A Better Rant At My Plant!

Some are happy go lucky, thinking all will get or stay ducky. You've met those. They curl the cat's toes. At least the ones without a brain who thinks better is coming on the next train. So they sit and stare without a care.

Better you will be.
Trust little old me.
Better is coming.
Hear its humming?

A better life.
A better wife.
A better house.
A better mouse.

Better is the way.
Better will come to stay.
You just sit and wait,
For your better trait.

Better health.
Better wealth.
A better city.
Such a better ditty.

Dance with me.
Follow that glee.
Now sit and stare.
Better beware.

See what I did there?
Better not care.
Better not fight.
Better will take flight.

There are better days.
Just you sit and gaze.
There are better ways.
Better will make it through the maze.

Better get ready.
Better is coming steady.
Better is on task.
Better not ask.

Better just wait.
Better not hate.
Better will show.
Better's at your window.

Things will get better.
Just put on a sweater.
All better from the cold.
Better can sure take hold.

Pfffffft says the cat. Better believe that. Things won't get better if you just sit and wait doing nothing at all. Unless you have some rich relative that kicks the bucket at your hall. Have to get off your ass if you want better. That is my better rhyming letter. Better can almost always be done, but wishing and hoping isn't going to better anyone. Now that cat is through with this ranting pass. You better believe my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A Better Rant At My Plant!
    Better wait for all the fun
    Sitting pretty
    At the ready
    Things move in a fast run


  2. I want better butter
    Better butter, better butter. better butter
    Better goats that eat pure grass
    Don't give me any sass
    I want NO chemtrails in the sky
    They make my butter die
    I think the sun they bilk
    Don't start mess'n with my milk
    All I ask from the universe
    Is better butter, never worse!

    1. lol better butter isn't so bad
      You sure aren't greedy at your pad

  3. Better up, I guess
    if you want a home run
    you have to be willing
    to play the game...
    can't sit on the sidelines
    if you want to better up
    you need to change, need
    to get on the home plate
    and run from there no matter
    where the ball flies...
    at least you can say you tried

    1. The ball may fly
      Fall ad hit you in the eye
      But better to try
      Unless you aren't that spry

    2. haha - that is true
      that is how I once
      got a blackeye...

    3. Ouch to that kind of blast
      Thankfully my glove was always fast

  4. I better read this one again Pat!

    1. Better the better read
      Better flies like a weed

  5. Better is a great word. Sometimes it is better just to be happy with what you have and not worry about what you don't have.

    1. Yep, that is the better way
      Unless you live on the street at your bay

  6. Better is coming fast!
    Too bad it will not last.
    Life is better with a little sass...
    Hah! Rhyming with a better class!

    1. Better with much sass
      Class out my rhyming ass

  7. My dad once griped that his parents were always waiting for their ship to come in...and how the hell can your ship come in of you aren't even steering the boat? Yep, better things come from hard work. At least for this cat, she doesn't have any rich relatives.

    1. Nope, no rich relatives here either for us
      True, have to steer it and not fuss

  8. We all want better this or that
    no one wants the average any more
    when something new comes along
    the old is thrown out the door.

    1. Old is thrown out fast
      It sure becomes a thing of the past

  9. I have found that, contrary to the famous maxim, Change Is... BAD! So, therefore, no, things will NOT get better, so long as they continue to change (and when did "change" ever stop?)

    One of my Top Ten favorite movies is the Western 'MONTE WALSH' (1970) starring Lee Marvin. The theme song, sung by Mama Cass, is 'THE GOOD TIMES ARE COMING'. The irony of it is that for cowboys in this country, the good times had come and gone. The good times were over.

    Some people heard the song and never realized the deliberate twist of irony that it contained. But then some people (most?) don't really think much about... ANYTHING.

    The good times are coming.
    WHOOPS! There they went. They went that-a-way!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Yeah, they don't think much about anything indeed
      But were the cowboy days really good at any feed?
      I mean the movies make it look all grand
      But it would be nasty to live back in cowboy land
      Diseases, shooting on a whim, horse crap everywhere, not even teeth brushing came due
      It wasn't really a pretty picture to view
      Change can be good but it always come with bad
      As with anything at most any pad
      The Internet has really been the only huge change of the last 30 years or so
      Most everything else is the same shit different day on the go
      Because it all comes back to the greedy assholes upon high
      They own every political, fda, law enforcement and what have you guy
      So nothing can change for the good one bit
      Because they make sure to have anyone with balls "disappear" or to be thought full of shit

    2. PAT, you and I would NOT think the 1800s were good times! That's for sure. Because we know how much better some things could be (like flushing toilets vs. outhouses). But everything is relative.

      And to the cowboys (who knew nuttin' about toilets that flush), who knew only the "cowboying" trade, when times changed, for them it was bad (which was the context that the story 'Monte Walsh' was set in).

      But a man of principle can remain a man of principle, despite the changing times (the heart and soul of 'Monte Walsh'). The moment when Monte says "I ain't spittin' on my whole life", it revealed the point of the story. Great story, too.

      If you like Westerns, I recommend it. It's a "real Western" (as advertised), and not some phony Hollywood shoot-'em-up.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. Sounds like one I'll have to see indeed
      And yeah, outhouses would not work for my feed
      I'd never go near the 1800's one bit
      Very true, it was bad for cowboys in that context of it

  10. Well, better - apparently - was the butter that Betty on the toast tried to butter. The butter was hard/ and for Betty Batter's toast no fun was had. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. No fun from Betty Batter
      Turn Betty into a mad hatter

  11. Sometimes you make your own luck, eh?

    1. make your own way
      Luck is just a made up word I say

  12. Better is coming

    no, Winter is Coming

  13. What was that old saying from years ago in school
    good, better, best, never let them rest
    until the good is better and the better best
    but not necessarily better is always the case
    some people just need to cut to the chase


    1. That some people do
      Never heard that saying at my zoo

  14. You know cat sometimes is better and others not.
    But I learn to live with all I have and really I dont think what things I want better. Always we have something..
    Nothing is perfect!!

    1. Nope, nothing will ever be perfect for anyone
      Always something that needs a better run

  15. Better is Now,
    just say: 'this or better' loud,
    trust what you see,
    real or fantasy...

    1. Trust the fantasy you say?
      Even aliens on display?

    2. We color our own world
      with or without words...
      your 'whoopdi friggin doo'
      really of help in life' brew :)

    3. lol the whoopdi friggin doo
      Can sure shine through and through

  16. Hear! Hear! Definitely in agreement. :)

  17. Some get something better only to lament of the times that used to be. Enjoy the present because it quickly becomes the past and one has to let that be

  18. Better is relative
    To each and every one
    No use in bitching
    Or nothing will get done

    1. Bitching will get done
      But that is the only one

  19. I'm so sick of the struggle for better. I just want to be content with what I have already. No need to keep up with the Jones over here.

    1. Yep, struggle many do
      To that I give a big screw you

  20. Better



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