Pull A Con And Tack It On!

The cat has figured out how to win. It is easy to do all others in. Yep, easy as can be. Do you want me to share at my sea? Okay, since you asked so nicely I will. I'm sure it is a thrill.

TV show, movie or book.
Even a videogame at your nook.
You want to make it a success?
First don't make it a mess.

Then don't be a copy cat.
Wait! People like that.
Okay, be a copy cat.
Can't make a mess out of that.

Same rhyme twice.
Isn't that nice?
A copy catting cat.
How about that?

Right. So you can copy.
But that may get sloppy.
That is so last year.
All world building cheer.

Yeah, Marvel got copied a lot.
But so far none are as hot to trot.
The secret isn't in no secret war.
The secret is to swing open the door.

That is right.
Play nice at your site.
Swing open that door,
Inviting many into your shore.

It can now be a mess.
It can be paint by numbers no less.
And it won't matter.
All will give you dough served up on a platter.

What is it you ask?
Can't you follow my task.
It is as easy as can be.
Double up at your sea.

Yep, just throw in a big name.
Now your project won't be lame.
Ninja Turtles meet Howard the Duck.
That would make many a buck.

21 Jump Street meets Men in Black.
Wait, they are supposedly doing that attack.
Yoda meets Boogerman.
A sure fire hit with many a fan.

I could go on all day. Maybe I should get Captain Crunch to join my bay. Not sure why that just popped in, but I'll go with it at my looney bin. So when looking to sell, don't dig a new well, just add a big name and you'll get your fame. It can be complete crap and it will still sell across the map. You'll make more money than a singing bass. Be sure and share some with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Though a bit slow
      Still #1 two in a row


    2. Even a minute late
      #1 was your fate

    3. Hank!
      The Poetry Tank

      Hello Cat
      Where's the catbat?

    4. Does he have a bat voice too
      Saying... "I'm batcat, not Scooby Doo!"?

    5. Does he have a bat voice too
      Saying... "I'm batcat, not Scooby Doo!"?

    6. That scratchy voice
      He has no choice

  2. Pull A Con And Tack It On!
    A spin as good as it sounds
    Throw in a big name
    That starts a game
    From there bright ideas are born


    1. Starts the game in many a way
      May not always shine brightly at any bay

  3. Thanks for the awesome tips. I need a great title for my literary masterpiece I'm writing. I will rip one off from a best selling author and pass it off as my own.

    1. lol when you get super duper rich
      Be sure and remember our pitch

  4. Well the next time I have something to sell, I will put a big name on it and then it will be a success. Can't wait.

  5. Good advice all around
    Plagiarize it may be sound
    Tip your hat and dance with glee
    Spoof on you and spoof on me

    1. A spoofing one shall go
      Even if it sinks rather low

  6. Well, gee, now I finally know
    Why my crafts sell so slow!
    Just slap a big name on top
    And then I can make my bank account pop!

    1. That's all you have to do
      But you may risk the sue

  7. I copy sometimes and I sloppy sometimes too!

    1. The humans clean it up
      Since you don't have a pup

  8. So true how Marvel accomplished this feat
    Bring everyone in to one of their movies they will do
    Then all fans are happy when they pay big bucks
    But sometimes it gets old and then they should do something new


    1. Yeah, it will sure get old
      But won't stop until tickets stop being sold

  9. Yoda and Boogerman. the force is not strong with that one

  10. I'm going to change the name of my blog to Tom and Jerry News!

    1. lol there you go
      Plenty will come to your show

  11. Oh no, coping is a blow
    Not yours don't show
    leave it to the grinch who stole
    just watch the hole
    of those who stole
    walking on hot coal
    with burning foot soles..

    1. Will they burn
      And maybe learn
      Or try try again
      At their copy cat den

  12. It has never been a big surprise to me that entertainers who make large sums of money and manage it well manage to bank future projects in which they star. Good marketing can sell some of the most mediocre talent. That aside, some go bust like the movie "Waterworld".

    1. Yep, good marketing can sure sell a ton
      Waterworld though, nope, that lost a ton when done

  13. Hey, Pat! I'm playing my catch up game again ~ too much traveling here and there. I shall save you that ocd trip to answer each comment and put them all here. And yes, my third graders could write a list of how I looked and acted when I was pissed off. They did it once for the school psychologist when she was teaching something in my class. It went way beyond the look.

    Rounding up or down; that's handy for estimation, but also for inflating one's ego.
    Skip all those zeros for a million and write ~ well rats, I can't write 10 to the power of six in scientific notation here! Guess I'll have to write all those zeros.

    I have no clue where I'll be in five years. I thought my life would be settled and laid out clearly by now. Ha! But I do hope you'll still be blogging down the road!

    I'm with you, couldn't care less about celebrities. Give me real people any day.

    Lottery wheels haven't shown up in our area yet, but there are plenty who would line up to bet. Not me though ~ I'd rather give black jack a go!

    Justification ~ I do it more than I should. I was trying to find something I could rhyme with "should" and Rhyme Zone gave me "eastern flowering dogwood." Can't work with that!

    "Helmed" isn't a word? Ha! Blogger spell check makes me crazy! As do many rules. Some are necessary, but more are ridiculous.

    You're ocd at your sea?
    A little has rubbed off on meI
    I have to read all your posts, you see.
    But you can comment here as easy as can be!

    1. Wow, look at you go
      As essay at my show
      All the zeros stuck coming out
      What is the dogwood one about?
      Should can be easy as can be
      Spell check can sure bite me
      My ocd got to you
      That works for me too
      Good thing they aren't long arse posts here
      That may not get a cheer lol

    2. Teach Blue! says it's a straight A
      Maybe twice at my bay

    3. A straight A
      There for you you say

  14. For success in a new program, take a bit here, a bit there, toss it all in a melting pot, and see what happens.

  15. Being a copy cat is a big NO>>> NO.... NO !!

  16. Captain Crunch? Do they still make that? haha.

  17. So true! Just toss in a few big names and voila. Success! Even if it is crap!

  18. Cap'n Crunch - I like it a bunch!
    I eat it for breakfast, dinner and lunch.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Damn, might get scurvy
      Or become rather curvy

  19. Capt'n Crunch you say
    sailing a faraway bay
    traveling with a tucan
    finding bora the plan
    he met a silly rabbit
    trying to kick a habit
    a leprechaun had a lucky charm
    and would keep the Cap't from harm
    pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moons
    it is said he could play mellow tunes
    you could hear snap, crackle pop
    or was that Blue with a boppity bop
    he met a tiger cat who could roar
    never a bore, he always wanted more
    he met some flakes and thought they were great
    now, I need to say good night, it is getting late

    1. Damn, you know your cereal guys
      In cereal you are wise
      Missed the count though
      He loves chocolate don't you know lol

    2. lol - Now, how did I forget the count? ok, just had to..haha


    3. That is old school
      In the cereal pool

  20. It is not polite for one to copy
    it shows one's thoughts are sloppy!

  21. This happens so often which is why it is so boring...I prefer Count Chocula:)

    1. Yep, boring as can be
      But works for their spree

  22. Add a big name
    Here or there
    Although you might
    End in a prison lair


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