Maybe, Sorta, Going Green If You Get What I Mean!

The cat had to deal with a green nut the other day. Nope, not a little green martian at my bay. Those who go way, way, way out there at their sea and have to tell everyone about it as they hug a tree. So just for fun I let my mouth run.

Go green and don't drive.
There is no way we'll survive.
Go green and drive a bike,
Or walk and take a hike.

Drive a bike you say?
Walk every which way?
Did you make your own shoes?
Did you make the bike you choose?

No, but I eat green.
No meat at my scene.
I make sure to make little trash.
I don't even carry cash.

Did you grow your own food?
Did your trash get taken away by some dude?
What? You didn't walk it to the dump?
My, you are a green chump.

I collect my own rain water.
I am quite the green trotter.
Listen to me and go green.
Now stop making a scene.

Did the buckets you use to collect it,
Get made by you every little bit?
No? Damn, you are so bad.
Not very green at your pad.

What are you saying?
Of course for stuff I'm paying.
I want to keep the economy going.
But we all need a green showing.

Did you make that wallet?
Or did you mall it?
Did you make it from trash?
Hope it doesn't give you a bad rash.

Go away from me.
I am green like this tree.
You are twisting things around.
Green is where it is found.

Now you can go save a whale,
After your great green fail.
Enjoy your fake green life.
Maybe you'll get a fake green wife.

Green nuts bug the cat. They think they are all of that. But guess what? That bike, wallet, food, etc. were shipped near your hut. So that means gas was used. Gas was abused. Stuff was used to make the crap. It could have traveled halfway across the map. Wow, you just proved you are soooooo green. Bite me I say to them and their uber green scene. Only way to go green is live in the woods, use nothing made or grown that wasn't by you, and poop in a hole. Then you will obtain your green goal. Other than that go preach to a leech, maybe you'll get eaten by a shark at the beach. Hey, that would be green in mass. Go help the sharks says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    Where's the party at?
    Don't you know
    At your show
    That it's Friday...
    Such a fun day?
    One more day of getting stuck
    But with a bit of luck
    I'll make it, like you,
    Hank, True and Jax too,
    With or without my shoe.

    Hey, this sure is a great post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Not getting stuck
      To make a buck
      Jax tries to change
      Pfffft to that at my range

      For meeee

    2. Who is number one?
      In the place to be!

  2. Number two
    At your zoo.
    Better than meeting you
    At the loo!

  3. Those are all valid points! One can never really go green. And why would you want to? Sounds inconvenient.

    1. Nope, not really can they go
      And yeah, would be annoying at every show

  4. Similar to vegans, they like to make sure everyone knows!

  5. 'Going Green If You Get What I Mean!'
    Many done it and would like it to be seen
    Grow your own food
    To tell to all the dudes
    A fake life, they wouldn't be all that green


  6. Preach to a leech?
    Ain't that a beech
    The leech is a sinner
    The world needs a winner
    Please preach away I do say
    Leech had a roll in the hay
    The hay wasn't green it was blue
    Lena Leech is his love it is true
    Pray Leech in time learns his lesson
    Or he'll have to spend time at confession

    1. A lot of leeching
      With a little preeching
      Rolling in that hay
      Blue you say?
      Like the balls on Blue's tree?
      Damn, that isn't a good rolling spree
      Itchy and blue
      That wouldn't do

    2. Everyone is sharp as a needle today. First I get a laugh
      from Kentucky/Governor and now Blue's balls on his
      tree. It's better than a Comedy Central day.

    3. haha have to get them all in
      Before some nut says it is a sin

    4. Blue balls? What blue balls? Whose blue balls?

    5. You sure have them on the brain
      As the blue balls rain

  7. I do my part to be green
    but I don't do it in an annoying way to be obscene
    I don't think I'll ever get around to using the bags they want us to use
    but they keep reminding me to do so and that makes me blow a fuse


    1. The plastic bags come in handy anyway
      Make good dog poop picker uppers at your bay haha

  8. I wouldn't trust the rain water in my area

  9. Kermit the Frog says it's not easy being green!

    1. lol at least he's sorta in tune
      Unlike the other many a green loon

  10. Green is good but so is all other food. Love Brian's comment.

  11. If I had a green nut....
    Huh. Imagine that.
    Well, golly, you know what?
    To the doctor! STAT!

    1. May get a prick
      As he shoves a needle in some slick

  12. Green is a lovely color, and aspirations to live a so-called "green life" are admirable. Just not very realistic. And too much mouthing off by the holier-than-thou "greens" could very well lead to some very unpleasant blacks and blues.

    1. lol blacks and blues I'd love to see
      But then they'd go all dollar sign green and sue me

  13. I hate to admit it, but I'm not very good at being green. I've been trying to shut all the lights off when I'm not using them though. Does that count?

    1. lol hey, every little bit helps out
      And at least you aren't one of those green nuts that shout

    2. Green nuts and blue balls.... What's next?

    3. Colors galore
      With balls and nuts in store

  14. I was with you about going green until you said poop in a hole..nope, I want running want running water, indoor plumbing and starbucks coffee. lol

  15. Pooping in a hole is definitely overdoing the green thing!

  16. Well I am not totally green
    but I DO recycle everything I can.
    Does that count?

    1. That counts indeed
      Way better than a nut at any feed

  17. My son catches rain water and uses it in his swimming pool.
    I think that's pretty cool.
    He planted a garden last year too.
    And grew yummy veggies, quite a few.

    1. That is a good way to be
      Easier to fill the pool at his sea

  18. I've lived without running water or electricity; I prefer both, thank you! I do what I can to tread lighter on the Earth, but seriously green is difficult to pull off. Do not get between me and my hot shower!

    1. lol yep, hot shower we need
      No green with that taking seed

  19. We make cuts where we can to reduce our carbon footprint, but we don't go too much out of our way. And we certainly don't preach to those who don't. Live and let live.

    1. Yep, no preaching at my sea
      And no hugging a tree

  20. We do our little bit-we recycle and have barrels but be dammed if I will feel guilty about all we don;t do. The same people who try to manipulate you to go more green, live quite nicely and they don't live in the woods like the unabomber. Now if my hubby had a green nut ( or 2) I would be staying five feet away from him

    1. lmao five feet away
      Is a good distance to stray
      And yeah, they live fine
      So pffft says the feline

  21. I'm not very green
    But I try to recycle
    And I don't drive a car
    Nor ride a bicycle

  22. I am kind of green. I would be green if I could be. Does green with envy count?

  23. I'll be green in a reasonable way
    don't really believe the global warming dismay
    but we can be responsible at our zoos.
    I think the whole thing is on a cycle, too.
    It was really, really hot 100 years ago
    and then it go cold, and so it goes.

    1. Yep, one big cycle it is
      As climate changes due to mother nature's biz
      Sure we help out a bit
      With all the carbon shit lol


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