2000 Today, Sorta Anyway!

So today I am writing my 2000th post. This isn't the 2000th post to post at my coast. Are you confused at your sea? That is nothing new when visiting me.

2000 have come and not gone.
I've written them for each dawn,
But they have not shown.
Did the bell ding at the tone?

That is right.
Scheduled at my site.
Even the 24 in one day.
Can celebrate twice that way.

2000 sure is a feat.
Never would have guessed it at my street.
Figured I'd make a rhyme or three,
Then run off on some other spree.

But here we are,
2000 at my sand bar.
Even if they don't show.
You believe me though.

And all original too.
Take that Hollywood redo.
You can't top the cat.
Maybe in $$ where you're at.

2000 is off though.
That 2 has to go.
Guess I'll have to make it to 10,
To appease my OCD at my den.

Hey, 2000 only took 5 years or so,
Means I got another 20 to go.
Wouldn't that be nifty?
Still rhyming when I'm fifty.

Any guess what post 2000 will be?
Could go anywhere at my sea.
But then I already have gone everywhere.
So maybe you'll just sit and stare.

A nice white screen.
Hopefully it will be clean.
I can't promise though,
Especially if you are as dirty as a crow.

2000 I'll say once more.
Took a ton at my shore.
How many words you think that is?
Quite a lot with the rhyming biz.

Got to 2000 yet at your sea? Do you schedule ahead like me? It can be rough to do if you have a current news of any kind zoo. Otherwise as easy can be. I wonder what the 2000th post is that you will see? Maybe Gloria will get her zombie feet? That might be neat. I bet I'll still have gas and still be a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's two in a row
      No. #1 just for show
      A lucky break
      What to make
      Happiness but no dough


    2. Sure back on top
      Be nice if dough came non stop

    3. Hank is number one
      Such fun!
      Guess who's on the road
      Like a blue toad?
      2000 you say
      At your bay?
      Wow! Scooby Doo!
      Quite a feat at your shoe!

    4. On the road
      In work mode?
      Not much of a break
      You did take

    5. Fun mode
      Visiting the old relatives mode
      Like a toad

    6. That can be fun
      Until that start to annoy a ton

  2. 2000 Today, Sorta Anyway!
    Celebration in a big way?
    Is in the works?
    With the perks?
    Others wonder with no say


    1. Not sure what will come due
      Maybe just a rhyme at my zoo

  3. My tongue is tied, my eyes are crossed
    Cat writes every day at any cost
    Give a cheer, I'll lead the way
    I've read nearly every word you say
    Congrats ....... that's a whole lotta, lotta, lotta words.
    Pop the cork on a fizzy drink
    Be sure and hold it over the sink. LOL

    1. lol no mess on the floor
      Works for our shore
      And yeah been a ton
      With no signs of being done

  4. Congratulations on writing your 2000th post!
    I guess it gives you a right to boast.
    It's way more than I have written.
    Say hi from me to your kitten!

    Who knew I could rhyme?

    1. You rhymed away
      Guess it came out with 2000 day

  5. 2000 is a ton. I've sure slowed down in 2015.

    1. Sure is quite a bit
      Maybe in 2016 100 posts for the year you'll hit

  6. Replies
    1. lol posting what? 5 times a day
      Sure can do that at your bay

  7. Congrats on 2000, no matter how you count it!

  8. That is pretty darn good, 2000. We are only at 1124 posts at the moment.Keep up the good work.

  9. What a feat you have done
    A job well done
    And you keep continuing to rhyme
    You will not ever stop in time


    1. Will keep on a going
      At least for a while with my daily showing

  10. Way to furor
    2000 and more..
    I have almost 1000
    can't say how that
    has come to exist
    out of my fist...

    no, not schedule,
    can't wait to share
    with friends affairs
    and thoughts
    every day mots...

    congratulation on 2000
    rhyming ass house cat! :)

    1. If I posted all I had to say
      I'd post 50 posts a day lol

  11. 2000 posts with nary a toot. Even a cat can scoot, and dance to boot. A cat who isn't an old coot, no doubt(use poetic license and doubt rhymes with coot). You say who gives a hoot, well it ain't no koot. The point is moot, put down that eye of newt, yes we all smelled that poot, you're not being cute. We will always root for a cat who suits all of us to a toot.
    Didn't know I was a poet with a rhyme scheme. It ain't just a fluke.

    1. Tooting away
      There at your bay
      Quite the toot given
      The posts are livin'
      No eye of newt though
      May ruin the groove at our show

  12. Congratulations, Pat! That number boggles my mind. And had to chuckle at the redo line.

  13. that's a lot of posts there at your sea
    I guess your zoo is the place to be...
    I doubt I'll make it that long you see
    Will I make it 3 years with glee or flee

    congrats there at your mat
    the cat is where it is at...

    1. The cat keeps on going
      With his showing
      Sure you'll get a few
      Years coming due

    2. Can't stop a cat
      Rhyming on his mat

  14. That's quite an impressive feat. Twenty thousand! I have no doubt you'll make it to 100K... some day.

    I often write a couple posts ahead of time, but YOU are the king of pre-scheduling posts.

    Hats off to Pat,
    To Pat and his cat.
    They write and write,
    And rhyme and rhyme,
    And can publish a pre-written post
    Most any time.

    1. Can publish away
      Any old day
      The king of scheduled and done
      9 months ahead under our sun

    2. Someone added a zero
      and made you a hero!

    3. lol I'll take it
      20,000 won't even get before I'm dead at my blog pit

  15. Certainly a cause for celebration
    and to express your elation!
    Posts are fun to do..
    glad you share them from your zoo!

    1. Always fun to give a run
      When they aren't, I'll be done

  16. Congratulations, Pat!! Amazing feat and feet, probably ;)

  17. 2,000 is quite a feat!
    I bow to you-you have most people beat.
    I am always amazed how you write each day
    all in rhyme too-you have so much to say.
    It's a pleasure to read what you write.
    Merry Christmas and may your New Year be bright!

    1. Just pops on out each day
      The cat needs his say
      Hope all new year's will be bright
      Suck to be a fright

  18. Wow, that's a lot of posts. Congrats!

  19. What really got me
    Was learning you have 300 ahead at your sea
    Hard to imagine in my neck of woods
    You've really been slinging the goods!

  20. 2000 posts
    And nine months ahead
    No wonder I don't blog
    I'd surely be dead

  21. Yep, you sure are showing up Hollywood here! 2,000 is such an awesome feat! I don't think I even have 400 at mine lol. Congrats!

    1. lol not even when you post a few a day?
      Need to get on that at your bay

  22. Wow congrats on such a feat,
    thank you for each and every rhyming treat!


  23. 2000 posts, while 2016 awaits.
    The good world is bygone, while the better one it creates!

  24. Wow! That's a feat!
    Even if we have to wait for our 2000th post meet,
    You constantly amaze with your original musings,
    always fun to come to your site and do some perusing,
    I think you are active more than any other blogger I talk to,
    Which is really impressive as I know we all have a million things to do.
    Congrats on your scheduled 2000th post,
    Your writing always serves as a welcoming host.

    1. Glad I can welcome away
      Active as can be at my bay
      Or at least make it seem that way
      Being so far ahead with what I say

  25. Wow - 2000 is no small feat!
    every day is definitely amazing!
    congratulations on your accomplishment
    not many have accomplished that, I'm sure.

    1. The cat can have fun
      accomplishing much with his daily run


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