Play The Wheel And Get A Deal!

So the cat was around a nut the other day, always seems to be the way, and they were going to win the lottery. Then what? Take up pottery? Beats me. But they are going to win at their sea. They found a trick that is oh so slick.

Going to win.
No need to spin.
It's a new ordeal.
It's a lottery wheel.

I'll pick 30 numbers or so.
Spend a few 100 and away I'll go.
I'll turn that into a ton.
Then to Hawaii I'll run.

I guess that would be fly.
But they can give running a try.
Probably more practical than the wheel.
Let's stick with their ideal.

You see, I'm promised 5 of 7 numbers.
Easier that buying cucumbers.
That is is all 7 hit.
But with 30 they will split.

Can't you see?
I'll be richer than thee.
I'll be oh so rich.
I can have people scratch my itch.

The lottery wheel is how it's done.
That is how you win a ton.
It is such a new thing.
All I can say is cha-ching.

Hmm, not quite.
Lottery wheels on many a site.
They may, at best, increase your odds a tiny bit.
But you are full of umm shit,

If you think it will make you win.
Whether or not the thing can spin.
But go ahead and waste your dough.
The lottery will love you though.

And to say they are new?
You have a loose screw.
Been used for decades at least.
Dumber than a butt sniffing beast.

Just because they are new to you,
Doesn't mean they are new.
So enjoy being backwards rich,
And scratching your own itch.

What some people believe at their sea sure makes them seem a tad crazy. Not in a good way at all there at their hall. Lottery wheels can work though, if you have millions in dough. Then it will give you every number to pick. You'll win some slick. After spending millions to do so. Counter productive at your show? Ever gave a lottery wheel a go? Did you win high or lose low? I have more sense in my gas that comes from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    Where's the party at?
    Don't you know
    At your show?

    1. Sure looks like it! How did that happen?

    2. Where you trying to beat me to it?
      That's like believing you can win the lottery! :p

    3. Where was I trying to beat you?
      Hmm the where may confuse a few lol
      Just up an about
      So figured I'd get #2 shout

      Up thanks to the cat
      Meowing where we are at

    4. Meow and I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!
      Hey, it's Tuesday...
      Such a fun day!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Such a fun day you say
      What makes it fun anyway?

      You did make

    7. Did True make a mistake too?
      She removed a comment at your shoe
      Tuesday is fun
      Because Monday is done
      Friday's almost here
      Making me cheer!

  2. My parents got suckered into every lottery gimmick there was. They spent their every last dollar hoping to hit the jackpot. They never got the winning deal on the wheel.

    1. Yeah, that wheel is such a crock
      Better off getting numbers from a magic sock

  3. I have had no lottery fame
    I've had 3 numbers in that game
    now, if you are talking roulette
    I've won a bit on a bet...

    Rolling in a full moon
    so I will give it a spin...
    hey, call me a loon

    1. I've won on roulette too
      That I can do
      The rest is pffft to me
      Never gonna come to be

    2. I never win a dime
      Ain't that a crime?

    3. damn, that is
      Need to stick to some other biz

  4. Play The Wheel And Get A Deal!
    Lottery will not guarantee a meal
    Just for having fun
    Hopes for a 'big one'
    Money thrown away with such zeal


    1. Yeah, just for fun
      Is all that is done
      No wheel to win
      That you can spin

  5. What amazes me is it's usually someone who looks like they live in total poverty buying the lottery tickets. Well, I guess that's why they don't have more money!

    1. haha yeah that is usually the case
      I guess the whole lottery retirement plan they embrace

  6. Agreeing with Alex.....the ones who buy the tickets look like they only have two coins in their pocket. It's a crime to me.

    1. Yep, a rip off indeed
      Promising riches taking seed

  7. People to scratch your itch, oh WOW
    That would be richer than Holy Cow
    You'd be so rich, you'd own the sea
    And all the ships belong to thee
    You'd own the thunder and the rain
    Nothing left for you to gain
    Whispers all around will say
    Next he'll be prez of the US A

    1. lol that would be some kind of rich
      But may come with a glitch
      As you'd get hounded night and day
      Need to find some hideaway

  8. I like the scratch your itch too. Never have tried the lottery since I can't afford to throw money away. But I guess some do win.

    1. Yeah, some do win indeed
      But is really throwing your money away at your feed

  9. Spending money like that has never appealed to me. I'd rather watch a movie. :D

  10. Poor man's tax.

    However, if you win, I will move to Hawaii with you. I'll take my family with me and my dogs and my cats. You'll hardly know where there. Of course you will have to convert a skyscraper in Oahu into a house. I'll tell which floors I want. Just giving you a heads up on how lucky you will be.

    1. No kidding. I need to do a little proofreading, we're not where. Other than that, I'll start packing.

    2. lol you better not hold your breath on it
      For I don't think a win will ever hit
      Plus Orlin is illegal in Hawaii too
      So we'd never go there at our zoo

  11. Been known to buy a ticket or two
    when the pot is really full of money
    but otherwise I stay away from lotteries
    those who pay and think they will win can be a bit funny


    1. haha yeah a high pot can be worth a go
      But those who think they will win are nuts you know

  12. I never spin the lottery wheel
    as all it will do is steal!

  13. Every dollar spent on a lottery
    Is a dollar that could instead buy yarn for me
    But so selfish I could never be
    I'd make hats to give away free

  14. I hope nobody there wins the cucumber lottery since cats are afraid of those things!

    1. That wouldn't be fun
      Rather have dough by the ton

  15. We won the lottery before, Cat!!! Do you remember?!!?!

  16. ha - i don't believe in big lottery wins honestly - better have a good idea and get rich on the internet - like zuckerberg or so

    1. Yeah, but odds of that are about the same
      But at least an idea can ignite a flame

  17. A lottery wheel?
    I don't know.
    But the real deal
    is slots you know.

    With slots you sit all day
    and watch the tumblers play.
    You piss your money away,
    but there's crab legs at the buffet

    1. lol and a girl running around
      Like a happy little hound
      Asking any if they want to drink
      Giving them a happy little wink

  18. I've never been a big fan of the slots,
    I don't really like watching myself losing money, lots.
    But I do buy the powerball tickets now and again,
    hoping that one day I will straight up win,
    It's just as easy to think that you have no chance,
    as it is to think that, well, maybe - yes you cans!
    To imagine being that rich is really fun,
    But for now, here I sit, getting all my work done.

    1. Okay to dream
      With a winning stream
      Just remember to share
      When you become a billionaire lol

  19. I've never had luck with gambling. I stay away from lottery wheels and keep my cash.

    1. Good way to be
      As lottery wheels are pathetic at their sea

  20. I live in Las Vegas and I don't gamble. lol

  21. Yo, PAT ~
    I wanted to swing by and thank you for the vote in my most recent Battle Of The Bands installment. Your vote played a critical part in securing a come-from-behind win for SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '66.

    They couldn't have done it without ya, my friend. Thanks for the support!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Glad I could help with the win
      There at the battle at your blog bin

  22. orlin N cassie

    onlee thing we place betz on.... iz de litter box will be filled & yez we shall take napz !!


    1. A good bet to place
      Can fill the whole litter space

  23. The hh has been buying lottery tickets for years. He's convinced he's going to win:)

  24. I believe one can win if having a good intention....
    prepared a momentum for creation...
    of winning spin!

  25. I never play the lottery. I don't even gamble. We go to the casino, eat at the buffet, then leave without ever stepping on the gaming floor. People think we are weird, but I just can't throw my money away like that.

    1. Yeah, a better way to be
      May as well keep it at your sea

  26. Some are lucky and some are not.
    Win a lot or leave with less in your pot.

    1. Rather have the first
      So much my pocket will burst

  27. I used to huy a ticket
    Every now and then
    But would never check the numbers
    I could have won what? where? when?

    1. lol damn, that would suck
      Could have won more than a buck

  28. Oh my-I see this all the time
    they will spend their last dime
    not on clothing or food
    but on chance. They fell the mood
    is right and they will win.
    all they have left is an empty spam tin

    1. lol yeah that mood thing
      Is an all too familiar ring


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