The Rules Of Fools!

So the cat sees it here and there and you also see it everywhere. Whether or not you are aware or even care, beats me and my cat hair. But the cat has time to blare and so why not yap about something that isn't rare.

Rules are here and there.
There are rules to spare.
That we sure know.
So on with the show.

What of the rules of fools?
They flood like swimming pools.
They are all about.
Fools squawk and shout.

Squawking rule fools,
Worse than a dog that drools.
Except if the drool lands on your head,
Then that is something to dread.

The rules are many.
Things can't have any.
There have to be rules for all.
Tightly tied in one big ball.

Rules for eating.
Rules for treating.
Rules for working out.
Rules they sure shout.

Rules for shaming.
Rules for blaming.
Rules for lying.
Rules for the dying.

Rules high and low.
They change on the go.
But there is still a lot.
The rules are hot to trot.

Rules can be whelmed.
They must be helmed.
Helmed isn't a word
Blogger spell check rules are absurd.

But what is the rule of the fool?
The fool that believes the golden rule.
The rule of the golden fool.
Proving they are a garden variety garden tool.

As in they are mostly grand,
For digging up shit across the land.
That rule of the fool would be,
Their rules work for 100% of the population from sea to sea.

Morons in the end. Whoops, did I offend? Damn, I broke the shaming rules. Sorry, poor garden tools. There are rules of society that aren't even applied to all, as the rich get off with one phone call. There are things that are bad for all, like tossing back a vat of acid at your hall. But there are no rules that work for 100% of the people 100% of the time. Not even if you're a mime. So stick it says the cat to each rule dingbat. The cat shall follow the rules that works for him in mass and give the rest the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Where have all the good guys gone
      This misty, heavenly and cool morn
      No.#1 lucky me
      Good day today certainly not a yawn


    2. No yawning at your sea
      In for the #1 spree

  2. Replies
    1. Stayed too long in the shower
      Would like to have stayed another hour

    2. Does the shower have power?
      I have a crappy no power shower

    3. Ha I know what you mean
      There's no power at my scene
      But at least it looks like a shower
      Even if it takes about an hour
      To get that water running
      It's not exactly stunning

    4. Ugg, hate those damn things
      Slow showers are no good for flings lol

  3. There have to be rules for all
    All are then guided to walk tall
    Made to be broken
    That one hears often
    Jokes aplenty not to hit a wall


    1. Jokes and then some
      Sure do come
      With the fools on the go
      High and low

  4. Guess we do have to have rules no matter what.Some do need rules more than others. Take care Pat.

    1. Yeah, some sure need them indeed
      Without they may get lost at their feed

  5. I must admit, I am not too familiar with rules, but I am familiar with morons!

    1. They are near and far
      Can find one at any bar

  6. Hammurabi's rules should cover it all
    Join the army in the fall
    Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth
    One for all and even Ruth
    Be selective of the rule you break
    Of the same you will partake
    If rule of slander is your crime
    You will end up as a mime

    1. Damn, that would be an awful fate
      A mime's head on a plate

  7. Rules can be necessary evils at times
    If one wants to be relatively safe
    Easier sometimes to control
    The ruffian and the rafe.


    1. Yeah, those ones are in need
      But the stupid ones can go pffft at my feed

  8. Rule #1: There are no rules

    Rule #2: Unless you are married

    1. Good thing I'm not
      Can stick to #1's plot

    2. Why didn't you tell me in 2012?
      Now I'm stuck like an elf

    3. So what it that doesn't rhyme
      It's like doing time

    4. lol can't spell either at your sea
      Poor poor thee

  9. HeHe, some rules are meant to be broken. Some are meant to be upheld. Hopefully, enough of us can figure out which one is which.

    1. Yeah, hopefully that we can all around
      But many a moron are found

  10. Some rules are good, and there are times when no rules are fun ~

    Have a good week Pat ~

  11. Perhaps there should be a rule about limiting the rules on things?

    1. haha redundant maybe
      But could work for a rule spree

  12. Rules are made to be bent...or broken and as for fools? I bet we will see a few on TV tomorrow for Black Friday

    1. Yep, will see a lot
      As over each other they trot

  13. Well Pat : Really I don't like rules and I haven't lol
    Only use that my heart say :) :)

  14. Well Pat : Really I don't like rules and I haven't lol
    Only use that my heart say :) :)

  15. Rules and fools
    Walk hand in hand
    I tend to do
    What feels right in my land

  16. Number 1! What, too early? Well, I gotto go.
    And you know...
    When you gotta go,
    You gotta go!

    1. haha is it that kinda go
      Or on the road and no stooping low?

    2. On the road
      Like a toad
      Not the dino way
      At my bay

    3. Not a Dino way
      Running all Flintstone astray

  17. I've seen a crazy rule or two
    But mostly obey is what I do

  18. Rules, Rules, everywhere there's rules. I usually follow them though.

  19. Rules are made to be broken.
    Wisest words ever spoken. haha.

  20. I don't mind following the rules.
    Some people, however, think rules don't apply to them.

  21. I think we have to follow most rules
    like the ones we all learn in schools
    if we don't follow what we learn
    I doubt one will lots of money earn!


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