Lose Or Win Not Always A Sin!

As many authors know, you may never win a lot of dough, as in get sales. Not like the lottery fails. That is just throwing away money, pretending you'll win and all will be sunny. It's a chance, but only at a far, far away glance. But even if you don't win still doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a spin.

You just never know,
How things will go.
But if you sit on your ass,
Nothing will come to pass.

A fail is a fail.
But you made a trail.
A trail with some strife,
But that is just life.

Learned what won't work.
Learned a new perk.
Not all is bad.
Fun can be had.

Done more than most,
As in life they coast.
Never climbing that hill,
Buried in a landfill.

Where as you may smell,
But what the hell.
You can shower it off,
No need to scoff.

Try, try again.
Said at many a den.
But that is only true,
If there is a point at your zoo.

Learn one way it won't work.
That is a perk.
Learn another and another,
Until a win you smother.

But knowing when to cut the cord,
Is its own reward.
Then there's a new path.
You can always take a bath.

A fail may come once more,
Maybe even a fail of lore.
But what the hell.
You rang the bell.

A win is grand.
Liked across the land.
But a fail you learn,
Both have their turn.

Afraid to fail at your sea? Afraid to fail miserably and fall from a tree? Better to fail than to never try. But that is what keeps the cat spry. Try this and that, maybe chew some fat. Hey, helps with the mass of my trying little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Blue and Hank
      Walked the plank
      On the road
      Or in snore mode

    2. I was on the road
      Stuck like a toad
      True is number one
      Such fun!

    3. Was on the road too
      Just like Blue
      Diwali is long weekend
      Took a litte time
      For some travel
      Diwali is their Christmas
      To Hindus and Tamils


    4. on the road times two
      Look at you
      And a long weekend is grand
      Enjoy in your land

  2. It's Friday
    such a fun day

    Where is Blue
    I haven't a clue
    still chasing that shoe

    Good morning Pat
    and your rhyming cat

    1. I went to the link, but sadly it is not on display
      I will have to try again later in the day...

    2. It is now indeed
      At the other feed
      Blue caught the shoe
      And got his poo lol
      Maybe he was so elated
      That he became constipated

    3. There's no poo near my shoe
      Just a blue Scooby Doo
      And a grumpy goo
      I was elated today
      Got a Boppity book at my bay
      So now I gotta go (when I gotta go)
      At the Boppity Blue show

    4. Just dropping back in to let you know I read the interview. In the words of "R"

      Great Post
      from coast to coast...heehee

    5. The book is there
      At your lair
      Now you have a shoe
      And can stop being blue lol

      For meee

    6. R never says, "From coast to coast"
      You're quoting Blue
      And his blue suede shoe
      Scooby Doo!

  3. Well done, Truedessa! I think they are missing because this didn't show up in the feed this morning.
    Only way to really fail is to quit. And if something isn't working, try something else.

    1. Easy #1 win
      as I gave it a spin
      leaving with a grin...

      If you want to win you have to get in...
      do not quit use your wit...

      have a good day!

    2. Yep, have to take it another way
      And can't quit, unless it makes sense to, at ones bay
      Not showing up you say?
      Stupid blogger does that with my display

    3. It didn't show up... how could this be?
      Let me raise you a Scooby Dooweeeeh
      It's Friday...
      Such a fun day!

  4. Well you never know if you fail until you try and try ~ At least one has no regrets ~ Good morning ~

    1. Yep, no regrets as long as you try
      Unless maybe if you try something and die lol

  5. That is so true, Better to fail then never try. Who knows you may succeed.

  6. Some people want to lead a band
    They got rhythm I understand
    A jackpot others want to win
    Wanting money is no sin
    A sin is when you piss and moan
    So no one calls you on the phone
    Get off your butt and try some more
    Watch your bad luck fly out the door

    1. But that takes skill
      And a toilet to fill
      Have to make sure you don't miss
      As you moan and at the same time piss lol

  7. Learn what won't work
    Take this or another branch of fork.
    At least some story to talk
    about, when you let to fly a cork...

    1. Provides a good tale indeed
      When you finally succeed

  8. So true to keep trying
    even if one fails at something
    better to keep on working and pursuing
    than shut down and do nothing


    1. Yep, doing nothing gets you nowhere
      Except on the street and bare

  9. Wise words.

    " Better to fail than to never try."

    1. Have to keep on a going
      With the trying showing

  10. Anyone can end up losing

    unless you're Charlie Sheen

    1. Then you become a drug addict
      Always in conflict

  11. This is an inspiring post for Nanowrimo season. Writing for fun is the very best reason. It would be nice to also make some cash. It's just better if your hopes don't dash.

    1. Yeah, cash would be grand
      Sadly not likely in many a land

  12. In this for the money?
    Why, that thought is funny.
    I thought I wrote for fun.
    Not to be a rich someone.

    1. Fun it has to be
      Rich = same odds as the lottery

  13. Interesting tale,
    when people fail.
    But even then,
    just try again.
    There is something you still earn,
    every failure helps you learn.
    Never needlessly should you fret,
    Life's lessons you ne'er forget.
    Failure only leads to disgust,
    If you don't stand and shake the dust.

    1. That it will do
      Flush the dust too
      take what you learn
      And do a u-turn
      Or another way
      Whatever works at the end of the day

  14. "I rang the bell!" Now that would be an perfect epitaph for me, except I plan to be scattered on the wind! You cannot get anywhere in life without failure. And if you've never failed, then you've never lived. I used to model "failure and mistakes" all the time when I was teaching, especially when it came to computers! I wanted my kiddos to know that everyone makes mistakes and fails; what matters is how you respond to setbacks and how you learn through your mistakes. I wish I had your easy "No" to requests. I'm highly skilled in avoid situations where I might have to say no. LOL Have a great weekend, Pat!

    1. lol well at least you have that skill
      See, you don't need "no" with that at your hill
      And yeah, depends on how you respond to each setback
      And hopefully not have a heart attack

  15. I think one must always try
    better than sitting still and cry
    the blues while others pass you by.
    To fail is to learn and grow which is why
    we feel great when we triumph and apply
    this to our next venture so we can fly.

    1. Growth is good
      At any old hood
      Going all boo hoo
      Leaves you stuck like glue

  16. One of my favorite cliche sayings is the good ol' "it's not how many times you fall, it's how many times you get up". It's really so true! I'm good about not fearing failure in some parts of my life and then really bad about it in others.

    1. Very true indeed
      Have to get back up at each feed

  17. Was it Nike who famously said
    "Just do it" before you're dead
    Or the hockey player, for heaven's sake,
    Who said, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take"

  18. When a flood comes, you have to keep paddling to safety. Then you have to go back, and rebuild.

    1. Or move where there is no flood
      Then you may get mud

  19. We don't really like to fail but it happens from time to time!

  20. A win is grand
    But never a grand in my land
    So what... we can cope
    It's not like I need a rope
    The Cat is wise today
    At his Kitty Cat bay

    1. A rope could be dandy
      May come in handy
      Could help zipline away
      From a scary bay

  21. Everything worth doing may not result in dough
    But your life will be a lot more fun, that's what you need to know!

    1. A lot more fun is fine by me
      As long as a street corner doesn't become home to we

  22. I fail all the time, just have to try again.

  23. orlin N cassie

    yur rite on thiz for sure......look at Dr Seuss....him tried like 27 times ta get sum one ta look at hiz furst book.....nada.........

    yea, N we bet thoz furst 26 soon stood up.... N kicked ther selves in ther azz huh !!

    heerz two a tompot blenny kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. Yep, kicked and kicked some more
      As he still makes more dead than most do alive at their shore

  24. That's a wise little nugget of information, Cat! It certainly is better to try and fail to then to never try at all. You can't get a win if you try!

    1. Think you missed a "don't"
      But point that out I won't lol

  25. Lose or win not sin
    Pick one out of the bin
    Not to fail
    To no avail
    If having failed try again

  26. Lose or win not sin
    Pick one out of the bin
    Not to fail
    To no avail
    If having failed try again

  27. It's true! You do miss 100% of the shots you don't take. I'd rather try and fail then always wonder what could have been.

    1. The better way to be
      Who needs a wondering spree

  28. A fail is a fail
    a win is a win
    who determines what?
    who is out? who is in?

  29. The only true failure is the failure to try. And the saddest waste is to sit on the sidelines and let opportunities go by out of a foolish fear of failure.

    1. Yep, can't sit there
      If you want anything at your lair

  30. I couldn't agree more
    with your try and fail chore.
    Money isn't always the end result
    but don't take it as an insult.
    If you love it, then do it...
    don't just yawn and sit.

    1. That should be the way
      Don't always need pay
      Have some fun
      Find a way to get it done

  31. Galaxy Quest: Never give up! Never surrender! Gotta love Tim Allen.

    Good advice to all.

    1. Yep, that one was great
      Good advice at any rate

  32. Must keep trying
    After each fall
    It can be hard to get up
    But keep your eye on the ball

    Or the catnip...

    1. Just use your hands too
      Or the ball may contact face of you


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