A Miracle For You At My Zoo!

The cat sees another word thrown around a ton. I guess all aren't satisfied with an awesome this and awesome that run. They have to throw miracle into the mix. Miracle sure has a bag of tricks.

It's sooooooo wowing.
All should be bowing.
It's a miracle I got this post done.
I mean look, there's the sun.

What a miracle that is.
The sun and its shiny biz.
It is so miraculous to see.
How did a post ever come due by me?

A miracle I tell you.
It has to be true.
See that smudge on the wall?
It is a miracle, that's all.

Wow, I took a dump in the litter.
That even impressed the babysitter.
A miracle I tell you it was.
Not something just because.

A miracle I can shit.
Wow, think I could sell it?
Bottle it by the pound.
Could sell plenty to a hound.

It is a miracle I'm typing this to you.
It is a miracle that it is in view.
Such a miraculous fate.
It's a miracle it doesn't post late.

Wow, aren't you thrilled?
Your mind must be filled.
It is so miraculous today,
As I type away at my bay.

Look, my fingers didn't fall off my hand.
Wow, that is oh so grand.
A miracle if I ever saw one.
Damn, miracles happen a ton.

I really need to bottle it.
Then I can make a miracle hit.
Miracles for one and all,
Just sniff it back at your hall.

Miracle Air in a bottle.
Coming to you full throttle.
Just open it and suck back the air,
Then miracles will happen everywhere.

It is a miracle you didn't order 50,000 bottles right now. It is a miracle if you truly have a cow. All miracled out at my sea? Think every last thing is a miracle to thee? Pffffft says the cat. Most things are no more a miracle than my scat. Just humans reaching for some stupid thing like luck and passing the buck. Now some may occur indeed but not every other thing at ones feed. Now I am through with my sass and away I go with my miraculous little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A Miracle For You At My Zoo!
    Long-time blessings all true
    Divine help
    'nice to get'
    But may still get the blues!


  2. Miracle Air in a bottle. I'd buy that.
    Right now, I'd say the real miracle is that we're going to get the first decent Star Wars movie since Jedi. (Or since Spaceballs if you're inclined to count that one.)

    1. Got one buy
      Off the shelves it may fly

      Yeah, that is a miracle indeed
      Never thought I'd see the day at my feed

  3. One miracle, 2 miracles, 3 miracles, 4
    Look I am counting...... miracles by the score
    Oh dear it's raining.....raining right on my parade
    Poo on the miracles, it was all a big fat charade

    1. A miracle game of life
      Not a game night with the wife
      But a game of charades every day
      Pretending miracles are always at play

  4. We sure misuse lots of words
    The way we sometimes use this one is absurd


  5. It is true this word is misused but there truly are real miracles. I have experienced several. But great post.

    1. Yeah, some can be out there
      But no as many with the miracle affair

  6. We could use some of that miracle air in the litter box room!

  7. Well, we are in the most miraculous season of the year.....
    I will just enjoy the season and forget about miracle air. Smiles.

    1. lol enjoy it as it comes to be
      While I sell miracle air for all at my sea

  8. Many many years ago, a child was born and by age 30, would transform the world. We all say Happy Birthday to Isaac Newton on the 25th

  9. A miracle would be good at times. But I've seen very few and would depend on none.

    1. Yep, depend on none
      As depending on miracles gets you nowhere fun

  10. I remember when my mom was sick that a few of her cousins stopped by to drop off a "miracle card". Apparently this card helps to bring about miracles. Look, I want to believe in them as much as the next person, but I think you're right, cat!

    1. haha yeah, if miracles cold be brought about by a card
      Then they'd be used for everything that is hard

  11. Personally, I enjoy a good miracle! The cat is becoming a real party pooper!

    1. haha a party pooper the cat can be
      Maybe even literally at ones sea

  12. ha! this comes at the right time,
    because declaring "A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!" is totally my line,
    though I must admit I say it all throughout the year,
    because, like you're poking fun at, we consider the most basic things reason to cheer

    1. haha the cat enjoys poking fun
      As miracles are sure shouted a ton

  13. If you have any extras, send some of those miracles my way. Please!

    1. lol think we ran dry long ago
      Here at our blog show

  14. orlin N cassie

    itza miracle de food servizz gurl haz knot killed a familee memburr... yet ~~~~~

    heerz two a mustache triggerfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. That would land her in jail
      You better have some money for bail

  15. Would the Fountain of Youth be a miracle?
    Do you still look with me, not being hysterical?
    What about the pot of gold?
    We can't find it if we grow old!
    A miracle we need
    a real one, indeed.
    Not the overused silly absurd
    but the real miracle word. haha.

    1. haha both of those would count
      And give us a high miracle amount
      The fountain of youth may have skipped town
      While that pot of gold turned rather brown

  16. I'm back!
    A miracle happened today
    As I shood the uber politician away
    How's that for great news at my bay
    So I'm back to play
    How's The Cat
    On his mat?

    1. Shooed them away
      Good one at your bay
      Did you flush them down the loo?
      Or beat them with your shoe?

    2. More like a subtle ambush
      Was about to give them a final push

    3. Subtle is a good way
      Can avoid a jail stay

  17. Guilty as charged at my bay
    I try to recognize a miracle every day
    The sun comes up, the clouds turn pink
    Leaves flutter in the breeze with no skunk stink
    Flowers bloom, butterflies play, birds sing
    Lavender charms and so does spring
    Autumn paints such beautiful shades
    Then snowflakes conduct twinkling raids
    So many glorious things to see
    So many miracles at my sea

    1. haha I'll nod and agree
      And at least the leaves have no cat pee

  18. If its done too many times, it ain't a miracle for sure ~

    Have a good holiday Pat ~

  19. Tomorrow will be miracle
    thrown from the sky
    will fill us with a joy & fear
    you know, this is ...snow flies! lol

  20. What about Miracle Whip? Doesn't that count as a real miracle? Probably not.

    1. Nah, not even close to it
      We can't stand that shit

  21. Miracles can happen
    That I firmly believe
    But the word is overused
    That's my pet peeve

  22. It was a miracle that my parents didn't beat the sh-t out of me. I was a PITA!!

    1. A miracle you say
      Being a pain in the ass at your bay


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