Here's The Brief On Belief!

I figure since my normal last year post is near, you know, the one where I tell people to stick their magic day in their rear, I'd give belief a go. Some just like to let it flow.

That can't be true.
I don't sniff glue.
I'm dead on.
It's not a con.

No way whatsoever.
I'm far too clever.
My belief is right.
It has the most bite.

Yours is wrong.
Dumb as Donkey Kong.
There is no other way.
Listen to what I say.

Believe in only me.
That way from sea to sea.
And if you don't agree,
Stay away from me.

I am all right.
Let your ideas take flight.
They are stupid anyway.
My belief shall not stray.

I know a kangaroo can hop.
I know the Yankees are a flop.
I know a cat has hair.
I know all at my lair.

I am in the know.
Your ideas are low.
They can't stop mine.
They must align.

If they don't,
Believe I won't.
Can't stop me.
I'm as right as can be.

I know you agree.
You just want to fight me.
I'm really the right one.
So stop this thing of fun.

Just settle and agree.
Come and sit with me.
I'll show you the way,
To a brighter day.

Pffft says the cat. Stuff your belief where you are at. Or stuff it further too. Like up what you use to sit on the loo. Belief is fine and dandy and it can come in handy, but it doesn't mean you're right. Yet idiot humans still try and sway people to their plight. Doesn't matter what it is with the belief biz. Believe what you want and no need to taunt. Otherwise you can believe you'll suck on the gas from my ever so believable little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. If you're right and you know it, clap your hands
    Like the song you can dance to many bands
    Know it, show it, stow it
    Could be that you're a poet
    Or a rhymer social climber
    If you're really an old-timer
    It really doesn't matter
    Let the rain go pitter patter
    You'll be as right as rain
    As it hits your window pane

    1. Right as rain
      That is a pain
      How is rain right?
      Doesn't it go left day or night?
      Or come straight down?
      Where is right as rain town?

  2. "Here's The Brief On Belief!"
    To ensnare and see what gives
    To give a rope
    But with hope
    One counters and still lives


  3. Lol believe in the cat you say? Something tells that would somehow end up unintentionally bad. Lol lol the only thing I believe in right now is coffee. Zzzz

    1. Best not to believe in the cat
      Life may end up scat

  4. Might trying believing on what the cat says
    Better maybe than listening to just anyone
    Just can't believe we are almost wrapping up the year
    Its gone way too fast although had a bit of fun


  5. I believe you are a silly cat!
    And that is that! Lol...

  6. One of my sisters has a magic rear, but I shall not say which one MOL!

  7. Your belief must come with money,
    I'm here to tell ya honey,
    Or your wee bitty soul will be lost...
    Dig deep and don't count the cost!

    1. lol but my money says no
      I guess to hell I'll go

  8. What magic day are we talking about here???

  9. Your ending is so nice
    It unites and does entice
    Would be nice for all to see
    Nobody beats the cat and thee.

    1. A little work around
      Sure to beat at least a hound

  10. Well I guess this means you aren't interested in answering the question, "Is Jesus Christ your personal savior?" right now.

    1. lol that would be a good guess
      Could end in a mess

  11. Sometimes belief is all one has
    others push it and give it pizazz.
    I believe in belief as long as it's not rammed down my throat.
    Hey, whatever steers your boat.

    1. Yeah, no ramming coming due
      Is fine by my zoo

  12. Belief is a good thing to have. It sure helps in hard situations.

  13. Belief can be a good thing, but nobody should ever force their beliefs on someone else.

  14. orlin N cassie

    we bee leeve....that all burdz R bass terdz... tho knot everee one bee leevez thiz with uz....and thatz kewl....just dont say.... we toll ya sew... when one haz ree leeved hiz self upon yur...say...fresh lee washed car...side oh yur houz....side walk wear ya gotta walk...yur own head ~~~~


    1. lol the head would get to me
      Then truly bastard birds they would be

  15. I believe I should be a multi-bazillionaire. But it isn't coming true. ;) My son is laughing in the living room w/his friend who is spending the night, that's worth a bazillion bux, so maybe I am a multi-bazillionaire after all. :)

    1. I'll take your word that that is worth a bazillion bucks haha
      But with it you can fill dump trucks
      Maybe toy ones
      But tons

  16. Donkey Kong demands an apology

  17. Believe - or not
    Get what you've got
    But if you're not for it
    What the hay, ignore it.

    More holiday spirit for ME!

    Happy New Year, Pat!

  18. A man to the cat
    Um what's that
    Amen to the cat
    And all of that
    A cat's ass
    Full of gas
    I'll give that a pass
    Pass air
    It's only fair
    With my human butt
    Right from the rut...

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary.....

    1. Pass air
      Out it will blare
      Easy as can be
      For little old me

  19. Some people have beliefs that are all out of whack. Sometimes you just have to smile and nod, then quickly walk away.

    1. haha yep, quickly go the other way
      Before they hit the replay

  20. I think it's interesting to be able to talk about each others beliefs as long as everything stays civil. But really, how often does that happen?

    1. haha never happens at all
      Which is why I run away at my hall

  21. Number one!

    Cat, I gotta hit the road!

  22. Number one!

    Cat, I gotta hit the road!

  23. It is good to have a belief to hang onto
    this life does not last forever!

    1. That it won't indeed
      Can't beat death at any feed

  24. I believe
    That what's right for me
    Has no bearing
    On what others may see


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