Armed And Charmed!

So Pat was leaning against a wall, waiting for them to get done the dumb car recall. Yeah, stupid recalls are a pain. But better than crashing into a train. Anyway, was crossing his arms and that raised alarms.

Why are you so defensive?
It won't be expensive.
No need to cross your arms.
Sit with the rest on the recall farms.

No, I'll stand.
And I'll cross my arm or hand.
Just because I want to.
Now go somewhere and shoo.

See, I knew you were defensive.
Maybe a little apprehensive.
Why don't you go and sit.
I bet you will like it.

Sit on it.
You stupid twit.
Leave me be.
Go climb a tree.

That's no nice.
Recalls don't cost a price.
Don't be mad.
Not much time is had.

Twits are everywhere.
There are twits to spare.
I stand because I want to.
So go stick your head in a loo.

That can't be comfy though.
Come, sit and watch the talk show.
Maybe you can learn.
They'll call you when it is your turn.

Stick it up your ass.
Go choke on a bass.
Leave me be.
I'm not in the way, so flee.

You are rude.
No need for attitude.
I hate the defensive,
They are so apprehensive.

Finally took the hint.
Maybe she'll go pop a mint.
Bad breath and twit.
Bet she is a salesperson hit.

Yep, Pat was thought to be defensive at our sea because he was leaning against a wall, arms crossed, and waiting for them to finish their recall for free. Pffft, only got ticked with the twit wouldn't leave him alone. Ever get those who won't go away unless you change your tone? Or those who think crossed arms are bad? Damn, they come at my every which way at our pad. The twit can go choke on the gas that comes out of my not crossed little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. No.#1 again
      Luck's coming in!


    2. on a roll
      Getting many a #1 stroll

    3. NUMBER 1! What... him again (wink wink)?
      I was on the road
      Like a toad
      Not a fox
      In a box
      Hey you were defensive
      Thinking free would get expensive
      Sounds familiar to me
      In the place to be

      Grrrrrrreat post
      From coast to coast!

    4. On the road on a sunday?
      Out and about at your bay
      You free going to more
      Can bring defensive on at any shore

      For meee

    5. And I'll raise you...
      A Scooby Dooweee!

    6. But no snack
      That scooby doweeee may lack

  2. Yes, I've had to take a few of our cars in for recalls. Takes forever, and then they try to tell you something else needs done.

    1. Yep, that they sure do
      Can stick it at their zoo

  3. Cat had quite the day
    In the place of "no pay"
    You follow their rules
    Or lady has fits and drools
    If you want to stand
    She thinks you lead a band
    If you put your arms out
    Take baton and you shout
    Count a-one and a-two and a-three
    The music will be made by thee
    (And maybe not) LOL

    1. lol think I'd rather sit
      Then jump around cheering it

  4. Safe to say she probably won't bug you next time you go there.

  5. So, this lime-
    now go somewhere and shoo

    I need to say this to a human... CAN I?

    ok, so nice lines---whats up with you?

  6. Armed and charmed and waiting
    Recall had one impatiently fretting
    If happened next time
    Bet you it would be fine
    One should not worry about a thing


    1. Nah, no need to worry about
      Unless a nutcase starts to shout

  7. Armed and charmed and waiting
    Recall had one impatiently fretting
    If happened next time
    Bet you it would be fine
    One should not worry about a thing


  8. Some folks just like to boss. Some folks are just can't be bossed. Like Hosea Williams, Pat Hatt is unbought and unbossed. Cheers from Georgia, now be a nice lad and have a SEAT!

    1. lol sitting now at my sea
      And yeah, idiots can't boss me


    3. I was hoping the comic would print. However, it is apropros for this post.

    4. lol sums it up well
      Resisting is swell

  9. Food recalls are kind of scary though, especially if you have eaten the stuff.

  10. Recalls are annoying for sure.

    1. That they are
      Every which way from food to car

  11. Son had his car in for a repair
    and then there was something that was a recall
    they kept his car for three days
    gave him a rental
    for the time while they worked on the car
    then came to find what they fixed with the recall
    didn't really help the car at all
    so he has to take it back again one day
    and maybe this time it will be done the right way


    1. Damn, such a pain in the arse
      Recalls sure aren't sparse
      As they mess up and try and fix
      Then mess up again and plans you have to nix

  12. It is a pain and some folks don't belong in customer service.
    My big gripe is the companies that drag their feet on making recalls that can cost lives.

    1. Yep, that sure is a pain too
      As they take their time through and through

    2. Cause money is worth more than lives
      Throw them some beehives

    3. Let them get stung
      And pop a lung

  13. My car is too old to be recalled. Good and bad at the same time

    1. That it can be
      As older can break down easily

  14. recalls don't cost you in dollars
    time it takes makes me want to holler
    yes, I have had that defensive look
    as my money they tried to hook

    1. haha a good look to have on
      Not falling for their con

  15. If she says it once
    She need not repeat
    Leave Pat alone
    Standing on his feet

  16. Recalls aren't fun,
    but they don't cost a cent,
    But, "Hey, you need this done."
    That crap gets me bent.

  17. Recalls are a pain, I had two last year. And I so know what you mean that they judge just by looking at you. Maybe they are in a bad mood cause they cannot charge anything? ;)
    Have an amazing Christmas week!

    1. That may sure be
      A bad mood at thee
      Hope a great one is had too
      There at your zoo

  18. What's wrong with crossing your arms? I must walk around with my body language screaming "big old bitch, right over here" since I cross my arms all the time. Pft!

    1. haha yeah, not sure what is wrong with it
      But she sure gave me shit

  19. I like to cross my arms too
    It's comfortable, but who knew...
    People would think you're on the attack
    Pfft, it's braincells those idiots lack
    Accuse me of being mad, though
    And some punches you'll see me throw.

  20. You have my sympathy, Pat and Cat!
    There is nothing worse (well, that's not really true _ there are far worse things than sitting and waiting for car repairs, free or not) than wasting time waiting for car repairs. Just about anything else is better! Hope everything worked out A-okay! Wishing you Merry Christmas, in case things get away from me!

    1. Yeah, there are far worse things out there
      But still a pain in the ass at any lair

  21. silly twits with bad breath too
    are never welcome at any zoo

  22. lol,.....I bet you have your arms crossed right now
    and with the attitude of 'holy cow!'. haha...

    1. lol that attitude shines through
      As a crossing comes due

  23. Armed and charmed
    sounds quite cool
    I wonder if kids
    learn that in school!


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