A Little Obsession With Stat Aggression!

The cat get asked every now and again how numbers grow. It is so easy that many should know. But instead they expect magic. Their line of thinking is so tragic. Worse yet, obsessed is a safe bet.

It is your obsession,
That with each session,
You need stats galore.
People must explore.

I have to be the best.
I'm just so obsessed.
I'll even show a breast,
Because I'm that obsessed.

But it didn't work,
Not even my breast perk.
Damn, where did I go wrong.
Why won't all play along?

I have such zest.
I am that obsessed.
I pass every test.
You can't be this obsessed.

It is just me.
I should be what all see.
Come to my pad.
A fun time will be had.

Don't go west.
I'm far too obsessed.
Come and be my guest,
See that I'm obsessed.

It is just my way.
I want all to play.
See what I write.
My words take flight.

My place must be addressed,
I am that obsessed.
Come sit in my nest,
Flock and be obsessed.

It is so great.
I have a great trait.
Come and see me.
I'm at the place to be.

I'm stat obsessed.
I have to be the best.
My time is pressed,
But you should come as I'm obsessed.

Obsessed nuts with stats don't usually get anywhere. Why is that at their lair? Because they don't go anywhere. They just sit and expect you to stare. Not going to happen at all, no matter how loud you shout your stat obsessed call. When fun and enjoyment gives way to obsession at your sea, you've already lost and should take a knee. That is my obsession rhyme for the stat class. Thankfully I'm not a stat obsessed, although they are nice, little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. No.# 1 now 3 times in a row
      Comes in with a lot of glow


    2. Getting a streak
      Here at my creek

    3. It happened again
      Just couldn't explain


    4. It happened again
      Just couldn't explain


  2. Little obsession with stats aggression
    One of the ways to effect compassion
    No arguments on the sly
    For figures do not lie
    Make sure of one's point of contention


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  4. Look at my stats
    They'll drive you bats
    I'm perfect you see
    The little pig went wee-wee
    Don't look away
    Please do what I say
    I'm the best in the west
    I passes test after test
    For sensation there's no other
    For the truth just ask my mother

    1. The truth will always come due
      From a mother at ones zoo
      What could go wrong
      Sing a cowboy song

  5. I rarely even look at my blog stats and don't even have a hit counter.

    1. I stuck it there for my ocd
      Just for the big 0's to see

  6. I have always loved numbers. Odd maybe, maybe not. I would enjoy looking at other people's stats. My stats are pretty low. What I would love to look at is where traffic comes from. I'm the person who carefully reads a chart in a magazine.

    1. I have fun with the traffic ones at my sea
      As some weirdos sure find me

  7. Numbers can be helpful sometimes.

  8. If you water your numbers frequently they should grow!

  9. I kind of wish it happened like that. People just pop out of thin air, sit, and stare!! Did you like that rhyme, cat?!

  10. I like your rhymes! I think my stats would grow if I showed a breast, but I probably shouldn't do that haha. To be honest I haven't looked at my stats in a very long time

    1. haha yeah, perverts galore
      Would then come to your shore

  11. I really don't care numbers or stats any more. If you go around making comments in other places, most likely they will come back and visit you. I just enjoy reading about other cats and dogs and animals in the world.

    1. Yeah, that is the fun of it
      Stats just make some have a fit

  12. Rarely look at stats
    who has time for that?


  13. I guess I just don't care about my stats. They are what they are

  14. haha ! a little obsession you say ?? lol

  15. I thought I'd be obsessed to be number one, here
    But Hank and Blue are so sincere.
    I'm now content to be number 93
    And be a happy-go-lucky ME
    At your sea ~

  16. If I blogged
    I might notice stats
    But they're no big deal
    Especially to cats

  17. well I do dabble in numbers you see
    so, yeah I do look occasionally...
    does it matter probably not
    as I have a small blogspot..

  18. They really don't mean a thing
    on the followers ring.
    Doesn't really matter.
    What's important is the chatter!

    1. The chatter is the best
      Hits do nothing in the final test

  19. I never look at stats
    it just drives me bats

  20. I blush to admit I occasionally obsess....and it doesn't do me a damn bit of good.

    1. Nope, doesn't in the end
      Can always buck the trend

  21. Hey, Pat, where you're at!
    Sometimes I look at a stat.
    Like, why is my fourth most popular country the Ukraine,
    when the Canadian north is my domaine?

    To tell the truth, I've been drinking wine,
    and feel a need to be supine.
    I feel a need to recharge.
    wish I could be Cleopatra on her barge!

    If this doesn't make sense, don't worry!
    Things are looking a little blurry!

    1. lol too much to drink
      There at your rink
      Seems weird the countries though
      As mine is Russia on the go

  22. I don't even look at my stats anymore, unless a sponsor asks for them. I refuse to stress over numbers.

  23. I don't look at my blog stats, but I do look at my submission stats. It helps me feel like I'm accomplishing something for those times where there's no visible evidence of the work.

  24. Ah anyone so obsessed
    must be a bit regressed!


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