ton.
They aren't like everyone.
They deserve your praise.
After all, they play make believe like the kids you raise.

They are just as whiny.
Their ego anything but tiny.
They can't even tie their own shoes,
And they always have to make the news.

With assistants two by two,
A PR rep to blind you,
And a good script written,
You are well and smitten.

Then you got the crybabies.
Who are roided out and act like they got rabies.
My, they can throw a ball around.
Go and bow down on the ground.

They are so great.
None can relate.
Oopsy, they stubbed their toe.
Now off to the sidelines they go.

But they can still promote.
Pepsi got their vote.
Or whoever pays the most.
They'll sell it from coast to coast.

And just because they do,
It will be bought by you.
Gullible humans everywhere.
Just look at washed up actress touting shiny hair.

Don't you want that?
Grab it where you're at.
I now have more respect for a mutt.
That's saying something at my hut.

Worship the crybabies and children at your sea? Aren't they as great as can be? Wow, they are on reality TV. They must be worshiped by thee. Pfffft to each and everyone. Lazy asses can go fry in the sun. On worshiping any such idiots the cat will take a pass. They can simply pucker up to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Blue!

      cat is sleeping on his mat
      meowing away bothering Pat

    2. Cat wasn't asleep
      Pat was trying but cat didn't let him at our keep

    3. True!
      I could hear them both snore
      Like some encore

    4. GRRRRRRREAT post!
      From coast to coast!

      (Where is R?
      On a star?)

    5. I thought you had R
      At your sand bar

    6. Maybe I do
      R's sniffin' my shoe
      Playing hide and seek with Scooby Doo
      Reading a book about some kangaroo

    7. haha stuck at your lair
      Hmm maybe you were R and now you don't care

  2. Oh yes let's worship those actors with the multi million dollar paychecks for a single movie because that's so entertaining. But let's pay our doctors crap who save lives every day, and let's treat our service men like shit who put their lives in danger every day for our freedom. Yep, we live in a messed up world!

    1. Yep, just toss the servicemen away when they come home
      But the morons who make remakes deserve a gold filled dome

  3. Reality TV, how real can it be
    The most boring thing you'll ever see
    Watch a narcissist's life? Oh that is fun
    I'd rather count buttons or look at the sun

    1. Rather watch paint dry
      Or poke each one in the eye

    2. lol second may get you sued
      As they find it rude

  4. Looking Up Like A Silly Pup!
    One gets them being served up
    The cry babies
    When aplenty
    Specimens of actors out of luck


    1. That they are
      Out of luck and talent by far

    2. Why adore celebrities at your place
      Because they've got a pretty face?
      Because they are on TV
      Owning a crib on MTV?
      Pffffffft I'd like their wallet though
      Use it more wisely at my show
      Maybe send they Cat some of it too
      Compliments of Scooby Blue

    3. Hey, the cat would take that
      And sure would trim the fat
      No stupid crap like they buy
      For a million bucks the clothes they buy better fly

    4. Fly me to the moon
      But not too soon

    5. In a rocket
      With a huge socket

  5. How true it is
    we worship those in the biz
    or those that can throw a ball
    from the time that we can crawl
    they are given all sorts of dough
    and rarely told no
    then we wonder why they act so bad
    and run around always sounding mad
    we've made them just like this
    no wonder things are amiss

  6. Actors and athletes are just like everyone else. They still work a job. No worshiping here.

    1. Yep, still work they do
      Just on TV to view

    2. I'd rather be an athlete though.

    3. Running to and fro
      After a ball like a mutt on the go?

    4. I wish I could run
      That used to be fun

    5. Never liked running
      To that I stay shunning

  7. No worship here
    disgusted with the propaganda
    our TV news/entertainment shows
    push forward every day
    We aren't supposed to care for the war dead
    instead we learn all about the stars who are getting wed.
    A plan to keep the masses as uninformed as possible - that way men like Trump can become King!

    1. Propaganda every day
      So all sit and obey
      Trump should be flushed down the loo
      Him and that fake hairdo

    2. Trump came to my town the other day. I drove by the college it was at and I wish I didn't, Traffic was a nightmare. I told someone who's never discussed politics about the bad traffic related to Trump and she went "I don't like him, he's an asshole".

    3. lol just another reason to hate him
      He makes traffic grim

  8. Like to watch a bit of reality TV
    just for the fun of it
    but wouldn't worship those that are on
    would be almost like eating s**t.


  9. Most celebrities think they're hot stuff.
    For me, I've had enough.
    They're just people, two arms, two legs, two eyes.
    That's my opinion, now I'll say my goodbyes.

    1. Yep, they are full of crap
      I'd rather go take a nap

  10. Is there any family on earth as bad as the Kardashians?
    I think not.

  11. Yeah don't you just love when one of them peddles something like Pepsi? "I have 6% body fat and my job is to be a professional athlete, but mmm mmm I sure do love drinking Pepsi. Yummm."

    1. Yep, a whole big pile of shit
      As out with that they'll spit
      Peddling all that useless crap
      And many fall for it like a sap

  12. Comparing us to dogs, Pat? That's low.

    1. lol well if the shoe fits
      Grab it and tear it to bits

  13. I need an assistant, I'm not sure for what, but I could think of something. :)

  14. They worship themselves more than enough
    And millions added to this - they think they're really not stuff
    How does a regular, nice gal get some attention
    Without posing in the buff?
    Dangit, it's rough.

    1. lol rough it is
      The attention biz
      But then who needs that?
      Then nuts will be where you're at

  15. Oh those crybabies drive me nuts, but remember, it's a short trip!

  16. Did you just compare me to a dog, cat?! I'm not sure how I feel about this. Normally I'd be insulted, but dogs have lots of lovely qualities such as being man's best friend, always happy, and a huge help. I'm not sure about the worshiping part. Unless you count my secret shrine to Robert Downy Jr... I kid, I kid!

    1. lol hey, dogs are fine to be compared too
      Other than their need to eat anything in view
      RDJ shrine hidden in your closet I bet
      Probably have him as some voodoo doll pet

    2. Jax! Cat, did you know she likes men in skinny suits?

    3. She must have a thing
      Watch out at your wing

  17. The cult of personality is just that, a cult. People get sucked into the ridiculous drama of a celebrities life, forgetting their own lives in the process. And really, do we want to admire and emulate the low morals of most of these individuals? Looking at the world today, it would appear as if we do. Pander to the lowest common denominator in society and make the big bucks.

    I'm like you Cat, I gave up television long ago and good riddance to it.

    1. Yep, that is what it is
      A cult/sheep following biz
      Admire and emulate the trashy stuff
      And think that life won't be rough
      Pffft to them all
      Much rather stare at the wall

    2. Some bloke made an app that will filter the Kardashians from your computer. I think he should get the Nobel Prize for that one.

      I don't want to know about the lives of actors whose work I do like. There should be a wall between us and them. Knowing too much about them ruins it for me.

    3. lol that is a wise guy indeed
      Getting rid of all their crap at every feed
      Yeah, who wants to know
      As then they sink even further low

  18. All you need is 15 minutes of fame and you will have a following--like it or not.

    1. And the following is scary
      As things can get hairy

  19. I don't get what the infatuation is with some of these celebrities. They're not what I would call classy people.

    1. Nope, not one bit
      But still loved by many a nitwit

  20. Celebrities come
    Celebrities go.
    Some look like Macauley Culkin.
    YEESH!!! Pass, ya know?

    1. lol but isn't that scream
      Just some nitwits dream

  21. You hit one of my pet peeves. Why would anyone let an actor, sports figure or other celebrity type influence their opinion on anything? Makes no sense to me either.

    1. Yep, soooo stupid as can be
      Beats the heck out of me

  22. ha, I was inclined to fight back that humans are nothing like dogs,
    we are definitely not as happy, energetic or lively at our bogs,
    But I must admit you make a point that is fair,
    Celebs can make humans seems as if they're acting out an embarrassing dare!

    1. lmao well that much is true
      They have way more energy and happiness at every zoo
      Yep, make humans do dumb things
      Acting like they are their kings

  23. Pups like man
    Whats up with that?
    Your logic falls a little flat.
    Dogs are loyal, tried and true
    People only make me blue.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Maybe like a goldfish then?
      Forget everything at their den

  24. orlin N cassie...

    thiz is why we haz all wayz sticked ta worshipin de sun, R food dish & oh course,,,de grate Bastet ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. A much better way
      Food and sun can make any day

  25. Dear Pat, we do seem to be living in the age of celebrity. But I can remember back in the '40s that we had crushes on stars like Gary Cooper and Van Johnson. I'm not sure, but I suspect that there are some things about humans--their need to worship--that will always be there. Peace.

    1. Yeah, it does always seem to be there
      From Zeus to the idiots now on screens to spare

  26. That's one thing you can't blame me for
    I worship none of them, nor do I adore.
    Don't even know most of their names
    and don't play the worship game.

  27. I used to think a certain cyclist was pretty cool
    Now I think he's a colossal fool
    No longer over celebrities do I drool
    Instead I think everyday heroes rule

    1. Everyday heroes are the best
      Don't use enhancers to pass the test

  28. Celebs who are philanthropic
    Have some of my vote
    But the bulk of them
    Need to sail off in a boat

  29. Most or many celebrities have no understanding of their own. They can only function with a script or with pirating someone's own thoughts. Even tho they give away millions of dollars to good causes, do they really understand where the money is going?

    1. haha nope, they don't understand at all
      For the only reason most do that is for a tax write off at their hall

  30. I don't worship celebs but there a few I like who do good and are talented. Those are the ones I find inspiring. The last time I worshiped a celeb I was a teeny-bopper. LOL

    1. lol that was a while ago
      Yeah, so do good and not sink low

  31. I don't worship celebs but there a few I like who do good and are talented. Those are the ones I find inspiring. The last time I worshiped a celeb I was a teeny-bopper. LOL

  32. I don't get the celeb worshiping craze.
    Most of them seem to be in a self-important daze.
    Look at me, look at me they all say,
    But piss and moan about no privacy at their bay.
    Most of them are so stupid and fake,
    I wouldn't cry if they went and jumped in a lake!

    1. haha let them sink
      Wouldn't even blink
      Whoopdi friggin do
      To the whole cry baby crew

  33. Worshipping celebs is as old as can be
    The Pickford curls was the rage in the teens, you see.
    Colleen Moore, in the '20's, had the bob.
    She was THE flapper creating a mob
    of gals to look just like she.
    Nothing new except more media zoo
    where botox, tummy tucks et al for that crew.
    The sad part is all one needs is to be crass
    and have a plastic face and one huge ass.

    1. lol that they sure do
      Have that huge ass in view
      With plastic up there as well
      And they can be oh so swell


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