The Say And Do Of A Few!

The cat loves the say and do types who have all kinds of excuses coming from their wind pipes. They find one out their ass if they need to with this class. Seen them high and low? Bet you have at your show.

The say and do,
Here for you.
Do this and that.
Chew no fat.

Whoops, to that.
It went splat.
Why is that?
We fell on a mat.

We bumped our toe.
A bruise did show.
Can't do that now.
Don't raise an eyebrow.

It is true.
The say and do.
But our poor toe,
Became a foe.

So now we can't.
Go ask an ant.
They have a say and do.
They have an army too.

We said we'd help.
But now we yelp.
We'd said we'd do this.
But now we are a miss.

If you must know,
We stubbed our toe.
That is why we lied.
In it we take no pride.

Or maybe we do.
But not telling you.
With the say and do,
We screw over a few.

How about that?
We chewed the fat.
A lie times two,
With the say and do.

The say and do,
Hasn't a clue.
It's the say and don't.
Do what we say, we won't.

Don't you love those people all around? Better off listening to a hound. At least they don't have a lose screw when it comes to the say and do. Do it and it's done and then away we run. At least it works for us in mass, even my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    How's the mat?
    It's Thursday...
    Such a fun day!

    1. A fun day
      At a Bora bay
      Out to play
      Come what may

  2. They said they'd help
    But now they yelp
    Oh I know the type all to well
    Making me yell
    When push comes to shove
    They'd rather eat a dove
    Escape while then can
    Woman or man
    Off they go
    Avoiding your show
    Do you know what I mean
    At the Kitty Cat scene?

    1. Know indeed
      As it takes seed
      The say and do
      Always screw you
      Not in the fun way
      More like scooping a litter tray

  3. I've learned in my old age to manage my expectations of people (gotta love therapy). If you expect too much, you will constantly be disappointed. So, when you know the folks who say they will do, but who never follow thru, just don't expect them to. That way, you will never be disappointed. BAM, free therapy for you! Hahahaha

    1. hahaha returning the favor after yesterday
      With my advice at my bay
      I never expect much from such nuts
      As they usually talk out their butts

  4. The Say And Do Of A Few!
    May cause upset to the new
    They impose their will
    Done with such skills
    Success without missing a cue


    1. They get it done
      Think it's fun
      Off they go
      Finding a new foe

  5. Saying and doing is a hard act to follow sometimes, buts its best not to say what you can't follow through with in the end.

    1. That much is very true
      Many don't learn that though at their zoo

  6. You learn quickly who you can count on!

  7. I've had female friends aplenty
    In their skull must be a denti
    If an event begins at two
    I say, 12 o'clock, I'll stop for you
    My friend Marilyn is a flake
    Maybe her brain is just half-bake
    Every week she starts something new
    Leaves last weeks project sitting blue

    1. I've seen many a flake
      Give them a head shake
      Then get the hell away
      They do something new every other day

    2. Hey, let's not disparage all flakes!
      This flake tries to keep all promises she makes! ;)

    3. lol well the flakes you do
      Are far different at your zoo

  8. Say and do
    I have the flu
    boo hoo boo hoo
    what shall I do?
    maybe someone has a clue
    but I wonder just who!

    1. Sherlock in need
      Yep, indeed
      Find that clue
      And tell you

  9. Just say you're not going to do it in the first place!

    1. That would be the better way
      But many like to play

  10. It is interesting on just who you can depend on to help you and generally, people will disappoint. So one just has to be careful what they expect.

    1. Yeah, shouldn't expect a lot
      As many don't turn out so hot

  11. I would love know what exactly happens when your own toe turns on you and becomes a foe. Please tell me! :) lol

    1. It lets the toe nail grow and grow
      Then it slices your leg open and out the blood does go

    2. Omg, ew!!! Really, cat?! So graphic lol

    3. lol you asked
      It was unmasked

  12. MOL! Humans do have wind pipes on both ends!

  13. Important in one's life
    to have people you can depend on
    who know to back up their words with action
    of those I am particularly fond


  14. I've been bumping toes - equipment, you know
    But if I get out of line - please, do remind.

  15. Well, I get lying about your diet,
    To an overeager athletic friend,
    Though it's better to be quiet,
    rather than let that friendship end,

    But sometimes you just want to eat,
    and not worry about the calories,
    eating healthy all the time is a feat,
    and sometimes a healthy life can be worse than a disease.

    (that last paragraph blew, ha)

    1. haha depends on the disease
      Unless all it is as a sneeze
      Then your nose you blew
      See, I worked that in too

  16. yep, yep....and some have blogs. ugh. haha...they make me weary!

    1. haha blogs they do have and expect to shine
      Shining up their whine

  17. The Toe Foe sounds like a super villain who uses giant robot Toe minions.

    1. Tarsier Man will have to save the day
      He is only a phone call away

  18. orlin N cassie....

    thiz haz nothin ta due with thiz post.... but tell yur dad we linked bak ta yur page; if him wantz it shuld be amazon inn sted....let uz noe oh kay !! ♥♥♥

    1. Whatever one works indeed
      Not picky with any help from your feed

  19. Can be just a good idea, a prompt
    who said you must if you won't
    feel the spark in the heart
    breathing deeper at the park...

    1. Deeper one can take
      And know to give a head shake

  20. Sometimes its better to keep low expectations and
    be pleasantly surprised.

  21. I have found that you can count on different people for different things, Pat. That's true of me for sure; some things I would half kill myself to help someone with, and some things you wouldn't see me anywhere on the horizon. I try not to commit to anything I really don't want to do. I know myself only too well; if I really don't want to do something I'll find a way to wiggle out of it (consciously or not). I'll go to extremes to avoid a situation in which I might get asked to do something I don't want to, because I don't want to disappoint people. It's hard going through life as a People Pleaser which I am.

    1. haha I just say no
      If I don't want to do it at my show
      But if I say yes
      Then I'll do it unless one big mess

  22. I think I chewed a lot of fat (food junk) today ~ But hey, its almost Friday ~

    Enjoy autumn ~

    1. haha can work it off on the weekend
      Any of that food trend

  23. You learn quickly who likes to blow hot air and then do nothing. The trick is to never count on them

  24. That's why we don't ask anyone for anything. When we moved all by ourselves a lot of people asked why we didn't call for help. Really? We didn't want to hear the excuses on why they couldn't. But they sure acted like they would have after the fact. Pft!

    1. haha yeah, they can act the part
      But when it comes to it one lazy fart

  25. People can be a pain
    With excuses again and again
    Best to rely on yourself
    Or a few close friends on the shelf


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