All The Same Type Of Lame!

The cat is back with his end of year attack. Hmm, maybe I'll forgo it this year. I'll let all give their cheer. That might be nice of me? Think I can do that at my sea?

Here we are,
Many at a bar.
End of the year.
Ready to cheer.

Swear up and down,
All across the town,
That this will take form,
And bye bye to the norm.

Fast forward a week.
What they said was Greek.
Or maybe it was French.
Could have just been a monkey with a wrench.

The day is still the same.
Out goes their flame.
They still sit like a twit,
Not getting fit.

Still slave at a job,
With poor old Bob.
Still hate the job too,
Giving a familiar moo.

Still whine every day,
That there's no time to play.
Still blame the world,
Their life hasn't twirled.

But that is okay.
They have another magic day.
Jan 1, 2017 is it.
Then they'll change that shit.

And if that isn't a perk,
Jan 1, 2018 will work.
There is always a day,
For "magic" to play.

Until one faithful day,
You remember what you say,
But it is far too late,
Because you're at a pearly gate.

Whoopsy, you're dead.
Died in your bed.
The magic day was lost,
Because you let yourself get bossed.

A cheery way to end the year from my rhyming rear. Don't you want to go out and wish on that "magic" day for all your cares to go away? Pfffffft to any of that shit, every little bit. More magic in the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. All in a row #6
      To welcome 2016


    2. On the go
      With a streak to show

    3. He's the King
      Can he sing?
      It's the one for the money...

    4. One for the money, two for the show
      Watch out below because a bird's gotta go

    5. Get an umbrella or hat
      That will stop the scat

  2. All The Same Type Of Lame!
    And call it whatever name
    A year-end cheer
    For the new year
    Looking forward for big game


    1. The new year
      Gets a cheer
      May not be clear
      But can sell some gear

  3. Pearly Gate
    Don't be Late
    Roller Skate
    It is Fate
    Add a Trait
    Mate your Mate
    Set a Date
    Try new Bait
    Ask Uncle Nate
    He does Rate
    With his bald Pate

    1. Mate a mate
      A fine trait
      If you have a mate
      A mate that take the bait
      But if the mate is late
      You may have to add another plate
      Or run away at a fast rate
      Before the 9 month date

    2. Hahahaha
      That would be Great
      Fly to Kuwait
      I'm out of ____ate words
      Time to sleep with the birds
      But think of alternative wishes
      Tiz better than to sleep with the fishes. LOL

    3. damn straight
      No fishes on my plate
      Or sleeping like bait
      That we'd hate
      Be a sad state
      So many words with ate
      Or ate has some freight
      That comes about eight
      Just open the gate
      No need to wait
      Could gain weight
      Now away my ates need to skate

  4. Just another day here
    except to turn over the calendar to a new page
    and then have to remember to write the new number year
    will be working tomorrow to get that wage

    Happy New Year!


    1. haha yeah, the number thing I screw up
      But after a while I fix that hiccup

  5. What? No resolutions to quit drinking liquor? Not going to run daily now to help the old ticker? I guess nothing changes on New Years Day. At least that's what U2 had to say.

    1. Nope, nothing changes at all
      No more a magic day than that 8 ball

  6. Happy New Years Eve to the Rhyming Rear Weave!

    1. The Rear will keep weaving away
      When 2016 comes to play

  7. Happy New Year to Pat and the cats. We can always hope it will be a better year and a good healthy one.

    1. That we can indeed
      Who knows though if it will take seed

  8. Well, it may be the same
    and resolutions can be lame
    I'll seal my wishes in an envelope
    in the New Year there is hope

    Enjoy the last day of 2015!
    who knows what will appear in 2016...

    1. Much can sure appear
      Although doesn't have to be good or clear

    2. that is true..sometimes the vision is foggy

    3. Foggy as can be
      Or blocked by a tree

  9. I haven't been out for New Year's for awhile. I'll have to make a point to designate a year I plan to celebrate. I could go to the Buzzard Drop in Perry, GA.

    1. I haven't done a damn thing in a decade or more
      Doesn't bother me at my shore

  10. Happy New Year
    to one who rhymes with no fear.
    I stopped making a new year's resolution
    it just sends me to a new dissolution.
    I just try to enjoy each day
    no matter what the year-that's all I have to say:)

    Happy New Year!

    1. A much better way to be
      Enjoying away at your sea

  11. Replies
    1. Fear the year
      Or year of fear
      Wouldn't get a cheer
      So I'll go no fear

  12. orlin N cassie

    frank lee... we sux at math.... sew we dunna what de date iz...could be joon 3rd.... itz all de same ta uz.....kinda like R litter boxez !!!

    A most happee healthee new yeer two ewe all, and heerz two an emperor bream......hillstreet loach.....kinda week oh end !!! ♥♥♥

    1. That is the best way
      All the same like our litter tray

  13. I hate crowds, beer and champagne.
    Gimme chocolate and a man or batteries
    I won't complain.
    Happy New Year's to you
    And have fun all the year thru
    You will, cuz you always do.

    1. Fun will be had
      Here at my pad
      And blah to the crowds indeed
      I stay home at my feed

  14. More brilliant than ever,
    how have you gotten even better?
    Happy New Year's Eve!

  15. What would be really exciting would be New Years on Pluto.

    1. That would be fun
      Air might get thin for everyone

  16. New Year's Eve
    Comes and goes
    I stay put
    And have no woes

    I gave up
    On resolutions
    I'll leave it to those
    With different constitutions

    Best wishes to Pat
    Orlin and Cassie, too
    Hope 2016
    Is kind to you

    1. Kind would be grand
      Who knows though in our land
      We shall see
      What comes to be

  17. A new year, a good excuse to make and meet some goals. ;)
    Happy New Year to you!

    1. Excuse is what all do
      And then do nothing at their zoo

  18. Happy New Year, Pat. If it doesn't pan out the way you like, remember that 2017 is right around the corner ;)

    1. lol yeah 2017 shall come
      365 days or so before people beat that drum

  19. Slept right thru it at my zoo
    No big deal, nothing new
    But I'll still wish a happy new year to you!

  20. So much is lame
    not much is tame!!
    the day is the same
    all is fair game!

  21. I think it's what you make of it.
    Can be fun, just a bit. :)


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