A Merry Whoopdi Friggin Doo Starring Many Of You!

Robbie Raisin is here to spread lots of cheer. Actually I just want to put on a show so my ratings don't blow. I need to make a buck too. Let's hope you all have something great to get people to tune in and view.

So Blue Grumpster guy, what would you start off with to make the ratings fly?

Not a toad
On the road
Or a fox
In a box
Wearing socks

That was so helpful as it ruled out 2 of a 100 billion things. Hank, I see you waiting in the wings.

Pity the mutt
A boner of sort
It has to live with it then, the nasty Vet!

A dog with a boner that's been fixed. Wow, Beer Guys, can you make that nixed?

Can't tell if yawning, or sneezing, or biting, or all of the above.

Do you really want to do what a boner dog does when boning? PL Keenor do your senses have another honing?

scared the you know what out of me!

Shit doesn't fly on air. Tabbies, anything from your lair?

orlin: " I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse "

cassie: "do I look like I give a damn " 

This isn't a puppet show you know. Bijoux what would you put on the show?

My kids could write a book called Paranoid Grandma.

How long would that take? Betty, tell me ratings you can make.

along with the image of the cat and pee

A kids book with grandma's, cats and pee. Gloria, say you have something for me?

Sounds funny!

We've hit the low audience today. Robyn, care to make them go away?

some cats ARE assholes and deserve to be bitten

Biting cats would keep them here. Betsy, bring a good idea near.

Biting a cat back is just funky!

We know that. Truedessa, anything wise where you are at?

I saw a naughty shot, the cat should give you a swat

You want to bring porn to this? Anne, anything besides such bliss?

She's so much like me, it's uncanny. Except that my tits still sit a little higher up than hers (for now anyway)

Anne, the porn star? Did you go very far?

I need professional help.

More than we needed to know. Suza, you have to have something to add to the show.

Made me spit out my drink

Backwash? That is it? Brian, anything to make it a hit?

Yep, that one will me in my head fur a while!

Anne's images must stick. Keepin It Real Folks, care to make your pick?

I'm impressed with how clean your house is!

This isn't for the OCD nuts. Jax, get us out of these ruts.

I can only imagine me trying to explain to my manager that I wanted to hear a rhyming cat sing a tune!

I'm sorry I asked. Susan, you have been tasked.

Thanks a lot for that irritating tune

So you made up the tune to her nutty ring? Miss Caitlin S, care to add something?

I can't believe you wrote this

I didn't, you did. Sandra Cox, make all viewers flip their lid.

I swear I've seen every size and variety:)

And now we're back to porn. Rosey, are you so forlorn?

Thanks for the new experience. -_- lol

I guess she likes porn. Fundy Blue, are you torn?

Now that was truly icky-scary!!!!!

Nope, guess not. Jacquelineand.... are you enjoying the plot?

the farty song, I fear

Guess she has too much gas. Mary Kirkland, care for a pass?

That cat is so cute that all else slipped my mind except cat cuteness.

Wasn't your thing rats? Theresa, what do you think of our stats?

I zone out, then someone asks me a question and I sit there with a blank stare.

Kind of like the one you have now? Wow, viewers are going to have a cow. There is no talent around here. I have to go elsewhere I fear. Robbie Raisin is through with you. Stay away from Whoopdi Friggin Doo.


And you scared him away. At least until another day. My what dirty minds you all have at your sea. Anne even got two in with glee. Who knew Jacqueline had a thing for gas? Not my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. CAT! Did they take the hint?
    Is your Eastwood called Clint
    As you showed them your stuff
    And told them, "Enough is enough!"?
    Say, who's number one at your show?
    Was I a bit too slow?
    Where's that croc
    On a rock?
    And that fox
    In box?
    Or that Hank
    In a tank?
    Lots of questions from The Goo
    And his blue suede shoe
    Hey, it's Monday
    Such a fun day!

    1. Hey Blue, Monday is not a fun day
      for me it is back to work day..
      can we just say ugh...

    2. Hank is in a Tank?
      Damn, hopefully it doesn't smell rank
      A stuff it they get indeed
      When bothering me at my feed
      But no bother lately at all
      Unless you count the bills going rather tall lol

    3. I never work on Mondays except in August.

      Bills suck
      Like a sitting duck

    4. That they do
      No Monday's? Great for you

    5. Pat, beg your pardon
      Hank was on the road again
      Rather late in response
      Tried to be earlier but in vain


    6. A Merry Whoopdi Friggin Doo Starring Many Of You!
      Very apt to start top of the bill with the guy Blue
      And so many on the list
      Are familiar for a wish
      A dog with a boner already been fixed right on cue


    7. Fixed the dog was indeed
      But not as bad as a toad squashed on the road taking seed

    8. Hank is a polite guy
      Polite but never shy
      As he's the real number one
      Such fun
      Like a bun
      Not a fox
      In a box
      Or R
      In a jar

    9. R in a car
      Crushed by a jar
      Or car to jar
      Jar to tar?

  2. WOW Blue
    I just saw you pop in. I don't play the game but I was here.
    Nah, na na na hah hah

    1. You saw him pop in?
      Were you hiding in his closet as you took his spin?

      Geez, such a stalker
      Or maybe a stalking gawker
      Peeping Manzi
      Came to see

  3. Not a bunny
    In my honey
    Or a bird
    In a turd
    Or a fly
    In a pie
    Along with the image of the cat and pee?
    Scooby Dooweee!

    Grrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    As R
    Is stuck in a jar

    1. Must be one big turd
      To house a bird lol

      For meeee

      Blue has an R collection
      Must be quite the selection

    2. Or that bird is really small
      At your hall :p

    3. Could me
      A chick you can't see

  4. Happy Solstice! May your days get longer now.

    1. Longer and bright
      Like a pot of gold taking flight?

  5. If it's talent you want, take a ride on the bus
    They have a program you won't hear a cuss
    They dance down the aisle and sing in their shoe
    That trick has no patent by our Mister Blue
    I once saw a man with a dummy on his lap
    He was a ventriloquist but his act was a sap
    The bus driver growls he thinks he's a bear
    The 2 front rows yodel with a swiss country aire
    Entertainment is free when you ride the bus
    You may be discovered without any fuss

    1. lol my bus fuss post goes in 9 months or so
      You beat me to it at my show
      Never saw a ventriloquist guy
      But many smelled rather nasty as they walked by

  6. I think everyone did a fine job! Even if they all had sex on the brain.

  7. haha - I always enjoy reading these posts
    as Robbie Raisin - hosted a roast...
    they are hilarious from coast to coast
    oh wait that is where R should chime in
    gee all that naughty talk could be a sin
    but, I will just laugh and leave with a grin

    Whoopdi Friggin Doo...
    and I'll raise you a scooby doo
    oh wait that is blue's cue
    our words you did peruse

    1. A sin it could be
      R decided to flee
      Took Blue's line
      He may not find tat fine lol

    2. Did she raise you a Scooby Doo
      At your shoe?

  8. How about a reality show featuring penguins? You can never have enough penguins!

  9. We are all a bunch of nuts.
    Comin' up with stuff out our butts.
    But that is why you like us.
    Cause we can be clean or even cuss
    A good story all the way thru.
    Great laughs for sure too!

    1. Yep, clean or cuss
      Kick up a fuss
      Works for me
      Here at my sea

  10. LOL with the ratings there could be
    somehow a lot I think at your sea!!!


    1. Would sure rise
      Could get some advertising as the rating flies

  11. Sounds like we all needed a bit more coffee there
    before Raisin stuck a mic in our faces, unaware!

    1. lol what? Didn't have enough coffee in the tank?
      Damn, must be low at your coffee bank

  12. I think I remember that
    A trip back in time by The Cat
    Funny the things people say
    Being used again this way

    1. Can switch them around
      And some fun is sure found

  13. Awesome to read, a delight that is pretty neat. Happy Holidays!

  14. Whoa! I just noticed that your stuff seems to rhyme! That's pretty cool! You should do it on purpose!

    lol. Great post, keep up the great work!

    1. Yeah, it just comes out of nowhere
      That is so peculiar at my lair

  15. MOL! Hey, now **it's flying through the air. Last I heard it was rolling down hill.

    1. lol the images have been tossed
      Rolling and now lost

  16. Lots of stars are found here by name,
    You add to their whoopdi-friggin-doo fame.
    A merry, merry day is coming to you,
    Best wishes to you and Pat too.

  17. It's always entertaining to read the comments from your crew in these whoopdi-friggin-doo posts!

  18. I'm totally lost.
    So, all I can say is "Have a great week."
    Maybe when I'm older, I'll understand. :)

    1. lol lost isn't bad
      A fun time can still be had

  19. So... did we ever figure out if that dog boner was yawning, sneezing, biting, or all three? I'm still kinda hanging here.

    1. You might be left hanging there
      Mocking the dog at your lair?

  20. Sure is lots of stuff all about everyone. Pretty darn funny.

  21. I have no idea why mind mind got stuck on the dog with a boner...Eek! What does that say about me?

    1. Your mind got double stuck
      I guess you like a dog more than a duck?

  22. Rhymers rule, Pat! I'm a little worried about that dog, and if anyone tries to bite my cat, they're toast. See you in 2016 for more rhyme if not reason!

    1. The dog gets his hump on
      Yeah, any biting the cat won't let one see the next dawn

  23. Love being a star
    In the WFD show
    Should take us on the road
    To let the whole world know

  24. Oh wow, you made a rhyme about a dog boner haha. That definitely is... interesting!

  25. Lol my manager knows ALL about you ever since he made me read one of your posts out loud during a forcast meeting. Whoopi freaking doo

  26. either that's a weird human who likes to bite cats or dogs have learned to type

  27. I love reading these, and seeing how many of the blogsters you get into the rhymes. And I especially like them when I'm included in the Pat Hatt hit parade, just makes my day:)

  28. Hahaha. Oh, my. this dirty mind of mine.
    Happy Christmas!

  29. Ha, I looked in vain for my name
    but then I am not one who seeks fame
    if fame is is in any way lame
    Merry Christmas all the same!

    1. haha must have been late to that post
      That I used at my coast

  30. I zoned out again until you mentioned Rosey and porn. Those two are such an odd combination, I'm sure the stare went from blank to bugged out eyes lol

    1. lmao one way to wake you up
      With no need for coffee in a cup


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